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An Open Letter to ‘American Conservative’ Candace Owens from a “Real” Black Republican.

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( Candace, I recently had the opportunity to finally meet you in person.  We both spoke at The Symposium at the Wall in Sunland Park, NM, location of America‘s first privately funded border wall.

We were both backstage and the host brought you over to me so we could be introduced.  I must admit, I was stunned at your arrogance!

I gave you my business card; but there was no attempt by you to reciprocate.  You kept repeating that my name sounded familiar to you.

I couldn’t help but to chuckle inside at your repeatedly saying that my name sounded familiar to you.  I came oh so close to pulling a Rick James on you!!!

I know you millennials think civilization started when you guys came out of the womb; but it really didn’t.

And this is my challenge to you by way of this column.  I want to remind you of the words of Solomon in Proverbs 4:7: “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding.”

You, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have a lot of potential; but neither of you have shown any inclination to decrease your media presence to focus on becoming more and better informed on the issues of the day.

Many whites sing your praises because you are simply “entertainment” to them.  You provide “race” insurance to them.  In their mind, they can’t be racist because they had you speak at their conference.  Never mind that you have absolutely no connection to the Black community or “real” Black conservatives.

They are “comfortable” with you because they know you pose no threat to their approach or views towards the Black community.  They know you will never challenge them on some of the distorted views they may have towards the Black community.

You measure success by likes, followers, and retweets; we measure success by victory!

Many will hire you to work in their nonprofit organizations, but I would be totally stunned if they would be willing to hire you in any of their private sector corporations!

A lot of the criticism of you has little to do with the biased radical liberal media or people who are hating on you; but rather because you have made many unforced errors.

You said on national TV that Congressman Maxine Waters is “not a smart person,” and that LeBron James was “ignorant.

You making statements like these are the reason why you have absolutely no credibility within the Black community, even among “real” Black Republicans and conservatives.

I thoroughly disagree with almost everything Waters and James believe in politically; but no one with half of a brain would ever say she is not a smart person or that he is ignorant.  They both know what they are doing and saying, I just happen to totally disagree with them on principle.

I know you feel you have to constantly get the approval of the white folks you are catering to; but NEVER, I repeat, NEVER give up your integrity.  You can always make more money, but you can’t make more integrity; once you lose it, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

Despite the plethora of media appearances you have, I strongly encourage you to get some media training; you could be so much more effective with the proper training.  As a matter of fact, as one who has trained some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, business, and politics; I will offer my guidance to you free of charge.

Despite what many whites in the Republican Party think, you cannot move the needle on the issue of getting more Blacks involved in the party because you have no ties to nor any institutional memory of “real” Black Republicans.

If you don’t know people like William T. Coleman, Art Fletcher, Jennifer Carroll, Robert J. Brown, Richard Finley, Ada Fisher, Fred McClure, or John Burnett; then maybe you should spend a few months away from the media to get the proper education to understand the issues you are attempting to discuss.

Because, to be honest with you, you have confused the hell out of me with some of your recent public pronouncements.

You testified before the House Judiciary Committee on April 9 of this year and stated in your opening remarks that you were a Democrat; then last week you stated on Laura Ingraham’s TV show on FOX News Channel that you were a Republican; which is it?

Black Democrats ignore you because of some of the crazy statements that come out of your mouth; “real” Black Republicans ignore you because you have no relationship with the party or the Black community.

You are the flavor of the month right now; but your 15 minutes of fame will be over by the end of this year.

How do I know?

You are not the first Black to be promoted as the “flavor of the month.”  The Republican graveyard is full of people like you who have been willingly used only to be discarded and thrown into the sea of forgetfulness; and woe be unto you if you don’t know their names because you will soon join that club unless you read the handwriting on the wall.

And with all thy getting, get understanding!

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

This talented brother is a Pulitzer Award nominated columnist and founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit You can follow Raynard on Twitter; Raynard1223.



15 Responses to “An Open Letter to ‘American Conservative’ Candace Owens from a “Real” Black Republican.”

    Candace Owens is BETTER then Michelle Obama in telling the truth Black People are too scared to recognize.

    Of course the liberal brigade would go after her. I fully expected that.

    I’m glad this channel is fully armed and ready to defend her.

    Keep going ThyBlackMan!

  2. Phil says:

    I’m not saying bad neighborhoods are a black thing, but that we need to remove the board from our eyes. Some of us have to, as well. We conservatives have some to do, as well. We don’t appreciate what our ancestors up to 60 years who did to yours, but yours don!t appreciate our attempts to mend our flaws. Not all persecuted were non-white. Some are kind white bunch persecuting another. They were not playing victim cards, though. It’s not a race thing. but a cultural insecurity thing, . Dr. Carson is one of a once victim bunch not going to remain a victim. We appreciate that.

