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Are You Slowly Committing Suicide.

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( If you are eating what you want, even though it is damaging your body, you are slowly committing suicide. Obesity, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host of others are directly related to what you eat and/or what you smoke. Why would you sabotage yourself and knowingly damage your body unless you don’t want to live a long life? And while you can make excuses that you are “grown”, try that once you get cancer or diabetes or once you are plugged up to a kidney dialysis machine.

Do you want to die? If you don’t, then why would you do things that slowly kill you? If you are about to say “everybody dies of something”, dissect your own foolish argument. If we break down what you are saying, then you might as well drive 100 miles an hour down the highway in the wrong direction with no lights on and at night. Sound crazy? Well everybody dies of something. Do you see how stupid the argument sounds?

Then there is the argument that believes “when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go”. Really? Then think about this, there are things worse than death. You can be here, bed ridden with tubes sticking out of you or sick every day and wish you were dead.

What happened to family intervention? Nowadays people feel no responsibility to help those they “say” they love to stop doing the things which hurt or kills us slowly. Intervention has been replaced with ambivalence, focus only on self and the acceptance of those we love sabotaging themselves while we stand by and do nothing. How is that loving somebody? It really isn’t. How can you ever take the position regarding someone you say you love which states “I do me and you do you” and standby while they destroy themselves? If you can, you don’t love them or you have no idea what love really is. Shame on you ten times over, shame on you.

Maybe you say “if that doesn’t kill me, something will so I might as well choose my poison”. To you I say ask why would you help the grim reaper? Why would you add to the list of the things that can take you out as if the devil needs your help?

Ecclesiastes 7:17:                                                                                                                                                                       

Do not be excessively wicked, and do not be a fool.                                                                                                

Why should you die before your time?

What about the example you are setting for your children and others who watch you? Maybe you don’t care. And maybe that is why so many children and young adults are angry, lost , delinquent and confused. Because you don’t care. Because you would rather kill yourself slowly as long as you enjoy the weed with addictive THC, the cigarettes, the vaping, the fatty foods, fried foods, alcohol etc. All because you are an adult so you are “grown” and have the right to kill yourself.

Wisdom, in part, means not destroying yourself. Wisdom is not killing yourself (fast or slow) and setting an awful example in the process. Wisdom means not making foolish arguments just so you can work against your life, your health and your wellness. I know a brother who recently died. And though a tree could have fallen on him or he could have died in a car crash, those didn’t happen. He slowly killed himself, helping diabetes and high blood pressure take him out. If he had been wise and not done that, wouldn’t he have died one day? Of course. But not from those things and not from being foolish enough to call up the grim reaper and help him out.

Wake up people, wake up. If the police officer kills you, everybody has a problem with that. If Isis or a terrorist or active shooter kills you, the whole country has a problem with that. If a carjacker kills you, your family has a problem with that. But if you slowly kill yourself, day by day, those who say they love you just stand around and watch. Why? Because many of them are doing the very same thing. Being fools under the control of whatever is killing them slowly and making excuses while it does it.

When a white man or police officer kills you, everybody calls it racism and murder. But when you slowly kill yourself, people call it “doing me” or being “grown”.

Don’t you have any willpower? Or are cigarettes, weed, cigarettes, alcohol and your greasy, fatty foods bigger than you and your will combined? If so, you don’t have them – they have you. And you are so deceived and controlled by these things that you don’t even see it.

I has cancer and it was Hell times 10. But when Identified the causes, I began stopping them one by one as fast as I could. Was I still “grown”? Yes. But I wanted to live. Do you? So I ask would you rather say “I am healthy” and live or say “I am grown and I do what I want” all the way to the morgue? If it’s the latter, go ahead and let your family know what you want on your tombstone. They can write “here lies a man (or woman) who was grown and now he is dead”.

How dumb is that if you stop to think about it? And if you are so bold, why kill yourself slowly? If you want to die, why waste time? Why don’t you just get a gun and blown your brains out? Because you don’t really want to die, you are just deceived into thinking you can get away with abusing your body and live. But you are playing Russian Roulette and one day, as the brother did, you may lose die or even in more ways than death and in more ways than you thought were possible. Choose life. This article is dedicated to those who can hear today and wake up. Also to Carolyn, Louis, Governor and Marva who couldn’t. RIP.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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