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Truths About Health Everyone Should Know.

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( There are a lot people that don’t know a lot as far as health is concerned. Everyone knows how important it is to take good care of their health, yet so many people don’t. We still excessively smoke and drink, and don’t regularly exercise. All that on top of all the fast food the modern man is feeding themselves, which is terrible for health. Anyway, we’re here to let you in on some of the truths about overall health everyone should know.

1.    Sugar Is Just As Bad As Cigarettes

Although sugar isn’t as stigmatized as smoking, truth is, eating too many desserts and sweet treats could end up being as bad as smoking that cigarette. A research team from University of California found that sugar can cause as much damage to your body and overall health as cigarettes and alcohol would. According to this team, sugar consumption should be controlled.

2.    Exercise Doesn’t Make You Thin

Although a lot of folks use regular exercise as their only method of managing weight, research has shown that working out regularly, when not mixed with proper diets, does very little as far as weight loss is concerned. Cardio workouts without eating right will often not result in significant weight loss. But, it’s important you remember that, while regular exercise may not lead to significant weight loss on its own, there are still several other health benefits it has.

3.    Chewing Gum Boosts Brain Power

Don’t have enough time for your cup of coffee in the morning? Instead, why not try chewing gum to help get you more alert. Coventry University researchers discovered that chewing gum can help decrease feelings of tiredness dramatically. Meanwhile, separate studies have shown that chewing gum can not only help improve test scores but it can also improve memory by a staggering 30 per cent.

4.    Coffee Can Help Keep Depression At Bay

We’re often being told how coffee is actually bad for us, but, research from the Public Health Department at Harvard found that drinking five or more cups of coffee per day can help reduce the risk of depression in women by almost 20 per cent. An earlier study that tested over 80,000 females also revealed that ladies that drink more than three cups per day are often less prone to committing suicide.

5.    Optimism Can Save Lives

Having a positive mindset can do wonders with your overall happiness levels and studies have revealed that you can actually live longer by being optimistic. The European Heart Journal published research findings that revealed how optimistic people were less prone to suffering from heart-related complications. The Medical Center at Duke University, on the other hand, discovered that heart patients that had positive mindsets about their treatments survived and lived longer than their counterparts who didn’t.


There’s a lot of information available to you as far as fitness and health is concerned and it can be it can be extremely difficult to fully understand all the facts involved. Hopefully, this piece has let you in on some certain truths about health.

Staff Writer; Earl Jacobs


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