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5 Ways to Battle Negativity.

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( We have entered a new year, and the discussion about negativity is well underway. Just like getting healthy in the new year, so many people are focused on stamping out negativity. There are “no negativity in 2020” memes everywhere, but they are the same memes we saw 12 months ago. Deciding to root out negativity in your life is a start, but it will require supporting action that can be challenging. When many of us discuss negative emotions its attached to another person. It is to have a discussion that aims the bulk of your issue on the negativity of others. It exists in your life because others bring the negative energy to you. The hardest person to ace regarding negativity, and the first person you must subdue on the matter, is you.  If you are not willing to come to terms with self and commit to a path of honest positivity 2020 will be no different that the previous year. You will find that the year wastes no time getting started with the shenanigans if you allow it. These are five ways you can begin to battle negativity.

1. It’s time to hold self-accountable for the negativity self brings to the table. There has to come a point whereby you stop justifying your negative behavior in your own space. This is not to say there aren’t catalysts that drive the emotion. However, as an accountable adult it may be time to write that list down and begin to work though it. Far too often if we are honest one of the most negative people, we know is self.

2. Realize you are trying to establish self in positivity; you can’t carry the negativity of others in this space. Like someone recovering you need time to get grounded in positivity. It wouldn’t be wise to allow spaces where others come to you and dump all of their negative energy on you. I you can give a word of advice, or encouragement, do so but you can’t rehearse bad negative choices every day. You may have already noticed that behavior is draining and makes it difficult to smile.

3. Create daily affirmations that are specific to you. It’s awesome to have affirmations that are just good to pour into you, but you also need some that speak to where you are directly. As you speak them over your life consistently you will find that your outlook on life and self will begin to change in a positive way.

4. Allow your home to be your sanctuary. You might find that you need to work on organization or a plan to achieve this personal sanctuary. No one has the right to dictate what you need in your home to have peace. Embrace the order, colors, art, and décor you want in your home. This isn’t something you achieve overnight, but the main thing is to keep the negativity out of your home.

5. Words are powerful so take account for the things you say throughout the day. Seek light in dark spaces, and where there is none be the light. Acknowledging an unfavorable situation, and continual negative conversation is not the same. Force yourself to speak in line with the positivity you are creating.

Be fair to yourself. Sometimes you might have an abundance of negativity because you might not be giving yourself the grace you freely give others. No one is perfect, and imperfect situations exist every day. Be kind to yourself. You can absolutely have a positive 2020. Negativity doesn’t have to ruin your year. Make the adjustments needed to battle negativity, and win.

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