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Demonic Attack: Very Real, Often Ignored.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently my wife and I were the victims of a demonic attack – yes a real live demon attack. And even though the Bible is full of proof regarding demonic attacks, most people who say they follow scripture seem to be oblivious of the reality that demonic attacks exist. Churches very rarely teach the truth about demonic attacks and those who do tend to teach it is only a spiritual matter, not a physical one. But that teaching is incomplete therefore inaccurate.

Without the truth being taught about demonic attacks, most professing Bible-believers don’t have a clue that demonic attacks are real nor how to spot them. That means most spend time looking at each other as the problem instead of the demons behind the scene causing the problem in some cases or making the problem worse in others. There are signs and indicators but if people don’t even believe demonic attacks are true, why would those people bother to study, recognize,  expose and prepare for demonic attacks? They wouldn’t.

No I am not blaming demons for all that adults do, but they are real and they regularly interfere in the lives of human beings – whether they are seen or not, detected or not, exposed or not. They feed on negative emotions and pour gasoline on the fire of such emotions to make them and the outcome worse than it would have been. It is any wonder that in some violent crimes the perpetrator blacks out and does not remember what happened? Thus anger, jealousy, bitterness, hate, unforgiveness and depression create a climate that attracts and empowers demons while those experiencing these emotions are distracted so they won’t notice they are under attack.

The most dangerous enemy is the one that is undetected.  The good news is that does not mean such an enemy is undetectable. Yet it has been said the biggest trick the devil every pulled is to convince people that he does not exist. So while many of you are blaming the other person, sometimes rightfully so, you need to recognize there is more going on than your eyes can see and more than you are likely paying attention to.

In the 1980s the “Demon Murder Case” was the first known case in modern American history where the actual legal court defense for a boy who stabbed someone was that he was under demonic control. I do not suggest that you watch the movie depicting the event because some movies are so evil that they actually attract the attention of demonic spirits. I won’t post a link but you can research the case.

I am not about to do all your homework and research for you. But this article is a red alert that should get you started. Psychology want to say demonic attacks are all imagined or hallucinations but that is just not true. Psychology based on Freud (or Fraud, rather) who needed counseling himself and who had a problem with God. A lost man who set schools of thought in place that to this day have made  millions of people ignore the truth, confused, deceived and sometimes on medication while believing they are imaging things. But try and tell that to people who have been attacked, victims who have physical claw-type scars to prove it. Hallucinations don’t scratch people, cause people to go into a rage far outside their personalities and kill, move things around the room and cast shadows. To believe a hallucination can do these things is to live in denial. And just like Darwin, many of Freud’s points either remained theories taught and accepted as if they were truth or have been debunked.

Start your research with the online linked article below and no I didn’t get the idea from them. https://www.biblesprout.com/articles/hell/demons/

Demonic influence, whether attack, oppression or possession, leaves a trail of evidence – if you know how to spot the trail. Attacks are gradual but progressive and they happen to someone every single day – both in the physical and spiritual realms. Don’t believe me, do your own research. But I can tell you this, once you are attacked and recognize the attack, you will never say such demonic attacks do not exist.

Talk like this, even though it’s true, it not popular in your local or mega church. Therefore church leaders rarely address the issue of demons, if at all. And because they don’t, those who sit in the churches are largely oblivious to the truth. But being unaware makes you a sitting duck – an easy target. I will end with this, don’t believe me, do the research for yourself. And I hope you neither open the door to satan and his demons nor become the victim of demonic attacks. But if you do, you will never deny demonic attacks are real again.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


7 Responses to “Demonic Attack: Very Real, Often Ignored.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Pelvo I am not about to respond to all that and waste my time. But just know that I could. As for the Bible I use, I have tools to translate Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. I also have the Wycliffe and Tyndale bibles before the King James. I also have the full Apocrypha and then some. So don’t assume what I am using or limited to in my references. And you cannot disprove the actual experiences that people have. As a former detective I deal in facts and evidence. And thus I know what happened. Were you there? No!

    Harrison, Freud had issues and no concept of the Creator. He needed counseling himself. And some of his theories have been disproven, just like those of Darwin.

    Unfortunately i don’t have the time nowadays to respond to every comment because I am out here saving lives and making a difference. What are you guys doing to that end?

