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How Healthy Eating Can Be Tough.

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( So, one of the things I sought out to do in 2020 was to eat better. I try not to make resolutions but seeing others go through health issues, it’s never a bad idea to say “I need to take care of myself as well.”

Last year, I made the same goal and did pretty good at the beginning. Smaller portions, watching what I ate, being cautious of sodium, eating less sugar—basic stuff. However, that basic stuff was easy to maintain to the point it was second nature. Then everything went off the rails once the major holidays came around.

Here’s some reasons why eating healthy can be tough.

Will Power

Some of us have great will power when it comes to eating right. The savory, sweet, sour foods you loved before? You just might be able to dismiss them and not have a craving for them. Or you might have a craving but you’re able to restrain yourself.

For the rest of us, our will power might not be all that to begin with. As for me, I’m an out of sight, out of mind person. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t pop into my head or if it’s not close by I’m not going out of my way to get it. This strategy worked for me until…

The Holidays

Every month there’s some holiday with many requiring some sort of feast. Someone’s going to have to slap something on the grill or slide something in the oven. Outside of not inviting yourself to holiday feasts and gatherings, an option is to B.Y.O.F or bring your own food. You know how much you’re going to eat and what you’re comfortable eating. Bring it yourself.

The other option is request that something be cooked for you and hope that you’re that special that folks are going to make this entirely separate, special meal for you. On top of that, you might not even want to take the rest home. Now the host has a pot of food they’re not going to eat in the fridge.

Sure, they could throw it away. If you bought the ingredients for it then it’s no actual lost.

The Solution: I’d say that if you’re that family member everyone loves, throw this out there. Chances are that you get your meal. However, if you’re that family who either doesn’t mess with anyone or no one really cares for—trust me, you know if you’re the black sheep—B.Y.O.F.

Or you could avoid the gathering entirely and not worry about your diet getting smashed.

Expectations of Healthy Food

When I think “healthy food” I used to think of foods that just didn’t have the taste of the foods that are bad for you. In reality, it all comes down to how healthy foods are prepared.

For instance, you might like tomatoes one way because of the way they’re cooked, the temperature, and texture. However, if someone was to prepare tomatoes another way, you might not care for the meal. You love tomatoes but you don’t care for this particular tomato dish.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the look of cauliflower. It resembles ghost broccoli. However, the taste isn’t bad at all when hit with buffalo sauce. Healthy food gets a bad reputation because it’s rarely been presented in the desirable light. What you often end up with is something that doesn’t look appetizing or doesn’t look like it would be enough.

In reality, it might taste great and be just what you need.

The Solution: Just attempt to be open-minded about foods. You might take a hard “I don’t like that” approach and trust me, there are some foods that get a hard “No.” from me. It could all come down to the way it is cooked or how it looks.


Now this is a hard one to deal with. The thing about the above reason is that it’s focused mainly on meals. Sometimes you need a healthy snack. Again, there’s a bad reputation because of presentation. Healthy food is usually presented as something you have to prepare. Many of us don’t have time for that.

Luckily, there are healthy snacks out there. From fruit and vegetable to healthier chips. You don’t always have to sit and prepare a healthy snack. It’s great if you can but if time is an issue or you simply can’t be bothered with that, get some fresh fruit or something.

It might not be what you’re craving or what stimulates you while working but it can help you through the work day and in the long run.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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