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Juul v/s Vape pens – Know them better!

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( It easily gets charged in your computer, it is compact enough to fit efficiently in your pocket, and is quite pocket friendly too. You can either use it in public to make a statement, or it can even be used without many people knowing about it. These are vapes! The devices which are in trend around the globe. Its craze is increasing day by day seeing no point of reverse gear.

Vaping — It consists of inhaling and exhaling vapour that is produced by a battery-powered electronic cigarette. It mostly contains nicotine, that has turned out to be the most popular ingredient in the vape devices recently.Other than this, there are also flavour based e-liquids which impact the taste and the satisfaction level when you vape these devices. These devices are either desktop or portable, easy to carry and use.

Ø  Major differences between Juul and vape pens!

With the growing popularity of vapes, the options in vape devices have taken a huge jump. With the variety of devices all better than one another in terms of convenience, satisfaction and efficiency being invented, vape pens and Juul are two prominent types reining the vape industry nowadays. These can vary in many ways which are listed below:

o   The Juul — Becoming the master in vapes mostly loved by teen vapers, Juul is a special kind of vaping device.

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  1. Overall designs —Though it looks very much similar to a vape pen, there are some major differences to consider when choosing a Juul. The main thing in a JUUL system that is different from a standard vape pen is that the JUUL uses the liquid within the pods. The basic design of it is very simple. This is attractive to those who have just started to vape.  It is mostly the same length of that of a cigarette and is also very light in weight Therefore; it feels very similar to holding a cigarette.
  2. The satisfaction level — People who want to quit smoking like the great features in a JUUL. Its nicotine concentration is pretty much high. This makes it very easy to dodge from cigarettes to vapes. Additionally, the draw on a JUUL is pretty similar to that of a cigarette. That is why it feels more like a cigarette.
  3. Way of using — The JUUL consist of two parts; the device and flavour pods. This can be activated by just drawing through the mouthpiece. The cartridges come pre-filled with liquid which has high concentration nicotine salts as the nicotine level stays high in the JUUL pods, it requires comparatively less liquid than the amount of nicotine you get from other pods and their liquids. Therefore, these have a longer life and have got exciting flavours.
  4. Plus points — The JUUL eradicates the hassle of multiple pieces, switches, buttons, etc. There lie no complex parts to deal with, and has a very small learning curve.
  5. Negative points —The simplicity that JUUL setup offers means there is little room for customisation. Means, if you want to change your flavour, nicotine levels, resistance, etc, the JUUL don’t have this flexibility.

o   Vape pens — Second most preferred vaping device that’s compact and easy to carry and provides great experience in vaping too.

  1. Overall design —Most vape pens are made up of three important components; a battery, a liquid reservoir, and also a heating coil. These are sleek but a little more in weight than a Juul.
  2. Satisfaction level — There are numerous brands as well as liquids manufactured to be used as e-liquids with vape pens. Most of these E-liquids which are used in vape pens consist of a mixture of nicotine and propylene glycol. The measurement of nicotine and the flavour used may vary on the preference of the user. These can be as sleek as a cigarette and feel like actually a cigarette in your mouth.
  3. Way of using — Basically, an e-liquid is poured into the reservoir and they are activated by pressing a button and then you can just inhale it. Vape pens are available range in different colour, style, size, length, weight, etc.
  4. Plus points — Vape pens are available in all range and pretty much affordable. Also, you can customise your vape pens according to your mood and need and get the desired results while vaping.
  5. Negative points — As the parts in it are more, it is slightly difficult to use. Also, the complex manner to start a vape pen can be overwhelming for new users.

When choosing the best vaping device for yourself you certainly want the best! You can just reread the above differences and decide which one is better for you!

Staff Writer; Ron Johnson

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