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Monday, September 16, 2019

The LGBTQ “African-American” Community Apocalypse Before Our Eyes.

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( LGBTQ – private preference or socially perverted menace? LGBTQ should be the personal or private “business” of those who are a part of it. But that is not what is happening. When they throw what should be their personal choices in the face of normal heterosexual people, it becomes our business too. When they label people who are not LGBTQ as homophobic, the LGBTQ people does the same thing they are standing against. They are labeling those who think, believe and behave differently from them as wrong, bad and suffering from a phobia. Who made them psychologists and psychiatrists? Nobody.

We who recognize the warped, perverted, unnatural abnormality of LGBTQ are not homophobic. We do not fear them, we simply find their behavior wrong, ungodly, distasteful, perverted and based on identity confusion. We do not fear them so there is no phobia and they would do well to recognize that rejection of behavior is not the same thing as fear.

LGBTQ is a twisted pattern of deviancy that is spreading in our community like the plague.

We who are straight, balanced and normal do not have to accept what is just the opposite. We don’t have to want to be around such behavior. And we will not be forced to tolerate abnormal, unnatural, counterproductive behavior outside of their bedrooms. We, just like the LGBTQ people proclaim, also have the right to our opinions and the right to reject that which works against our people and the community.


We who are heterosexual (normal) reject LGBTQ behavior – not human beings. We resent LGBTQ being thrown in our faces, forced on our kids at school and such a deviant, warped behavior being made to seem normal when it is not. Those of us (the majority of this country and the world) who live in the reality of stability recognize the identity confusion of LGBTQ people. We also recognize the fact that you cannot change your gender by swapping out parts like Dr. Frankenstein did or like a car assembly line does. Thus transgenderism and transexuality are both a lie – like it or not. You cannot change your gender no matter how many hormones you take nor what parts you swap. And if I want to be a wolf, running around in the woods or wearing a wolf costume does not make me one.


How crazy is it for a human being to grow up and second guess both evolution and creation? What existential, cosmic or divine knowledge qualifies an LGBTQ person to reassess and redefine such things when he or she could not even create himself? They are bold, inaccurate and ignorant all at the same time. And after centuries of clearly defined roles which generally produced stable men and women, how dare LGBTQ try to redefine all of that. It amazes me how renegade, confused and perverted thinking is even remotely considered for possible acceptance, especially in the “do you” democratic party.

If LGBTQ people want normal people to accept how they think, what they like, what they reject and  want, THEY should realize THEY need to do the same with those of us who don’t accept such behavior.

LGBTQ is unnatural – meaning against nature. That is a fact and the world around us proves it. Overwhelmingly species, ethnicities, races and cultures are heterosexual. That is the natural order of things. And a few exceptions do not change the rule, even if LGBTQ is trendy amongst those who have no idea who they are. An identity crisis of the worst kind. If LGBTQ was natural, women would be able to impregnate women, men impregnate men, the suicide rate amongst these people would not be so high


LGBTQ is about dissatisfaction with yourself. People afraid to look in the mirror and when they do, they are in denial of who they see. So for many reasons, they want to be somebody else, want someone else or want to be made differently. This is simply psychological self-hate and self-dissatisfaction.

LGBTQ is abnormal – it is clearly not the norm in this country, in other countries, in stable and thriving cultures nor around the globe continent by continent. Again that is a fact, like it or not. And the LGBTQ infection does not grow naturally. It grows when pushed by an agenda set forth by those who are “ghosts” and not even likely a part of the LGBTQ group.


Much of LGBTQ was, for a long time, seen by the psychiatric industry as a mental illness. But today deviancy is becoming more and more acceptable. That does not make it right, that makes society under moral attack. And the suicide rates of unstable, unhappy and confused LGBTQ people(higher than the general population) has become all to easy to blame the deaths on bullying. But what about the suicides where these people were not bullied? Nobody wants to talk about that. Then there are diseases highly prevalent in the LGBTQ community and lifestyle. Are you “on the pill” for prep? What kind of BS is that?

WHAT ADULTS DO IN THE BEDROOM SHOULD NOT SPILL OUT INTO SOCIETY and we should not be forced to accept it because we should not even know about it.

The LGBTQ perversion is reducing the African-American population, especially at a time when the African-American community is under a population control attack. LGBTQ  attacks the very worldwide overall proven foundation of the family, attacks the value system of the very parents who no LGBTQ person would not be here without and reflects a self-gratification which reduces the African-American population. Abortions reduce our numbers. Crime reduces our numbers. Drugs reduce our number. Black on black crime reduces our numbers. STDs, other diseases and general mortality all reduce our numbers.  Police brutality reduces our numbers. Incarceration reduces our numbers. And here comes the LGBTQ promotion of behavior that does not allow reproduction – helping to reduce our numbers.

LGBTQ IS LARGELY A SEXUAL PREFERENCE CHOICE SO WHY SHOULD MARCHES, PROTESTS AND RIGHTS OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM APPLY TO BEHAVIOR INSIDE THE BEDROOM? Heterosexuals do not feel compelled to walk around having protests and marches, wearing T-shirts and showing our chests or packages to flamboyantly proclaim we are straight. How would the LGBTQ people like it if we heterosexuals had a “Straight Person March”? Many of them would HATE it!

The entire concept, cycle, trend and deviancy of LGBTQ is based in confusion and largely populated by people who either lack identity, have been sexually molested, reject the norms which allowed them to be born in the first place or find themselves curious and influenced by other sexual deviants.


So there it is. I hope you comment on this article. I hope you look at the facts, not just what people want to do. I hope you will be honest enough to see how LGBTQ hurts the African-American community. I hope you overstand that sexual decisions should stay in the bedroom, not in the schools and businesses where special rights are sought. No person should be mistreated, regardless of who he or she chooses to be with. But when society is asked, expected and required to accept someone’s bedroom choices that we should not even know about, there is a problem.


When African-Americans are expected to ignore what is reducing our population, our eyes are closed, we are ignorant, we have lost morality and we are in denial. If you care about your people, should you want our race to survive, not dwindle and disappear from lack of reproduction? Part of freedom is about not having to accept what you don’t want to accept, sharing through your right to freedom of speech and not being vilified nor demonized for doing so.

Finally why did I write this article? Because I care more about our African-American people than i do about what the LGBTQ community thinks. And when you care about someone, you speak the truth – whether they like it or not. Finally LGBTQ choices and preferences must never be seen as similar to the African-American struggle. Nor should they tag along on the coat tails of the African-American  experience. No turmoil in America is equal to the African-American struggle. Addressing the tough issues head on is the only way we identify the problem, fix the problem and expose hidden agendas. Wake up people, wake up!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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