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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Be a Kid Again! Party Games for Adults Who Are Young at Heart.

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( Who says the fun has to stop when you’re an adult? The party is just beginning! Check out these party games for adults who embrace their inner child.

Growing up is hard to do, yet it happens to all of us. But just because you are an adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun.

There are plenty of ways to embrace your inner fun-loving child as you age, while still being the responsible adult the rest of the time.

Who wants to go to a party filled with small talk and stuffiness, when you can play games, let loose and embrace your younger self again. Besides, there is no better way to let off some steam than by having a good laugh.

The following is a list of totally awesome party games for adults that can be played anywhere at any time.

Clue Chain

This is a fun game for all the family, and the rules can easily be adjusted to allow even the youngest the chance to join in the fun.

How to Play

The rules are simple. Break off into teams. Four each is a good size, but you can adjust to suit the audience.

You can either download a collection, or each team can write a number of objects, or words onto individual pieces of paper. Each team then selects a ‘guesser’. The other members take a card and using one word at a time in a round-robin format, try to describe the word on the card. The guesser has to guess the word.

It is a fun group game for adults or families and you can tweak the difficulty as you like. Maybe only one guess is allowed, or you have three lives and then you need to start a new round with new guessers.

Guess That Movie (Badly)

Another fun indoor party game for adults, and can also be adjusted to a certain genre or theme depending on the party type and/or audience.

How to Play

A spin on guessing game above, but rather than guess words the teammates have to describe a movie, but badly.

The classic example being. A new girl moves to a new country, kills the first person she meets and then sets out to kill again.

The answer is the Wizard of Oz.

This is a game that requires a little bit of cynical thinking and is perfect for those that like games such as Cards Against Humanity.

Name that Tune

A cool game for all of your musical guests and one that is always going to get people relaxed and laughing. Its a great party game for adults where not everybody knows each other because it serves as a great icebreaker game.

How to Play

It’s a similar style to many group games for adults. Split into teams and choose one person to be the guesser. Then you pick a pre-prepared note from a bowl and using just one sound, for example, dum, you need to sing the song.

Race against each other to see who can guess the most titles and artists, and albums. Multiple points per song keep things open and exciting until the very end.

You can easily adjust the songs to be a certain genre such as Disney, or songs of the last decade, etc to help those that may have a narrower musical knowledge.

Reverse Charades

A game that is as timeless as any other. One known by all and guaranteed to give a laugh. Only, now it has a twist.

How to Play

Form groups, but this time, rather than classic charades were one person acts out a phrase or movie, and everybody else guesses, here you are on your own. The group needs to work together to act things out, leaving one person behind to guess the answers.

A fun indoor party game, it is guaranteed to be a success because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good game of charades?

Draw It

Drawing is a great idea when looking for fun party games for adults, and Draw It is one of the best.

How to Play

You can buy a set of cards with objects on them or you can make your own. Break off into groups of three. One person takes a pencil and draws what they are told to draw by another, while the third has to guess what it is.

For example.

Draw a square, draw a triangle on top of the square. Draw three small squares in the first square, draw a rectangle in the first square. The item is a house, but given how everybody interprets the instructions you will see some hilarious interpretations.

The rounds are timed or can be limited to a certain number of guesses. Each round the rolls must change so everybody gets a fair turn at drawing, describing and guessing.


If you are serious about your party games, then heading out to a location tailor-made for them is a great idea. Perfect for any occasion an Escape Room experience is fun for all.

How to Play

Escape rooms work on a simple principle. You are locked inside the themed room and need to find clues to solve the puzzle that opens the door. Most are done on a time limit so you know exactly how long you will be busy, should your party have multiple destinations.

If you are with a large enough group you could split into two and run a competition to see who gets out fastest.

The losing team buys the first round of drinks, just to make it even more interesting.

No End to the Options of Party Games for Adults

While children may have the edge over adults when it comes to imagination, as adults we have the freedom to think bigger, and the understanding of scope, which is just as important when it comes to party games.

Whether you are in a big group, small group, celebrating a hen/stag night or a sixtieth birthday or even an office get together, there are party games for adults suitable for any occasion. They do everything from act as an ice breaker to mainstream entertainment for the evening. Party ideas for the whole family, and more. Enjoy laughter, a toddler birthday party Peoria, as our kids can also have fun with their peers and love ones.

But there is more to life than just throwing a fun party. Check out some of our other posts for more information on all walks of life.

Staff Writer; Steve Shaw

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