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Top 5 Anticipated Games for PlayStation 5.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently, there has been some buzz over the supposedly leaking of the PlayStation 5’s reveal date. Prior to that, we just had a taste of some of the technical features that would come with it. However, the real thing that moves consoles and make it a first-day purchase are the launch games. The launch window games will definitely get people in the mood to pick up a new console, however all those who could’ve purchased it first-day aren’t going to necessarily pick it up day one. No, they’ll wait until what they want is close to coming out.

Regardless, there are several anticipated games for the next generation PlayStation. Most of them you know are coming, they have to drop—preferably in that first year. There are some titles you just want to see as a continuation of a franchise that has been up in the air. So, let’s say for the sake of this list that Sony announced it. Here five of my anticipated games for PlayStation 5 year one.

Elder Scrolls VI

This automatically at the top of the list. With the PlayStation 3, we got two Elder Scrolls games: Oblivion and Skyrim. With PlayStation 4, Bethesda gave us an enhanced edition of Skyrim but there was no new Elder Scrolls game which is weird since we’re nearing the end of PlayStation 4’s generation. I mean, there will be games made for the console for years afterwards before the new games peter off into ports of PlayStation 5 titles but still.

If it does drop for PS5, it’s likely to get a PS4 port. I mean, skipping a generation? Unseemly. On the other hand, if Bethesda considers Elder Scrolls Online to be the PS4’s offering I can see why they would skip. Also, the Elder Scrolls games are meant to be played and replayed for years and years after its release. Overall, it doesn’t even matter where ESVI is based, I just want the game.

Chance of Year One Release: Very likely

Dark Cloud 3

Level-5’s Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 were two RPGs I enjoyed on PS2. They gave me a strong Zelda vibe while having RPG elements—something Zelda never really had for most of the series’ history. While it didn’t rake in the money like the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, it has a following and it was an above average game. The thing about a Dark Cloud 3 dropping on PlayStation 5 would be it could be an under-the-radar launch game.

Yes, it would have to be announced but it could end up being one of those games that delivers the goods beyond expectations in the same way Resogun and Strider did on PlayStation 4. Plus, it would be almost totally new to audiences if they released it as a reboot or a soft reboot bringing together the stories of the sole two games.

Of course, it’s probably not even in development and Level-5’s work is mainly with Nintendo, mobile and the occasional game for PlayStation 4.

Chance of Year One Release: Zilch


Sony has dropped the ball on bringing back EverQuest for consoles two generations in a row now. It wasn’t announced as coming to PlayStation 3 but it was supposed to happen with PlayStation 4. Then they looked at their work and said “Nah, this is a no-go.” While there are a few other MMORPGs on consoles and MOBAs and battle royale games are the hot thing, bringing back their first-party MMORPG for fans of the franchise would be dope. Bringing it back in the first year would be incredible.

Chance of Year One Release: Slim

Mercenaries 3: No Limits

Now, Mercenaries is a cult franchise where you take control of a team of mercenaries placed in different countries during a time of political strife. There is usually a rebel force or a coup going on and your private military unit plays either side for an advantage. Your goal is to the make money and bolster your armory in this open world game. One thing I loved about Mercenaries was that all buildings were destructible and you could gain favor or notoriety with any of the factions. It had a nice system to it and wasn’t overly complex.

EA had plans to work on Mercenaries 3: No Limits and honestly, if it was ready for launch or the launch window, this could’ve been a big success early on. These kinds of games have enough going on in them during the first play through and just enough replay to hold you over until the big games you’re waiting for drop. If it was going to release for PS5’s release window, it would have to already be in development and be announced at E3 or any conference between now and prior to PS5’s launch.

Chance of Year One Release: Slim

Kingdoms of Amalur II

Don’t laugh. I know Kingdoms of Amalur is a dead franchise. Not even a franchise since there was just one game made. Rhode Island really sunk cash into this game and it was actually an amazing, third person open world RPG. Despite getting really strong ratings, it flopped. The developer, 38 Studios, had money for a sequel but the Rhode Island’s governor at the time called it a failure and a big backer pulled out.

In playing it, Kingdoms of Amalur was like Dragon’s Dogma but forgiving of failure. There was a ton of adventure to be had in this game and a lot to be done in building up your character and crafting their weapons. Now THQ Nordic (Darksiders franchise)has the rights to the franchise and if they announce something between now and 2020 or before the PS5 launches, that would tremendous.

Chance of Year One Release: Slim

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