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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How Good Are You In Bed (And How Can You Improve), Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

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( Did you know that your horoscope sun sign can say something about your sexual personality?

Well, here is a guide to the common sexual traits for people in the same zodiac sign. Knowing a little about zodiac signs and sexuality can help you understand yourself and your partner more. This may help you improve your sexual intimacy.

1. Aries

Those in this star sign savor immediate sexual satisfaction and don’t like too much game playing, especially emotional drama. They’re adventurous, impulsive, and prefer to pursue their sexual conquests. They’re full of energy and love hot sex escapades.

2. Taurus

Individuals with Taurus traits are very sensual beings and often get stimulated by things they like, such as alcohol, food, or music. They prefer to be pursued because they’re a bit lazy. But when engaged, they are excellent in sex and prefer a passionate partner when making love.

3. Gemini

People under this sign are energetic, easy-going, and very flirty. They’re daring and love to explore their sexuality. A Gemini person will be turned on by dirty talk, and they’ll enjoy having sex in the weirdest places they can find.

4. Cancer

Individuals under this sign love to feel comfortable with their emotions so that they can be aroused. They must trust their partner and feel safe with them; or feel loved and endeared to let out their full sexual potential. If all that is fulfilled, their lovemaking is sensual, lustful, and creative.

5. Leo

Leos have a fragile ego. They love to feel appreciated and pampered. If you make them feel like they’re the center of attraction, they can be really generous in the sheets. They have the charms and a powerful sex drive that can result in hours of seduction and sensual foreplay.

6. Virgo

Those under this sign may appear shy at first about sex, but once they’re safe with their partner, they can be sexual animals. They are highly competitive; and they strive in doing the best in whatever they participate in, including sex. They love regular sex and like to explore kinky sex stuff but within a safe environment.

7. Libra

They have some similarities with the guys in Gemini. They’re turned on by flirting and anything that pleases their eyesight including art and fashion. They are very sensual.

8. Scorpio

They need to feel a deep emotional connection for them to explore their sexual desires. When in relationships, they are possessive and controlling, and that heightens their sexual desire for erotic and kinky experiences.

9. Sagittarius

These individuals are charming and great at flirting. They love to try something new and prefer to have variety in their sex lives because they get bored quickly.

10. Capricorn

They are a bit conservative but possess a high sexual appetite behind closed doors. They are not the type that fancies public display of affection. But they’re good at seduction and passionate in lovemaking.

11. Aquarius

They are excited and very creative with sex even though they are conservative. They are rebels in nature and thus love to explore the extraordinary.

12. Pisces

They are good at drawing sexual partners and value love more than sex. When they feel loved, they can be very creative in the bedroom. But their emotions are fragile, and any insensitive comments can quickly turn them off.

Explore Your Zodiac Signs and Sexuality!

Learn about zodiac signs and sexuality to get a better understanding of your sexual traits, as well as those of your partner. It may help you have better sexual relationships in the future.

Read on to find more exciting and informative topics in your sexuality!

Staff Writer; Doug Poole

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