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The Democratic Party, In America The Citizens Choose Our President – Not You.

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( The Democratic Party may be shocked to hear this, but we live in a country where citizens say who gets an elected position, not a political party. The 2016 election proved that democratic principles are alive and well when then-candidate Trump beat Hillary Clinton. The left has never been able to accept the defeat. The Democrat-led House of Representatives voted along party lines to impeach President Trump, but over what? Hurt feelings?

We live in a country where our voting voices should be held in high regard. Democracy gives citizens a way to speak out against the government and their actions every two, four, and six years. The Democratic Party does not appreciate the ability to elect whom we want. Instead, they are trying to undo the election still three years later. The Democratic Party is trying to stifle the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

Trump’s reelection opportunity is in approximately nine and a half months. Yet, Democrats voted to impeach the president. A sure sign that they think he will win a second term.

James Madison correctly forewarned that impeachment is a potential political tool. He feared the possibility of sharp division amongst the citizenry if impeachment was misused. It was as if Madison knew that the Democratic Party would be what it is today in America.

Our Founding Fathers came from a system that operated actual oppression. Not a social justice warrior crusade over false “injustices” and imagined offenses. They wanted a government that was limited and restrained. The Electoral College voting system was set up in a way that every state had a say so, and it was brilliant. Since the Democrats cannot get what they want, they have weaponized impeachment as a way around the will of Americans.

Please make no mistake about it: Democrats hate our system of voting. They want to ultimately get rid of it and be the ones who choose the president through the popular vote since large liberal cities are primarily Democratic voters.

In the 2016 election, Hillary won the popular vote by 2,868,518 votes but lost the Electoral College votes 304 – 237. The population of New York City is approximately 8.54 million, and Los Angeles County is around 10.1 million people. These are both Democratic strongholds that will likely never turn Republican and gave Hillary the bump to win the popular vote. As long as these large cities grow, and the left is successful in bringing in illegal immigrants with the goal of amnesty, the Republicans stand losing the presidency for decades, if not longer.

The popular vote, as of right now, is on the Democrat’s side. The last time a Republican presidential candidate won the popular was in 2004 with George W. Bush’s reelection.

Democrats are on a mission to end the will of Republican voters. Their impeachment is a sham, and their new-found love for the Constitution is a lie.

Trump’s policies are the left’s worst nightmare. The cultural war has shifted back towards the right. Our military is active and powerful again, operating by the philosophy of peace through strength – ask Iran. The economy has picked up steam since Trump removed burdensome regulations. The courts, from district courts to the Supreme Court, have new lifetime originalist constructionist judges on them.

Nancy Pelosi does not want that list to grow. She understands that if Trump gets four more years, then their plan to remake America is severely damaged.

The Democrats are not happy with the choice of regular Americans who elected Trump. They want to cancel our voice and implement leftist ideology more deep-seated into our culture and society.

Democrats are trying to remove our votes from history. They do not like that citizens can speak for themselves. As the left tries to cancel anyone who disagrees with them in pop culture, the Democrats are trying to quiet our loud voices from November 2016.

The Democratic Party needs to know they do not get to choose the president. Just because they are not happy about the outcome, does not mean they can abusively use impeachment to remove our choice for president. The Democratic Party is overreaching, and we must not tolerate it. We have a critical responsibility this November, and that is to turn out in droves and take back the House of Representatives. That is the only way this madness will cease.

The Democratic Party is full of the tyrants our Founding Fathers warned us.

Written by John Dempsey

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One Response to “The Democratic Party, In America The Citizens Choose Our President – Not You.”
  1. ... abolish it.... says:

    Both parties are “full of the tyrants our Founding Fathers warned us” about.
    The only thing Nancy Polosi and the Democrats are doing and proving. is that the U.S. Governent is the greatest contributor to the greatest degree of the greatest continued broken justice system. The Democrats and Republicans together are protecting themselves. One is just as horrid as the other. Truth is most government officials don’t go to jail and when they do, just like with Watergate. Many Watergate Burglers etc. went to Lompoc Federal Prison Lompoc Califortnia. Andy Federal Prison. They have there own houses all the luxuries. There familys came in limo’s and had picnics alone in the grass.

    As one example of this dichotomy, for over a decade suburban jails in Southern California have been renting upscale cells to affluent people convicted of crimes in Los Angeles County. These pay-to-stay programs, also called self-pay jails, cost wealthy prisoners between $45 and $175 a day and include such amenities as iPods, cell phones, computers, private cells and work release programs. Some even let prisoners (who are referred to as “clients”) bring in their own food.

    This nicer-jail-stay-for-pay scheme not only allows the rich and famous – as well as the more modestly affluent – to avoid the brutality, squalor, abysmal medical care and other unpleasant conditions typical in public jail systems. It also highlights the inequities of a two-track system of justice in the United States in which the wealthy enjoy privileges and perks behind bars while the poor are resigned to less comfortable and more dangerous conditions of confinement.

    “It really exemplifies the two-tier nature of the American criminal justice system, where you have one system of justice for the poor and politically unconnected and another system of justice for the wealthy and politically connected,” said PLN editor Paul Wright.

    Even when wealthy offenders have to do jail time, in Southern California they can ameliorate their conditions of con-finement by renting cells at pay-to-stay facilities. In Los Angeles and Orange Counties, the cities of Alhambra, Anaheim, Burbank, Culver City, Fullerton, Glendale, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, La Verne, Montebello, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, South Bay and Torrance offer pay-to-stay jails, some of which amount to incar-ceration vacations.

    No government official has any right to speak to any of us about fairness at any level. Something none of care to know anything about, or to be. If any did, they could not and would not become part of such a system.` If you are one who screams about the injustice of the American political & justice system and are a supporter of the U.S. Federal government you are one of the greaterst supporters of injustice.

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