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Condo Maintenance Service – What You Need to Know.

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( When you live in a condo, you need to know about their security and maintenance services. Besides you have the right to know if the place is going to be properly protected and cleaned. The condo cleaning maintenance service is very different from the security service. When you see a lot of security guards walking around, you will probably be safe when it comes to security. The condo maintenance service is an entirely different thing though. Therefore, there are a lot of things you must know. You can know these things through simple questions including:

How often do they clean?

If they do it each day, that would be a big boost to your confidence. The same can’t be said if they only do it once or twice a week. There will be days when the dirt has built up that it would be hard to take them out. Besides, they have a job to do so they should have no excuse as to why they won’t clean your condo each day. The only excuse they can have of not cleaning your condo for the day is if most of their cleaners are sick. If that is the case, their cleaners really should not come to work because their sickness could contaminate the place.

How many cleaners do you have?

It would not be a safe answer if they see they only have a couple of cleaners. It really depends on the size of the condo though. If it is a high-rise condo, then they should have at least five people. It won’t make sense to have a lot of cleaners but they are not fully knowledgeable of the task though. It would be better if most of them are then they are paired up during the cleaning sessions. The veteran cleaners would be paired up with the rookie cleaners so the rookie could be taught what he must do.

What materials do they use?

If you find out they are using hazardous materials, you must request for them to change their materials right away. Even if you don’t feel the effects of these things immediately, you will feel the effects in the nearby future. In fact, these things can result in your kids and pets getting sick. No matter how great they advertise these products, there is no excuse to use them. Thus, it would be best to keep them as far away as possible or one spray can result in far worse effects than its benefits. They should definitely invest in high-quality materials. Even if these things are expensive, they will have lasting effects on the area.

What cleaning services they provide?

Some of the most common condo maintenance provide services such as laundry pickup deliveryaircon servicing, part-time maid services, spring cleaning service and more. Be sure to only use reputable condo cleaning companies that has been in the industry for many years.

What time do they do it?

There are times when the condo maintenance service may disrupt your business. Thus, you must know what time they clean so you should not go out of your unit at the same time as they are cleaning. Besides, there is usually a time when the cleaners are scheduled to clean the entire condo. If you are not comfortable with the time they clean your condo, you can always request a change of schedule. They should have no problem with that as they will just prioritize cleaning the other units in the building.

How long have they been doing it?

The longer the cleaners have been in the industry, the stronger you will remain confident in them. If that is the case, they will be able to clean the area with their eyes closed. Basically, they already know what needs to be done in order to please you.

After knowing the answers to the above questions, you will either be confident of the condo maintenance service or lose interest in them. Whichever direction you go, keep in mind that they will do their job anyway. Your condo will be clean one way or the other. Besides, they are getting paid to clean your condo and it is pretty basic to know how to do it. Besides, it is not your maid’s duty to clean the hallways of the condo. That should be part of the monthly association dues you pay to the condo. If you pay those monthly association dues, you have all the right to complain if they don’t do their job right.

Staff Writer; Brian Love

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