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4 Common Solvable Problems in Romantic Relationships.

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( We all know that every relationship is different and in each relationship there are problems which can be worked out and problems which should be simply ignored or we can say are unsolvable. With time each relationship develops issues which keep cropping up and if they are not solved the relationship turns sour and at times it comes on the verge of breaking up. We all know that if we really want we can work out things than why not in relationships so let us discuss the most common solvable problems in any romantic relationship.

Disconnecting from distractions

Everyone in relationship seeks attention and intimacy and these are the two basic ingredients which cannot be ignored. However in today’s age it is a difficult task for couples especially when there are so many distractions in life moving around you and it can be simply anything. When you are in relationship you always need attention and have this feeling that your partner should always care for you, give you all the attention you seek but how many times it happens. With time and tide the attention and affection fades away and in this digital age it doesn’t even stay for some time. People are more concerned about their work, lifestyle, busy on their phones, checking emails or something other. This is not something that cannot be worked out rather if your partner complains about lack of attention sit down and accept it and see what the cause of it is and work it out. It has an easy solution if you are too much glued to your phone or laptop you need to understand that it is high time you need to balance it out and pay attention to your partner. Make an agreement with each other that whenever you be together no checking texts, phone, emails etc and devote time to each other.

Bringing work stress home

We all work in order to earn and self sustain and also to support self and family and there is no substitute to it. However the problem starts when we start bringing work home or work stress home which disturbs the entire environment. At times there are project deadlines and pressure that we are not able to cope up with and are in stress however if we think carefully it can be easily avoided. Avoid being angry, snappy or even reacting to such actions if your partner is posing at you. Have a cool head and think about how your partner gets affected when you are not giving your 100% and thus imagine what if, if you were at his/her place how would you feel? Work is important so is personal life if you not happy in your personal life how would you be the best at work. So, leave your office stress at work and be yourself with your partner and smile and remember the work and pressure would be there tomorrow and nothing is going to change than why to spoil your personal life. Sit down talk it out with your partner and hug each other it helps.


One of the most common areas of conflicts whether in relationships or marriage it is money. How to spend money and how to save it totally depends upon you and you need to work it out in a very subtle manner. Whether your bank account is loaded or it is going low you might have a conflict over money since money is directly related to our emotional needs. Remember most arguments about money is not actually about money but because what money means to you. Always have an open discussion about your finances with your partner and sit down together and do budgeting which is the best. Once you have a budget you have targets than don’t deviate from it and things would be peaceful. Prioritize your spending and always have an action plan for financial freedom so as to there is no heated discussion or argument between both of you.


Whenever one or the other in a couple doesn’t do their agreed upon share of work there is a possibility of disagreement and argument. When you are in a relationship understand that even the housework is divided and there are certain responsibilities that one has to share and if you run away from it than there is a possible friction. So, always have a clear understanding of who would do what? And this way there would be no disagreement. From time to time have a discussion about housework so it feels fair to both of them. If required from time to time even you can swap roles so as to each one has a taste of everything and realizes that the others work is also important. You can split between car care, kids, finances, food, house cleaning and much more.

There are many other things which cause problems in relationships and can be solved however these are some basics. Each one can recognize an issue and come up with some practical and viable solutions to keep the relationship happy and moving.

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