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5 Dangerous Fashion Trends We Saw In 2019.

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( Even though most of the fashion trends never look bad in the beginning, some of them can actually put you in danger. Below are dangerous fashion trends that people engage in unknowingly and suffer the consequences.

Lip Venom

Many women across the world are using new over-the-counter drugs and lip plumpers to make their lips look puffy. This is the return of a trend which was very popular from 2000 to 2004. The main motive behind using these lip plumpers is to look more seductive. Dermatologists have already expressed concern over the use of such products, but women still use these temporary solutions to avoid going for a surgery.

Some of these plumpers cause irritation and make the lips look larger, while some even sting. There are mixed reviews about the effectiveness of these products, but puffy lips are the hottest trend right now. While such fashion trends look interesting, many women have experienced side effects such as ulcers and swelling.

While there are many lip-plumpers that contain natural ingredients, some people go to extreme lengths to get pouty lips and use bee and snake venom too.

Rib Removal

Even the thought of getting ribs surgically removed sends chills down the spine, but for some people, it’s not that scary. Rib removal surgery has been one of the most dangerous procedures in medical science. Rumors always float around about people getting ribs removed to narrow their waistline, but only a few known cases are on record. Model Pixee Fox is said to have got her six ribs removed in surgery.

Rib removal is rare but it’s not impossible. The human body has a rib cage that is made up of 12 paired rib bones. In a rib removal surgery, the expert surgeons remove the 12th rib to create a slimmer waist. This rib set is called a floating rib and its removal is less risky for the internal organs. Although, removing any rib is highly dangerous, removing the 11th and 10th rib or others can lead to infection and damage of the liver or other internal organs.

Scrotum Reduction

Human stupidity is limitless. Sexual organs in men are made to shrink, but still, some men find it bad and take the help of surgery, especially for scrotum reduction. Legitimate physical reasons are a different thing. If recommended by a doctor, then one should not avoid such procedures. But if it’s just a part of the fashion trend, then you should know about the consequences.

Undergoing these surgical procedures is risky. The associated risks are bleeding, infection, chronic pain, poor wound healing, etc. The muscles that surround the testicle protect it from injury and making changes to these muscles may also result in infertility.

Skin Bleaching

Do you read the labels before you buy skincare products? Many people don’t. Skin lightening creams, especially the ones with bleaching agents like mercury and hydroquinone can cause damage to your skin. Many such creams are already banned in the U.S. and Europe, but as online marketplaces have started selling imported skincare products, it has become hard to know if a product is right for you or not.

Skin bleaching creams have ingredients that are not accurately described. Take for example hydroquinone, even though it is banned in many countries, manufacturers have found alternatives that are equally harmful. After applying the bleaching cream with hydroquinone or alternatives like kojic acid for a month, the skin becomes thinner, which leads to acne breakout. A large number of men and women are suffering because of skin bleaching creams, yet this product market is witnessing significant growth.

High Heels

High heels are the main reason why millions of women complaint about foot and ankle pain across the country. Even now when we have more shoe choices, many of them still choose to wear high heels. The main problem with high heels is that they don’t absorb shock and keep your feet into the straight position which means the natural rotating movement is forcefully stopped until you remove them. This causes joint pain, makes changes in the muscles around the ankles, and shortens the Achilles tendon.

Even if you don’t want to rule them out, remember that high heels are not a healthy choice for your feet. Suffering major consequences just to gain a few inches is not a smart idea. You may read about many alternatives that offer comfort through orthopedic pads, the best thing you can do for your feet is finding something better.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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