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Friday, August 23, 2019

9 Awesome Apple iPhone Features You’ll Only Find In The iPhone X Series.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) New iPhone features always get the attention of people, and when Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the company ignited a revolution. Apple unveiled the iPhone X in September 2017 and later discontinued the sale of the model. After a year, a new range of smartphones appeared in the iPhone X series and we saw the launch of three new phones including the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Let’s have a look at all the unique iPhone features that you can find in the iPhone X series.

  1. Super Retina

There’s no Touch ID or Home Button on the iPhone X and its successors. Apple has replaced these features with a new technology hidden in the iPhone X series phones’ camera. But most importantly, this generation of iPhones uses Super Retina display. Starting from the iPhone X, Apple is using OLED screen that sports stunning colors a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. The colors and brightness are more balanced now with Super Retina display.

  1. Face ID

Face ID is one of the major iPhone features that’s exclusive to Apple iPhone X series phones. Developing a solution for in-display sensors was a bit complicated, Apple introduced Face ID. It’s a new way to unlock iPhones. Face ID enables more secure biometric authentication by using your facial images as the device’s password. Apple has crammed an infrared camera, a small projector, and AI technology in a small notch to bring this feature on Apple’s iPhone X portfolio.

  1. Animoji

The iPhone X series phones can create 3D emojis based on your facial expressions. Apple calls this feature Animoji. These 3D emojis mimic your face and can be used in messaging apps. With the help of AI, some intelligent sensors and software, the iPhone X series phones not only recognize your face, but they can also give you a way to personalize your messages with familiar emojis. Interestingly, these emojis are way better than the old standard emojis as they are now available in animated format.

  1. Glass and Stainless Steel Back

One of the most underrated features of the iPhone X was its finish. Everybody praised the company for the phone’s display quality and new design, but a very less number of people noticed that Apple has also made some solid improvements and changes in the device’s body. The premium iPhones now use glass and stainless steel for the device’s frame instead of aluminium. Apple claims the stainless steel makes its phones more durable.

  1. Portrait Mode selfies

If you have used the iPhone 7, you are probably familiar with the portrait effect that allows bokeh effect and background blur on shots captured using the rear camera. With the iPhone X, Apple now uses a TrueDepth camera system which not only serves as an added layer of security, but it also helps you create emojis. Additionally, you can use the selfie camera to take pictures in portrait mode that enhances the overall quality of your photographs depending on the settings you choose. The front camera is capable of sensing depth and gives you some really impressive shots.

  1. Improved Battery Life

Not only Apple but also the users have confirmed that the iPhone X and its successors are better in terms of battery life. These phones last longer than the currently available models from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 series. The phones support fast charging and also support Qi-based wireless charging. This was a much-needed improvement and we expect to see a bigger battery in the upcoming iPhone models.

  1. Edge-to-edge display

No other iPhone gives you the true sense of using edge-to-edge display than the iPhone X series phones. Apple has pushed the screen to the edge giving more screen space to users. These phones also support HDR (high-dynamic range) which means movies and videos look more realistic on the Super Retina display. The quality of the display is even superior to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

  1. Security features

Again, one of the most exciting iPhone features you will only find in the iPhone X series phones is a completely reimagined security system. With new security updates in the recent iOS versions, Apple has made sure that nobody should be able to steal your data from your iPhone. According to Apple, there’s a rare chance, only one in a million, that the security system of these new iPhones could be compromised by a hacker.

  1. Tap to Wake

By announcing the iPhone X series of phones without a physical home button, Apple confirmed that the iPhones no longer need Touch ID. With this new change, Apple added a feature called Tap to Wake. On old Apple devices with the home button, you need to press the home button, but now, there’s no need to do that as the Tap to Wake feature works exactly like how everyone expected.

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