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10 Smartphone Features We Hope Finally Arrive in 2020.

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( It’s 2020 and we’re about to get our first look at the new smartphones coming this year and beyond. We’re expecting big from smartphones, including a whole bunch of new features that will make our smartphones better. Here’s our wish list.

  1. Over the air charging

At CES, a company called Ossia introduced wireless charging technology everyone is waiting for. The company has also received FCC approval for its Cota wireless power system. The transmitter developed by Ossia can charge devices like smartphones from a distance. The transmitters use thousands of antennas that communicate with transceivers. According to Ossia, when the target device runs low on battery power, transmitters send beacon signals to detect transceiver’s location and deliver power.

  1. More than 100 megapixels camera

Samsung and Xiaomi are planning to introduce smartphones with 100 plus megapixels camera system. Several reports about the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is expected to arrive in early 2020, suggest that the top-end model will have 108 megapixels camera sensor. Also with the new camera features, more smartphones in 2020 are expected to feature 3D depth camera sensors.

  1. Biometric identification

Smartphones already use biometric systems to read your fingerprints and also for facial scans. What’s interesting about the technology is that smartphone companies around the world are planning to introduce all-in-one solutions for biometric authentication. Companies like Apple are planning to link your smartphone with your identity proof so you won’t need to carry one. This way, your smartphone will transmit information to your workplace or maybe one day it will replace your passport.

  1. Health monitoring

Smart watches are now capable of tracking a lot more than just your footstep counts. They can monitor your heart beat, blood pressure, breathing rate, and even body temperature. Smartwatches in 2020 will come equipped with many more fitness-focused features, but we are expecting to see some of them in smartphones. The smartphones of the future will likely get these sensors to help you keep track of your health.

  1. Universal remote

There are apps that can help you change TV channels and also control your smart speaker, but future has something more for you. Smartphones will become smarter with universal remote features. It means your smart home appliances, security systems, and everything connected to smartphone will be controlled easily from your smartphone. In short, smartphones will turn into a smart hub from where you can control everything just with a tap or voice commands.

  1. Flexible display

This is probably the most awaited smartphone feature of the decade. In 2019, we saw smartphones with foldable display. Samsung Galaxy Fold, Moto Razr, and Huawei Mate X are some of them. Now, the form factor will change in the coming years and 2020 could witness the beginning of this trend. Smartphones with flexible don’t look limited to sci-fi movies these days as smartphone makers have already mastered flexible display technology. Some analysts predict that in the future, flexible screens will be implanted as microchips in human body, however, that’s not going to happen, at least not in 2020.

  1. The 5G wave

The New Year 2020 will see a huge demand of 5G phones. The technology is already available with a few phones in 2019, but due to the lack of 5G connectivity in major part of the U.S. and other countries, many companies haven’t started selling 5G phones yet. However, things will be different as Qualcomm predicts that there will be more than 1.4 billion 5G smartphone in the next 2 years.

  1. No more notch

Smartphone display notch will soon be replaced by under-display cameras. This will be a big change for smartphone users who hate punch-hole display and cutouts that served as a filler, as only a few smartphone maker could deliver a true full-screen viewing experience. In June 2019, Oppo teased fans by releasing a short video of under-display front facing camera.

  1. In-Built Projector

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use your phone to watch movies not only on its screen but on a big sized projector panel? Well, there are certain ways to make this happen with external hardware solutions that connect with mobile phone and can beam HD movies and photos on flat surfaces. However, there is no proper way to do it without buying additional hardware. In 2020, we believe that smartphones, not all, but at least a few will be able to handle this job well and you will be able to make your own home theatre or game zone at home just with your smartphone.

  1. Motion Charging

Solar charging is a good idea and can help in situations when there’s no way to charge your phone. However, that technology may or may not become mainstream for smartphone charging, but motion charging is something that can really become a game changed. Mechanical watches and many quartz watches have achieved this. Now is the right time to introduce this tech into the smartphone space.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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