  3. Phil says:

    Maybe it’s nice to have a black voice on our behalf after we’re called “racist” all the time by those who don’t call for gun control because of inner city crime, but when upscale areas are shot up, by those who accuse us who are find with abortion places in minority neighborhoods anc the homelands of their ancestors and by those who accuse us of that. but think higher expectations for minority students involves schoolwork biased towards whites, despite other non-white students doing just fine with the material. Maybe fix black families and neighborhoods, first, as one who was not a young millennial. Bill Cosby, once would preach. This isn’t Csndace’s wisdom; it’s common sense. Could she present it better? Maybe. We didn’t ask her to make herself some spokesperson and I don’t think that!s why she does what she does. BTW, who us this guy? I would think we would be celebrating him, if he were some big he’ll to the party, which was chock-full of non-white Republicans in 2016. We are happy those making a lot of sense want to be Republican. We like the diversity. There will always be some frustrations about a population, in general. Take the age old jokes about the other sex. You can still like them, in general. Maybe the black community should get to know her better. Maybe it says something said about the community that her sense attracts mostly white people—that the former hold their bibles, but spread slander from the media. Walk away.

  4. The Kingston Dynasty says:

    The Black Democrats even win while they lose, because of our idle ways! We are NOT in a position to be firing on one another like this.
    Come ON now. We are Republicans FIRST before we are Black People.
    You put your belief FIRST, or else you get the monstrosity of liberalism
    and Pro-Black, Nation of Islam race fetishizing insanity.

    You absolutely sicken me.
    You need to eat healthy brother
    Out here looking you consumed 50 hogs.

    Now I can’t even eat dinner…disgusting.

  5. CandaceBacker says:

    Another “race” obsessed “woke” individual.
    More liberal SJW talking points infiltrating a Conservatives.
    You make us Black Republicans look bad.
    Feel free to join another political party.

  6. Plain Old American says:

    Your opinion might be better received if the disparaging remarks were replaced with suggestions for the betterment of all America. As it stands it seem to me that your allegiance lies more with your skin color and the grievance industry than the people who would benefit by being exposed to solutions that do not depend on legislation and other people’s money.

  7. Demetri says:

    Wow, I’m convinced most of these attackers are confused Liberal Christians and ADOS, master plsss give me the money you raped from me. The racial inferiority from liberalism has spread to the hoteps.

    You all care about White People so much, about their talking points and how they think. Why are they always on your mind? She might be a bit crass, but telling the truth makes a quote on quote “buck dancer”? This hesitation to air your dirty laundry is disgusting.

    Sir you personally aren’t Republican because no real GOP member would engage in such stupid racial antics. I’ve hung around moderate liberals that don’t sound this bad! Republican Mole…

    I will watch you closely “brother”. I can assure of that.

  8. Roger Ahier says:

    You sir, are an idiot. She is not a republican and has made that perfectly clear many times. She is passionate and deeply troubled how the Democrats have been using black people. You obviously don’t care. You walk softly and carry no big stick. You offer nothing to help with the actual problems black people face. You religious crap falls on deaf ears because religion has no place in politics. The religious right is just as bad as the socialist left. You say you don’t judge, but I see a whole lot of that in your letter, even to the point of wanting to punish her with violence. Really? You are a disgusting PoS.

  9. RJ Del Vecchio says:

    I have great respect for you, and all the senior Black conservatives. You are of course right that Candace is young and doesn’t know how much she doesn’t know, but thinks she knows a lot. The arrogance of youth is pretty normal, and I bet she has no idea that she comes across as arrogant. She is indeed popular with a lot of White conservatives, plus some nonWhite, because she does say a lot of the right or attractive things, and interviews some well known and interesting people. She would indeed benefit from your help and guidance, but I am sorry to say that publishing this letter probably was not the most likely thing to get her to accept it. She is a young upstart and ignorant in your view, but I wish you’d found a good way to approach her. I will still hope somehow she’ll think more about it.

  10. Candox Owed says:

    Wow. Didn’t take long for Candace’s sycophants to show up.
    Excellent letter here. Candace loves to “tell it like it is” and “call people out” publically. This is well-earned.
    Her arrogance is rivaled only by her ignorance.

  11. Conservative Black Christian Woman says:

    I find your letter disgusting. In the old days when you wanted to tell someone something you said it to their face.Instead people hide behind their computers like cowards. This strong black woman is crying aloud to sound the trumpet as a watchman on the wall to free our community. You quoted scripture so now allow me. Galatians 6:1-3 “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.2 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.
    3 For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. Iguess that means what you are accusing Candance of is actually your own arrogance. Think about that.

  12. Nessa says:

    Why couldn’t you contact her, arrange a meeting and discuss your concerns and your offer to help her with training? Why the need for a public calling out? You seem to feel the need to embarrass her somehow, which disappoints me and does nothing for the cause of black conservatism.

  13. Me says:

    I’m really curious what you mean by you “were close to pulling a Rick James” on her? I believe you are referring to physical assault on a woman. A woman of color at that.


  14. CandaceOwensSquad says:

    Can people have a different opinion without being attacked by you undercover hoteps? Half you guys on the side blame white people from gays to “racism”. Despite black doctors, lawyers, cops, millionaires, college graduate, soldiers etc.

    All you want to do is beg, you are no different then a liberal to me.

    You are jealous…I know you are…It’s sad really.

    A black man tearing down a sister…how typical

  15. Brian Stump says:

    Wow! You should send a cc to Ocasio-Cortez but, she’d probably just attack you on twitter.

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