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Friday, August 23, 2019

Pimping By Supposedly Godly Preachers; The Moneychangers Have Hijacked The Church.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Are the television pastors of today feeding the sheep, fleecing the flock, merchandising the Gospel or doing them all at the same time? Being a Bible scholar, an apologist and a theologian, I could flood this article with Bible verses in context and solid hermeneutics in order to prove the point and expose the moneychangers just as Christ did in Matthew 21:12. But instead I am going to talk simple common sense in hopes that some of you will wake up! And if you are a Muslim or atheist, don’t use this article as ammunition against Christianity because your belief has just as many holes. But that’s another article for another time.

Millions of people in this country and around the world are being deceived by smooth talking TV pastors who skillfully twist scripture. Their words are accepted because they are admired. There teachings are swallowed because they quote from the Bible. Their cheating (Paula White, Benny Hinn) is ignored because they are not held accountable to the very scriptures they teach. And there scripture twisting goes unchecked because many of their listeners do not know enough of the Bible to spot the errors and deceptions. What if the lead world changer is simply a money changer?

Listen for yourself as Creflo Dollar defends the behavior of a serial pedophile as if such a crime is a simple indiscretion no more critical than the errors or mistakes all of us make. Wake up!

Far too many members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia stood by then “Bishop” Eddie Long as he was accused of molesting several young boys through a church program set up for boys without fathers. I saw 3 of the actual complaints filed against him and the pictures he sent to the young male victims, all of whom are now homosexual and who “got paid” in a settlement. But where eddie-benny-creflo-paula-2015was the church to correct “it’s own”? The mega-churches were dead silent on correction or rebuke. When your purpose is to teach others how to live righteously, you are expected to do it. Just as a real estate broker is expected to have a house and a mechanic is expected to have a car that runs. Wake up!

Every week millions of people visit the churches of the moneychangers, buy their books and tune in to their TV broadcasts. Are you one of the deceived? The mega-churches have no time for the poor, the fatherless, the widows and the homeless unless all of them can find their way to the mega-church building. CDs or tapes and books are sold as they repackage the Gospel – ready for merchandising. Nobody ever thinks to bring up how Christ and the Apostles never sold the repacked Word of God – not once. The excuse is that they have to pay all the church expenses. To that I say they should have used the blueprints Christ used and left instead of man’s own agenda. Christ, the Apostles and the Prophets did so much with so little because it was the power of God at its best. But today mega-pastors would be lost without an arena, a jet, books, CDs for sale and cable TV. Something has gone very wrong.

Pastors, profits and evangelistic con artists like Benny Hinn, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, and T.D. Jakes, to name a few, come boldly before a congregation or TV audience of people who need financial help, people who have lost their jobs, people with illnesses and people who need hope. Then what happens next? You can buy hope through their offering plate, their books, tapes, conferences, camp meetings or CDs. And ladies who the Son sets free is free indeed – you didn’t need a T.D. Jakes meeting to be free. Rev Ike has a mega-makeover and the pink elephant in the room has turned green because he is filled with money from your bank account. Now the elephant is so fat that he can barely fit in the leer jet. But you can still buy his CD this Sunday and get his version of God’s word on disc.

Wake up people. If either you or your pastor disagree, feel free to contact me via email at any time at brainstormonline@yahoo.com and we can see what the Bible says – not what your pastor says.

Right about now many of you are disagreeing with me, yet you probably know what I say is right. Try going to your church when you have lost your job or you don’t have enough money to pay a bill. And no it never happened to me so I am not speaking as a bitter or rejected person. Quite the contrary, I have been in the inner circles and seen the dark truth. Do I speak of all churches? No. There are many good churches, dedicated pastors and helpful congregations, but then there are the wolves in sheep’s clothing who live in multi-million dollar mansions, drive a Rolls Royce and fly around in private jets while the people struggle and hide their sorrows. You know its true and either I am speaking about you or someone you know. Yet people keep on hoping and giving and suffering and watching the crooked pastor (not all pastors) ride off into the sunset. That is just plain STUPID!

