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Saving Cash For Gifts This Holiday Season.

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( Saving cash this holiday shopping season can be difficult. You want to get everyone something you think they will love and before you know it, you’ve used and abused your wallet. If you had Cleo installed on your phone, she’d probably call the cops on your spending. So, let’s look at a few simple ways to get your gifts and soften the blow on your wallet.

Get Gift Cards

No, you’re not getting them so others can buy themselves something—although, that’s not a bad idea. I’ve considered doing this many times but people get all weird when you give them a card. Like, it has money on it. Buy your own gift and have a Merry Christmas. No, you want to stockpile gift cards to get discounts on whatever you’re buying.

The most readily available to snag gift cards are from Amazon and to a degree, Target. Depending on the app or browser you use, you can save up points or whatever to buy gift cards for what you’re getting. Podcoin is an app where you can snag points towards an Amazon card by listening to podcasts. Readercoin does the same but for reading.

These are slower crawl methods. Using Bing and doing the point objectives—usually searching on PC, mobile, etc. and doing the search quizzes—rewards points much faster for gift cards. I’m not even the biggest fan of Bing but I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards while using it.

Shop On eBay or Amazon

Often times, you’ll find better prices online. This is just a fact. Actually, as of this writing it’s Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday is in a few days. That’s the perfect time to do any of your shopping. Any time after that you’re probably going to have to wait for that “Final Week to Save” sale wherever. However, some online places run Black Friday and Cyber Monday a few days afterwards.

As far as eBay and Amazon goes, whatever it is, you can usually find it for a better price on these two. Not only that but if it’s something like toys or electronics, the price cut is usually deeper from third party sellers.

A word of warning, make sure you read the third-party sellers’ descriptions to make sure what they’re selling is in suitable condition for you. Sometimes electronics can look good on the outside but they’re really being sold for parts or as is—but the seller doesn’t put that up front. That’s a piece of advice primarily for purchasing on eBay.

Fail-safe Money Saver: Get Them What They Need

I say this is a fail-safe because you really want to get your loved ones what they want for the holidays. However, sometimes the items on Christmas lists come off as financial abuse and you just have to go “Nah. Nah, that’s enough” and get them what they need.

This is the greatest technique at the School of Cheapskatery. They might want something nice or something they can have fun with but it might end up being something that only gets used a few times or broken easily. “It’s the thought that counts” really goes so far when you’ve spent quite a bit on it.

However, if you spent quite a bit on something necessary that will get a lot of use, it doesn’t hit as hard. Bonus points if you saved on it and it’s something durable that they can’t break, scratch, or destroy in under six months. If it sounds like I’m talking about getting kids something then…a hit dog will holler. I mean, there are clumsy adults as well.

I say use this fail-safe if your Christmas list is looking unmanageable and someone went crazy with their gifts on your list.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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