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Productive Things to do When You’re Stuck in Traffic.

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( Traffic jam affects the productivity of many people – getting stuck for hours on the road, being late at work, and lessening the time for bonding and relaxation. Travel time gets doubled and some even spend extra money to pay for taxis and transport services just to arrive on time. 

The only thing we can do is to adjust our time of travel to avoid the problem of tardiness. Other than that, we can’t control the traffic. But, there are a lot of things we can do to use our long commute time productively. 

  1. Plan your day ahead. 

Review the things you need to get done even before arriving at work. Download a to-do list app to help you jot down your tasks for the day. This will help you clear your thoughts and get you ahead at work. Organize your to-do list from the most important to the least priority.

  1. Read and respond to emails.

If you’re traveling through public transit and you have your smartphone with you, you can make time to read and respond to emails – whether they are personal or business-related. This is also a good thing to declutter and organize your emails so you won’t end up getting stuck with bulk, unimportant emails. Just be sure to understand before you respond and check for typographical and grammatical errors before sending it. 

  1. Listen to helpful podcasts.

There are helpful podcasts and audiobooks online that you can listen to while you are commuting. You can choose from self-improvement podcasts to listening to a novel you’ve been wanting to finish. With a high-quality earphones, you’ll be sure to enjoy your travel time. 

  1. Learn a new language.

Another way to make use of your long commute time is to learn a new language. You can either look for books that will help you learn your preferred language or go digital and look for a tutorial app with good reviews. Some of the most learned languages are Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese. 

  1. Reflect and relax.

Do not let the congested traffic jam affect your mental health. Still, find time to reflect and relax. If it’s summertime and the hot weather is really exhausting, bring with you a fan and cold bottled water. If it’s cold outside, make sure to wear the perfect outfit for the weather. Along the way, you can sort out your thoughts, reflect on your surroundings, or simply take a power nap. If you’re not that sleepy, you can put your earphones on and listen to relaxing music or your favorite songs. Just keep yourself vigilant at all times especially on public transits. 

  1. Call your loved ones. 

This is only applicable if you’re not driving. Take some time to call your loved ones, your best friend, or your spouse. It can also be a way to vent out your stresses during commute or talk to them about anything under the sun. Just keep your voice down or other people around you will hear what you’re talking about. 

Whether you’re driving or commuting, always be alert, kind, and respectful of your surroundings. Keep your cool regardless of the annoying traffic jam and rude people. Traffic problems are something out of your control, but you can always take control of your temper and your mental health. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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