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It Doesn’t Matter: They Will Call The Police For Anything.

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( Remember in 2015 when some neighbors called the police on Black teenagers who were going to a pool party? Of course, you do. How about super viral BBQ Becky and Permit Patty videos from last year? People going about their business and not bothering anyone or being threatening? It’s hot out this year and public pools are open, watch out for Poolside Pete. Here’s a recent one: fire fighter Thomas D’Andrea muscling a 13-year old Black boy at the playground. If you have a great job and you’re dressed non-menacingly by white standards, you can still get the cops called on you because you’re Black.

A Black Guy Waiting Outside and A Mark Calling The Police

Just ask Black engineer Wesly Michel who had the police called on him by YouTube employee Christopher Cukor. The incident occurred in San Francisco and was filmed by Michel who was waiting outside of a building for his friend. Cukor called the police because he believed Michel was someone else another person who tails others into the complex and that this is just what’s natural to him.

The whole time, Cukor’s son is begging him to just drop the situation and keep moving. However, the YouTube employee wasn’t having it and remained on the line with the police while Michel even fed his description and why he was outside the building. I mean, this guy is steady stating that he asked him for his ID and Wesly Michel rightfully told him to pound sand.

Eventually, Michel’s friend showed up and Cukor relayed this to the dispatch operator while also telling Michel to stop filming. Like…is this guy serious? One doesn’t get to request that someone stop filming when they spent several minutes being a whole ass, calling the police on someone. They just have to eat that embarrassment. How they’re being perceived online and in media is just who they are now.

Honestly, This Is Nothing New

I wish I could say this was a weird situation but it’s too common. The list of incidents from the last five years is evidence of that. Looking at those incidents, it will show that it doesn’t matter what your age is, whether you live in the neighborhood or not, how educated you are, what your job is, or why you’re there—there are some white people who will call the police on you.

Often times, after they tell you to show them ID or a permit or evidence that you know someone in the area you’re in. Obviously, these folks aren’t asking other white people to show ID. After the death of Trayvon, white people should’ve really knocked it off with playing neighborhood watch and—in Cukor’s case—hall monitor.

There have been people steadily heading into establishments, no one really bats at an eye at them or call the police. I’m talking people who have their own grudges or motives to do some horrible stuff—and they open fire on people. That diligence is often missing until sh** gets real even if everyone knows Kyle is mad because Bethany stepped out Luke. That guy will just waltz in there no hard questions asked before airing out the place.

However, if there’s a Black man waiting for a friend outside of an apartment complex, a Black woman demanding to know why their kid was hassled by neighbors or you have Black children playing at a pool party or at the neighborhood park and everyone’s a regular Guardian Angel. Folks really jump to action.

This is nothing new but it never stops being frustrating.

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