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The Book of Exodus Seen as a Freedom Cry.

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( The book of Exodus is one of the most known books of the Bible because it is a book steeped in the concept of freedom from oppression. The Bible is, arguably, one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. The power of literature is it can speak to the struggles of humanity over time; those troubles can transcend historical periods, nationality, and ethnicity. It has the power to bring various groups of people together to understand universal themes. In every time period the parts of the piece of literature is filled by different people…but the need is the same. A person does not have to be a Christian for the literary aspects of the Bible to be appreciated. The themes and foreshadowing can be referenced by anyone that see the book as a valuable literary text. For those that are Christians, or course, the spiritual importance causes the literary aspect to run deeper.

Most know that Exodus tells the story of Moses, and the children of Israel as they suffered in bondage under Pharaoh’s enslavement. Israel cried out for a deliver…they needed God to free them from their suffering, and God would use one that they would never would have thought. Moses was not Egyptian though raised in Pharaoh’s house, and this would be one moment of irony among many. “The Book of Exodus: A Biography” by Joel Baden looks deeper into this age old story and how it becomes the rallying cry for freedom across time.

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. “The Book of Exodus: A Biography” takes a deep look at Exodus in the Bible beyond just the cry for freedom. The book is broken down into seven sections that give the reader a look into the governance of Israel as we see the Law given by God to his people. There is a deeper look at the ritualistic practice of the people and how that affected their Exodus. We would also get an understanding of why and how the tabernacle was built. There is so much going on in Exodus and Baden takes the time to make those aspects of the book come alive.

If someone was simply reading to know more about that period, the author is thorough. However, the mainstay that seems to consume Exodus is freedom. Baden tackles how many Moses, Israel’s, and Pharaoh’s we would see throughout history. What I found to be profound is the amount of time spent connecting that narrative to the plight of the American born Black.  Many of us know that Harriet Tubman was called Moses as she was leading the enslaved out of bondage.  Baden would expound on the use of this narrative through the civil rights movement.

This book is worth reading because it does not leave the plight of blacks in America out, nor does the author simply gloss over it. He actually takes the time to address it directly. There are many history books that can read like a reference book that would not mention, or barely mention, the plight of black people in America when speaking on such an important biblical reference. Exodus was one of the books of the Bible that was not allowed for the enslaved black, and he addresses that fact. Because this biography undresses so many aspects of Exodus and its relevance throughout the history of human oppression it is a very interesting read that can keep the reader’s attention.

The Book of Exodus: A Biography” by Joel Baden is available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

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