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Wat’s Up my N**ga.

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( The N-word…n**ger/n**ga…400-year-old deleterious history serves as an example of a symbol too strong, too powerful, and too negative to be trivialized as just simply…another word…an ambiguity that some in the black community naively try to peddle, insinuating that it’s normal behavior for African Americans to adhere to an 18th century slave mentality. Shackles that have yet to be broken!

Consequently, younger generations have grown up in a society that has used the word as common language their entire live, they seem to have become desensitized to the term…and ignorantly use it…not knowing they are foolishly carrying out a 400-year-old plight. Just because they have heard it used their whole live…doesn’t make use of the term right…nor does it downplay or eradicate its effect. Similarly, just because one grows up in a house with an alcoholic parent, then as an adult they drink alcohol their whole life…picking up the habit from their parent…doesn’t make the activity right nor does it downplay its effect…one can end up with cirrhosis of the liver and die.

In lieu of the N-word’s derogatory and denigrating history, many Black/African Americans/ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery), have continually uplifted the N-word, protected it like a mother instinctively shields her newborn, and place it high on an altar as if the idiom is something in which to be proud of.

African Americans from all walks of life ranging from doctorate degree owners, academia professionals, ministers, politicians, corporate executives, to ill-educated people share a commonality when it comes to the odious N-word. They are mesmerized by its hypnotic influence!  Some pseudo-intellectuals look at the history of race and the term n**ga as a basis for being proponents of its usage.

They contend that White people have used it as an instrument of fear and inferiority for years, while Black folk have taken the term and supposedly transformed it into a cultural construction that should only be used by Black people. Incredulously, only African Americans/ADOS are encouraged to accept oppressor-created labels of hatred and marginalization as a degenerate lifestyle. No other group on the face of this planet is expected nor is asked…to adhere to such deviant behavior.

Certainly not all Black/African Americans use the pejorative term, however far too many…who don’t use the word…panders to those who do. Refusal to speak out against its use make them an accomplice, lacking the intestinal fortitude, to defend the sacred memories of their ancestors…displaying a lack of appreciation…for their ancestor’s trials, tribulations, struggles and sacrifices.

Black institutions, churches, schools, families and other social organizations, must assert themselves regarding problems facing Black America. They must establish and promote codes of conduct to protect their community from black anti-social and dysfunctional behavior. These foundation institutions should cooperatively use a variety of social tools to persuade members of the Black race to comply with certain behavior standards. Non-usage of the mind controlling N-word should be at the top of the list.

The lyrics of rap music promoting crime, violence, drugs, misogyny and use of the N-word are subliminal messages for self-destruction and mental decay, responsible for misguiding and misleading generations of young minds. Black-on-black crime is rampant and out of control, and to overlook the influence of rap music in all of this is a grave and egregious error, as many of our young black males have been influenced to look upon going to prison as a “badge of honor”.

Embrace of the incorrigible term trivializes, disrespects and curses the hallow memories, struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors. The blood of our ancestors cries out in anguish…but their voices are muted…by callous, self-centered, non-caring, ungrateful ADOS. Usage trivializes the suffering of those who came before us and built this country with no pay, no credit…not even a thank you or apology. Thanks to rap music the entire world now makes a mockery of our ascendant’s experiences relegating their cataclysmic history to the dumpster of insignificance and triviality.

Some of you find it more offense to be referred to as…African American or Black. Raising a raucous over usage but when it comes to use of the most combustible and repugnant word in the English language the N-word (n**ga)…your silence is deafening…choosing to ignore the elephant in the room; which make about as much sense as using a match to see if your gas tank is empty.

To a lesser extend there are many capable and brilliant young minds who are not searching for pseudo-intellectual reasons to refer to themselves or any member of their race as a n**ga but their voices are muted. Contrarily…voices generally heard through main-stream media…are those who are proponents of the N-word further demonstrating the lack of insensitivity, sense and appreciation of the titanic battles that our ancestry had to overcome.

It is an international embarrassment that rappers liberally use the N-word in their music and we the amenable black community (ADOS) passively condone it e.g. “N**gas In Paris.” The international community find it mind boggling that African Americans willingly degrade each other in such a fashion.

