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How Donald Trump can help more people dump the Democrats.

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( A guy called into Rush Limbaugh this past Tuesday. He was a retired college professor who is done with the Democrats. He voted Democrat his entire life until 2016 when he pulled the lever for Trump.

Basically, he wised up to the lies of the Democratic Party and became a conservative. And unlike some Republicans, he liked the way Trump fought back against the left and threw it right back at them.

He said he was definitely done with the lying Democrats, but he also voiced his frustration with Trump, which Rush didn’t seem to understand. Well, I for one understood exactly what the professor meant, because it’s the same way many conservatives feel.

We all know, at least those of us who are constitutionalists, common or otherwise, that the only way to win against the left is on the issues. And the only way win the issues is not through tweets and sound bites, but through education.

The left understands better than the right how effective sound bites are. Short little quips and pithy sayings evoke emotion, but not thought. And for the left, it’s all and only about emotion. The left knows if they allow people to actually put some critical thought into what they are saying, they’ll bail on them, as they should.

Take common-sense gun legislation, for example. Who could be against that? It’s a great sound bite. But what does it mean? Who cares! It has “common sense” built right in.

Rush insisted that Trump is the only Republican who has pushed back against the left – the only one who refuses to take their crap. He’s right about that, and we all appreciate it.

But there are only two ways to win over the American people – through emotion or reason.

The left has a lock on emotion, so we can’t even try to beat them at that game. So we are left with reason, thought, education.

At my day job, I deal with a lot of customers. Given the choice I much prefer an educated customer to an ignoramus, for two reasons. First, we are better able to carry on a substantive conversation about a product or application, and second and most importantly is that he or she will be educated enough to see through the snake-oil salesman who is just trying to take advantage of him or her.

And this is what I mean by education. Republicans have always been smarter than Democrats. They’ve had to be. And the reason is that Democrats don’t get challenged. They can say virtually anything, and it will go unchallenged by the media and their followers. The right, on the other hand, is constantly challenged to back up virtually everything we say.

We’ve been forced, by being challenged, into knowing our subject matter. Our conservative ideology gets challenged all the time, which is why we must be smarter. Leftists only have their ideology reinforced by other leftists, so they never have to think about the sound bites they blindly repeat.

Rush, in my opinion, simply missed the point, when he thought the caller meant for Trump to go on national TV and acknowledge his appreciation for the people who voted for him. Rush says it’s because they get so much flak just for voting for the guy. This is likely true, but it’s not what the professor wants.

When the professor said he wanted Trump to go on national TV and give an address, this is what he meant. Just sit in the Oval Office, look at the camera (and teleprompter) and educate the public without media filter and without the Twitter one-liners.

It would be perfect timing to start immediately, given this whole Ukraine lie the Dems are shoveling. Unlike the left, we, by means of Glenn Beck’s in-depth investigative timeline, have all the proof needed to expose the real criminals and colluders – the Democrats.

We’ve seen the “presidential” side of Trump, and it’s fantastic. With properly educated speechwriters, Trump could make a cogent case in 30 minutes or less. And those who watched, with an open mind, would be done with the Democrats, just as was the professor.

The point is that using Twitter as a push-back platform is needed, and his base loves it, but that isn’t going to cause people to flee the dirty Democrats. Only education will do this.

Don’t get me wrong. We still need Trump to continue to be Trump on Twitter. But you can’t educate people in 280 characters or less.

Written by Brent Smith

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