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Sunday, November 17, 2019

LGBTQ Sickness In America!

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( From Taylor Swift’s LGBTQ support to AOC to Ellen to everybody lost about who they are, who they were made to be by evolution or creation, to supporters of abominable perversion, LGBTQ IS A SICKNESS OF CONFUSION, DENIAL, IMMORALITY AND LACK OF IDENTITY. And if the truth rings your bell, that’s just too bad. Those who get the most upset are those the most in denial. They are those who most hate the truth because down deep they know what I am saying is true. Yet they don’t know what to do about their confusion.

I have the FIRST AMENDMENT right to speak the truth and my opinion just as LGBTQ people have the right t express theirs. I don’t have to accept them and that is Biblical truth, not phobia, not hate speech. If LGBTQ people want the right to speak and display as they wish, they need to start by recognizing we who are straight have the very same rights – including the right to disagree and the right to refuse acceptance of them.

I strongly object to LGBTQ being added to the Civil Rights Act and even spoken of in the same breath as the civil rights movement. Why should a group be covered because of who they choose to sleep with? That should not even be outside of their perverted bedrooms. Heterosexuality is not included as a protected group so to protect homosexuality under a banner is a violation of “equal protection under the law”. And that is a violation of the Constitution.

Do the research and you will find many LGBTQ people are those who were sexually abused or molested at a young age like Don Lemon on CNN. Not all but many of them and they know it. So their abuse manifests in confusion and sexual perversion.

LGBTQ is unnatural because it violates the rules of nature such as reproduction. LGBTQ is abnormal because in this world and even in warped America it is not the norm. LGBTQ tries to ignore both evolution and creation in regards to who and what a person was born as.

As for all this “trans” BS, you cannot change your gender by swapping out genuine parts for re-manufactured ones. Trans anything is simply a lie. Then when we who are neither blind nor perverted nor confused nor compromised stand up to speak the truth, we are labeled as having phobias or being hateful as if something is wrong with us. Wrong. Very wrong.

I could go to the Bible on this issue all day long, but this time I will not because there is a ton of evidence against LGBTQ even without the Bible. And how sick is it for LGBTQ people to blame God for making them that way when the Bible speaks against all such perversion as abominations?

I do not have to accept lies, especially when they hurt my community, deceive my people, reduce our numbers, confuse our children and go against my God. Christianity stands against LGBTQ even though so many so-called “godly” church leaders are dead silent because they don’t want to lose members, money and popularity. Islam stands against LGBTQ. The majority of America stands against it. Africa as a people of real identity stand against LGBTQ. Creation stands against it. Evolution does too. Who you sleep with is a choice but who or what you were born as is not.

As for the laws of the land, sodomy is a crime. In many countries LGBTQ behavior is a perverse behavior and not to be tolerated. Try that in many African countries. LGBTQ even works against the reproduction numbers of the “black” community. And these disadvantages of LGBTQ just scratch the surface.

LGBTQ is a choice, every single perverted letter. And none of it should ever be connected with the struggles of African Americans whose ancestors were forced to come here and had no choice. The only struggle in America that parallels and should ever be compared to that of “black” people is the struggle of the indigenous people America calls “Indians”. No other group even comes close.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


2 Responses to “LGBTQ Sickness In America!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    @Ghanaian Homosexual

    You must be stupid. You’re basing your opinions by YouTube videos? Have you checked global stats?

    Who you sleep is a choice deal with it.

    Ghanaians are morally upright and sane people we’ll never tolerate LGBWTF lifestyle, you better start packing to America.

  2. Ghanaian Homosexual says:

    Brother just answer me these questions.

    1) Many straight people on youtube don’t want children. (Far outnumbering gays)
    2) Many straight people practice sodomy heterosexually. (Far outnumbering gays)
    3) Who you are attracted to is NOT a choice…are you attracted to men?
    4) Nobody has the the right to “disagree” with someone..that’s call a BIGOT
    5) We are making inroads in many African Countries, you know nothing of Africa. (Ghana, South Africa, Namibia)
    6) LGBT’s ultimate agenda is to be accepted just like Adultery is. We will not fail, no matter how hard you try. Maybe the fact you are arguing so hard is you are “questioning” your sexuality too. I feel sorry for you.

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