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How to Improve Memory and Remember Most of The Necessary Information?

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( For some of us, it is straightforward to train our brains so that we can capture new information or even learning something different. Whether you are playing chess or trying to ace a test, here are seven things you should consider doing right now so that you can have a better memory of important information. One hint that guides the rest of the article is that you can get the help of another person to help you improve your memory on websites like ResumeThatWorks.

  1. Practice

Exercise is an important memory tip for helping people have a better memory.  Physical exercises are often used as a cure for a wide array of ailments, and memory is also one of them. The activity leads to increased oxygen supply going to the brain and enhanced alertness. This can lead to cell regeneration in various parts of the brain. Exercises make the brain feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It helps a person to think better, and at the same time, it leads to improvements in memory. One study carried out in 2013 established that women who took part in light exercises had a higher chance of recalling things better in comparison to those who were not taking part in any physical activity. Even though physical activity can help a person as an instant remedy to improve memory, it is only beneficial in the long term. Studies have shown that individuals who have been fit for a period of over seven months had better spatial and verbal memory. 

  1. Concentrate for 10 seconds

Life has changed tremendously and people are expected to do things faster. It means thinking faster and remembering something in the long run if it is helpful. Many researchers suggest that focusing on something for 10 seconds can make it easier to recall it. This is the amount of tie that it takes for a message to get t the long term memory form the short term memory. It is possible to remember something if we constantly think about it or verbalize it for a few seconds, increasing the recall rate. This is an effective approach and is one of the best memory strategies to make sure that a person can remember something easily. 

  1. Sleep

A common memory that improves techniques is sleep. Sleep has been shown to improve retention in long-term memory. Through sleep, the brain consolidates memories and allows it to create new long-term information. Back in college, many of us have had a difficult time during tests by pulling an all-nighter with the hopes of passing a big test the next morning. Even though it might seem beneficial to cram as much content as possible during the last minute, it is much better to have sufficient rest for around 8 hours before a major test. Retention can be improved by studying a few hours earlier and sleeping right after o that the brain can reorganize itself so that the new information is memorable. The brain relies on sleep to get rid of unwanted information and process new ideas and stimuli. Once the new information is consolidated in long term memory, the person will easily recall what that had learned. Sometimes it might just be worth it to let a help you with your assignment rather than spending the whole night sleepless, and in the end, you will not recall what you tried so hard to cram during the entire night. 

  1. Diet

It is no secret that a proper diet will ensure that the brain has the right nutrients to function properly. If you want to improve your studying skills, then the best option will entail a diet comprised of vitamins and special antioxidants, which are often regarded as brain food. If you ever wonder how to improve long term memory,  the secret lies in a wide array of foods that have been proven to be effective such as:

  • cabbage, 
  • green tea, 
  • salmon, 
  • blueberries, 
  • dark chocolate, 
  • cauliflower, 
  • fish. 

Other experts admit that a glass of wine will enhance memory, even though if the quantity is beyond the limit, it would have the opposite effect on the mind.

  1. Mental workouts

It is important to consider mental exercises that train the brain to be better. This can include reading something new, working on a complex task, or any activity that requires thought. If the brain gets a challenge, then it will try to adapt to the changes while improving and becoming better. The brain is not static, and mental problems such as learning about new and complex concepts can enhance the brain and make simple tasks like remembering long numbers seem very easy. 

  1. Chew Gum

Perhaps this is one of the ideas on how to improve memory, which is often regarded as a myth. However, it is an effective way to remember new information. You can try chewing gum for 15 minutes if you are trying to recall something. Studies have shown that individuals do better in audio and memory tests if they are chewing gum. The act of checking gum makes a person concentrate better and they will be focused on what they are currently trying to do. Chewing gum can be particularly useful in quizzes and other activities that require quick recall of information that was obtained recently.

  1. Write! Write! Write!

Writing down any new piece of information can be beneficial for memory. Even though you can still get help on websites like to improve studying skills, you can still practice on your own, and within a short time, your memory will be better. Writing down information such as phone numbers, shopping lists, names, contacts, and addresses has meant that it is no longer critical to recall some information. However, once you need a certain number and cannot access where you write it down, then that is when you realize that we no longer need to remember anything. Despite this, writing something down makes it easier to remember it. The brain can create a mental image of the written text, and this acts as a means of recalling the information. Writing down is comparable to encoding information so that it is easier for the brain to remember it. 

It is possible to improve memory through a variety of strategies. These approaches will lead to long term effects. When you need to remember something in the future, consider sleeping more or even writing down the new idea so that you can recall it.

Staff Writer; Harry Short


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