There are even pastors (Barbara King of Hillside) who mix Christianity with metaphysics and repackage the whole new deceptive mess. And after all the quoting of John 10:10 we have done , the verse that “satan comes to steal, kill and destroy”, would you be surprised to find out that verse is speaking of the thief as the false minister (and the wolf in that verse as satan)? Read the entire chapter slowly and see for yourself. Satan would be an amateur compared to some of these charlatans.

Look at a billboard advertising a church and the pastor. Is there anything on it about Christ? Then you see who is being promoted. But whose church is it supposed to be anyway? Wake up!

Let me make something clear about my position on these matters. My position is the same position of the New Covenant. I am not saying the people of God should be poor – definitely not unless you are in the wilderness for your season of correction. I am not saying money is bad because it is in fact the love of money that is the root of all evil. I am not saying it is wrong to drive a new car or live in a big house. Then what am I saying? Beware of leaven and mammon pastors, beware. And don’t try to escape accountability by saying I am judging people. God does the judging – those of us who believe in and stand for righteousness simply relay the message. And you don’t have to be perfect to point out sin.

Materialism is wrong and sets a superficial example. Flying around in a 60 million dollar private jet when any of your members who trust you have needs is wrong. Extravagant and wasteful spending to look like the world is not the way of Christ and clearly not the example He set for His church. Being wrapped up in a giant scroll and carried around in a chair on the shoulders of idiots Daddy Long Stroke( I mean Eddie Long) is not of God. Yes they did it and you gotta see this foolishness for yourself. Click below.

Repackaging, merchandising and selling a Gospel you do not own is not godly at all. Giving out loans only to those who have met church criteria of tithes and membership is not what Christ, the Apostles nor the Prophets ever did. Mismanaging God’s money in order to further man’s personal agenda is not only wrong, it also reflects a lack of understanding regarding the building of the Kingdom. In the Bible the streets of Heaven were paved with gold, but not to show value. Quite the opposite. In comparison to the spiritual riches of Heaven, gold was only fit to walk on. Wake up people.

Christ warned of “another Gospel” and the apostles warned us to try the spirits to see if they are of God. Then we were also told to reject those who bring other messages. But too many of you are not doing any of the above. So I appeal to your common sense reasoning. Think and look at the obvious. When the church looks, thinks and functions just like the world it is supposed to impact, something is very wrong. When the church is O.K. with homosexuality even though God calls it an abomination (Romans 1:26…etc), there is something wrong. When the members obey the pastor instead of correcting him and holding him accountable for his teachings, something is wrong.

Does a rock have to fall on the heads of millions of people before they will wake up? Or will people choose to be willfully ignorant as long as they are inspired and motivated – even by doctrines of demons? I will say again, there are many good churches out there and no place of worship is perfect. I am not on a witch hunt, I am on a snake hunt – and many of them are on your TV and in the pulpit.

Be upset at me all you like but I cannot be bought off by anything this world has to offer. If I could, I would have taken that opportunity long ago when I got to know Paul Crouch, spoke on TBN etc. Accountability must return to the church, if is indeed the church Christ founded. In I Corinthians we are told we are all accountable one to another because we are affected by our brother’s actions. Therefore, just like the Prophets, Apostles, John the Baptist, Moses, Abraham, Christ and all those who stand for righteousness, I will speak up whether you like it or not. And I encourage you to do the same. I am probably even farther away from perfect than you are and I make plenty of mistakes. But I make no excuses, I look in the mirror and I try to correct my errors. What about your pastor? What about you?

Find a solid place of worship where you can ask questions. A place where you can grow and participate. A place where they request and require you to study for yourself. A place where they help you when you need it and the pastor sets the example by living a life of moderation and humility. A place where the members look after and out for each other. A place where you see the money going to help the homeless, the hungry, the widows and the fatherless. A place where you don’t have to buy the Word of God on CD. A place where the pastor can be corrected and where he is held accountable for what he teaches. A place where the message is more important than rattling podiums or shouting choirs. A place where you are loved, respected and corrected. These churches exist today. Look hard, seek and you shall find. And remember, everything is at stake, everything.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


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    Your article is suspect because Joel Osteen’s name is missing from your list.

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