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Friday, August 23, 2019

10 Rules to Look Classy In a Business Suit.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) You don’t have to try hard, just follow these 10 simple rules to look classy in a suit and try to remember them. You’d be surprised that some small tips and tricks can turn you into a true gentleman. There is no excuse for not wearing a suit and by following these tips, you aren’t trying to copy someone else’s style, you are creating your own.

Ties are for decoration

Remember that your tie should be darker than your shirt. Your tie should always be in contrast with the suit you wear. If you are wearing a light colored suit, make sure to wear a tie in a darker shade and vice versa. Pay attention to your tie bar as it should not be wider than the tie and your tie knot should be in decent shape and size – not too big, not too small.

Shoes – don’t mix colors

Shoes can make you a classy gentleman but remember that a wrong pair of shoes can screw things up. It’s not always about the color but the shape of your shoes as well. Wingtip shoes work well with almost every suit. If you love suede loafers, try to avoid them at business events, especially when you are expected to wear something more professional.

Try this with your belt

Your belt should be thin and its color should match the color of your shoes. The simple rule is brown should go with brown, black should go with black. Matching leathers of your shoes and belt is important, especially in formal events. Otherwise, you will look mismatched. One more thing you should remember is don’t wear suspenders and belt together, it’s pointless.

Know your trousers

You do not wear trousers in the same way as jeans and you need to follow some rules to look classy in a suit. Your suit pant should not be stitched to sit lower like jeans. It should fit nicely around your waist without needing the support of belt or suspenders. Saggy pants are a big no even if you are attending a party with your college friends.

Jacket rules

When choosing a jacket, make sure that it’s easy for you to slip your hand between your buttoned-up jacket and chest. With that, you should also check the collar gap between your shirt’s collar and jacket’s lapel as it can give you a clear idea of fitting. You should also follow some choice related rules to look classy in a suit. Avoid wearing single-button jacket unless you are getting ready for a casual event. A notched lapel jacket gives you perfect classy look and it is suitable for formal business events. Make sure that your suit jacket is long enough to cover your belt and your trouser zipper.

Be careful with socks

Choose long socks that can cover your legs. Choosing ankle-length or sports socks is a big no. No one wants to see your hairy legs so wear long socks and maintain a uniformity. The color of your socks can make a huge impact on your looks, choosing a pair of socks that matches the color of your trouser is always a good idea. Try to avoid white socks as much as you can.

Accessories – don’t overdo

Use accessories to add more charm to your look. A pocket square, tie bar, and pocket watch chain can be useful for a classy combination, but don’t over-accessorize your suit. If you’re already wearing a tie bar, and a pocket square, you probably won’t need that pocket watch and lapel pin.

Style – some more rules to follow

Always keep the bottom button of your suit unbuttoned but keep the middle button of a three button suit fastened. Make sure that you button your shirt at the top and if you feel suffocated, please change the shirt but please don’t break this rule. When you sit down, unfasten the buttons else you’ll see buttons popping if your suit is too tight or you’ll notice those annoying crease on your shirt. When you stand up, fasten the button. On a two-button suit, fasten the top button only.

Stitching – Don’t wear labels

Be very careful with the stitching of your suit. Before wearing a new suit, carefully remove the label from the sleeve. A small scissor can help you in cutting the stitches but don’t rip it off because pulling the label could damage the fabric. The same rule is applicable to the stitches in the vents and pockets.

Pockets – don’t stash everything

Don’t stuff the pockets of your trouser with accessories and things like car keys, wallet, pen and mobile phone. Pockets of your trousers should not ruin the whole point of wearing a suit – smooth, sleek look.  Keep a thin wallet and make sure using breast pockets of your jacket as much as possible. If your phone is bulky, don’t keep it in your shirt’s pocket and also try to avoid keeping heavy items in your breast pocket as they will make your jacket hang.

Looking classy and your best is fairly simple and requires knowing little things. Remember these short, easy-to-remember rules to look classy in a suit without spending money on expensive fabrics and accessories.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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