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Expectations for Apple’s Big September 10 Event.

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( It’s almost a wrap on summer and Apple is gearing up for its September 10th event. This event is significant because we’re at the final stretch of the year–of the decade—and it has to be a big deal. Apple’s announcing something about its ace, its franchise player: the iPhone 11.

It’s about that time too when you think about it. Apple and Samsung tend to hold events about their flagship products during a particular time each year, so we’re not really in for a surprise. It’s like knowing there’s a surprise birthday party planned for you. There’s only going to be so much anticipation.

That is, if you’re not an Apple diehard and don’t really care about the iPhone 11.

The Main Event: iPhone 11

While we will be going into the iPhone 11 once it releases, you really know what to expect. You’re getting better display protection, upgraded features, an updated iOS, improved security and protection. The essentials, basically. Never will a mobile phone manufacturer tell consumers “We’re scaling back on both security and protection and you’ll want to get a screen protector and sturdy case. Back to basics—in the worst way.”

No, it’s always about moving forward, improving on what was done last year, and attempting to reinvent the wheel to a degree. Now, that last part will be difficult for Apple. We’re in a time where several things they’re presenting are industry standard. Some of those things, the company innovated. What Apple can do for the most part is to improve on what they have in the iPhone and make it the gold standard for everything else in the market.

For the iPhone 11, it’s expected that the company will announce the iPhone 11 Pro, Max, and XR—the main phone’s budget and increasingly larger siblings. Actually, it’s pretty much known this will happen since these events tend to unfold the same way each year.

Further Expectations

Having seen the Apple Watch and what it can do, I’m interested in what the company has improved this time around. A lot that gets out is speculation, rumor, and expectations until the company shows its work. When it comes to the devices in general, I’m more interested in proper features than the specifications, anyway.

Perhaps the most anticipated thing is when it will be released. That’s really what most want to know anyway. Not how good the resolution is and the size of the iPhone 11 in numbers but when will Apple drop it so they can see for themselves.

Not including, the iPhone X which was released in November 2018 for the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone brand, September tends to be the month when Apple drops it. There are a few predictions that Apple will release the iPhone 11 on September 10th but the company usually drops it a week or two later.

There would need to be some sort of last minute, readily applied, quality-of-life massive leap in mobile technology that Apple really wants consumers to experience that they would drop it the same day as the event. I’d say don’t expect that and go with the safe bet of the week after the September 10th event.

A larger iPad and a new MacBook Pro are also expected to be announced at the event. Then again, the company might want to save something for its October event. So, you might want to make some room on your calendar at 1PM/12PM Central.

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