The barely conscious will unabashedly argue that there are greater things to worry about than black folk use of the N-word.  But I ask you:  Aside from mental enslavement, what’s a greater concern than the demolition of Black folk image on the world stage? As you view yourself…others do as well! Don’t like being called the N-word by…non-black people? Then set the right example for others to follow. STOP using the egregious term yourself…become accountable and responsible…for your OWN actions.

We also, need to stop insulting one another’s intelligence with the “a” vs the “er” nonsense. N**ga is ghetto vernacular for n**ger…there ISN’T…any difference between the two.  We too can stop with the lie that black folks don’t use the N-word in a negative and degrading fashion…when it’s done every minute of the day. Everyday African American parents vehemently denigrate their own children with usage of the term. This is NOT love…it’s emotions of hatred and self-hatred.

There’s a saying “run over me once shame on you, run over me twice shame on me.” Black America is about to be ran over for a second time. Come fall of 2020, Aaron McGruder’s TV animated series “The Boondocks” which was discontinued in 2014…will be revived. Kevin Reilly, the Chief Content Officer for HBO Max, and President of truTV, TBS and TNT announced that the series has been inked for a two-season deal beginning fall 2020.

Why should Black/African Americans be concerned?  Boondocks serves as a further assault on the image of Black/African Americans carrying on the tradition of subversive black comedy comparable to Amos’ N Andy and minstrelsy in general. Albeit “Boondocks” perpetuates a negative imagery of Black/African Americans its linguistic usage of the N-word is far more disconcerting as it is…subversive and counter-productive…the nadir of defamation and mind control.  In a nutshell, “Boondocks” serves as: Unconscious programming! Subliminal indoctrination!

Aaron McGruder’s usage of the term is self-hatred masquerading as caustic satire.  What’s truly annoying is that pseudo intellectuals will vigorously defend use of the N-word in “Boondocks” under the guise of artistic license, they’ll contend that opposition to such is “anti-intellectual”.

Black/African Americans who honor and respect the sacred, hallow memories of their beloved ancestors, will refuse to compromise their values, integrity, loyalty, humanity by surrendering to quixotic mundane values as artistic license.  We instead opt to follow our internal compass and do the right thing…by disavowing usage of a term…that dehumanized and objectified our ascendants, and serves as a self-refueling, self-generating psychological conduit to mental enslavement.

Accordingly, Black folk instead must be committed to moving towards mutually benefitted goals. Activities must contribute to building a strong sense of peoplehood and commitment to the acculturation principals of taking care of one’s self, one’s family and one’s race.  Presently, Black America is void of social accountability policies and enforcements devices, thus people with the mentality of rappers and an Aaron McGruder have the license and freedom to act as proxies for our oppressor.

What is a sense of community and why is it important? A sense of community is collective thinking. Seeing and behaving as WE and not as ME. This requires new, bold Black leadership someone capable of establishing a national vision and articulate an acceptable code of conduct and behavior.

Forewarning, whenever you hear a white man refer to a black man as a responsible leader, he means someone who is responsible to him.  The white man will promote a docile black leader as opposed to promoting a non-conformist in order to hold the masses of black people in check, keep them in his grasp, and under his control. Black America must not…continually…allow itself to be deceived by following black quasi-leaders.

Black/African Americans have a choice to make either chose the path of Ascension into the Light or continue to give power to the sinister forces of the Dark whose leading us into a headlong rush over the cliff’s edge of death and destruction.  For those of us who chose the path of Light, no longer will Dark Forces be able to control us with their deception; proliferating our consciousness with their deceit, deception and lies. Clear our consciousness…and our true historical links with the past…will be made known.

Usage of the N-word and other problems that exist in the black community today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them, thus if we are to rise and overcome, we are going to have cure ourselves. To overcome we must first understand that our pathologies are not inherent but a societal trauma being transferred from one generation to another…a legacy of a self-generating, self-refueling slave mentality. Once we can acknowledge how we have been hoodwinked and bamboozled we can then proceed to take on the task of…mental liberation.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., author of Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word, and the recently released book Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth, Lies, Deceit and Mind Games

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