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Harrison: What does the year being 2020 have to do with a belief in demonic possession or not ? Who told you that time moves on ? Are we talking about man’s time or God’s time ? No one believes more in empirical science knowledge than I. I thoroughly believe in the science of sense impressions from hypothesis, to theory, to law but none of these beliefs begin to scratch the surface of explaining supernatural demonic metaphysics,and physics.Psychology, and psychiatry are based chiefly on the findings of empirical science. These findings are separate, and apart from the supernatural career, and multidimension navigations of a demon. Man hasn’t mastered this world or the universe. Today’s scientific empiricism cannot, and will not explain demonology so you believe that a belief in demonology is mere superstition. I trust Christianity as espoused by the King James Version of the Holy Bible to explain the existence of demons,the different conception of the child Jesus by Jesus’s mother Mary, angels appearing, and disappearing, and the existence of Satan, all of which, by the leap of faith, I do believe. The world we live in is strange, and not completely explained scientifically nor, to some, biblically. You flirt with your definition of demon being no more than mere superstition at your own risk.

  3. Harrison says:

    People used to blame all sorts of psychological conditions on demons because they didn’t understand anything about how the brain and mind worked. We’ve come a long way since then, and indeed a long way since Freud, though we have much still to learn. In the meantime people around the world are tortured, and sometimes killed, because people blame their neuron atypical behavior to be demonic possession, and then force them to undergo dangerous exorcisms. The tragedy of Saken is one of countless examples.

    It’s 2020 man…catch up and move beyond the superstitions of the past.

  4. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    The King James version of the Holy Bible documents Jesus the Christ encounters with demons. Jesus casted out demons from men, and women, and he also empowered his twelve disciples with the ability to cast out demons in Jesus’s name, not in their own name. Satan, the father of all demons, sought to temp, and deceive Jesus by offering Jesus the entire world if he, Jesus, would bow down and worship him. Today, men like me are called Caulbearers. Years ago, the descendants of chattel slaves called us” people who were born with a veil over their faces ” which meant that we have special powers.One of my deceased uncles called me the ” True Root who could look through muddy water, and see dry land. “. There were others in my family that were also Caulbearers. Here in the deep south, Caulbearers were referred to as” Root Doctors” I discovered that I had special powers early on in my life. One of my special powers is the ability to recognize, and be recognized by demons. I have encountered demons during my travels all over the world, some in Asia, some in Alaska, and some in Florida, and they all look the same. Some demons I have recognized by face time and time again, and others by their abilities to perform superhuman acts. One day, a demon walked up to me and said ” I know who you are “, and I asked ” Who am I ? When the demon tried to say my name, the words came out of his mouth garbled, and distorted. I asked him again to say my name ? Again, the words came out garbled, and distorted. It was after this that the demon realized that I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, and, owing to his evilness, he could not say my name. He recognized me, but he could not say my name. The demon walked away, and looked back at me with a wicked smile on his face as he went on his way. Encounters like this have happened to me more times than I care to remember men and women demon visitations by demons of old still roaming the earth inside the stolen bodies of the faithless. Psychiatry, and psychology have no defenses against these spirits save possibly a frontal lobe lobotomy, or strong medications which interfere with the workings of the thought processes of the human brain. Jesus saves.

  5. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    I’ve only thrown away one book in my life, and that book is titled ” Biblical Demonology .” I threw that book away because it contains the names of many, many demons, and when you read their names you are in fact calling them. I read that book from cover to cover, and many strange things began to happen in my house.There were giggling, whispering, and laughing sounds. There were running sounds. Electrical appliances turned on, and off on their own. People appeared, and disappeared. Invisible entities laid on the beds pressing down the mattresses. Something played with the television remote control. Something turned the lights on and off at any time day or night.I got so bad until I asked several preachers to come out, and bless the house. Most of the preachers refused. One preacher said that he would have to prepare for the ordeal, and it would be a while before he came out. He never came. One preacher came, and blessed the house, and the activity subsided a bit, but they never went away entirely. Yes Trevo, I agree with you fully. Demons are real.

  6. Jason says:

    Where in scripture are believers ever under demonic? Where is scripture when making a claim about a highly questionable theological issue? By the way, you only ever see nonbelievers possessed by Demons.

  7. Hmmm says:

    As someone who knows demonic attacks are real, I caution you against advising people to seek information on them. In most cases, the ones lookign already have demons and open doors to control them. Instead, look for Jesus, look at Christ. Call on the Holy Spirit and ask to be freed from indwelling sin and open doors. Focus on what is GOOD. This is not to say do not acknowledge demonic activity or possession, but “knowing” anything about it is futile. You cannot combat it through your own power. Only seek the power of the Holy Spirit and let the Lord fight those battles. Peace and blessings.

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