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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

LGBTQ Sickness.

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( From Taylor Swift’s LGBTQ support to AOC to Ellen to everybody lost about who they are, who they were made to be by evolution or creation, to supporters of abominable perversion, LGBTQ IS A SICKNESS OF CONFUSION, DENIAL, IMMORALITY AND LACK OF IDENTITY. And if the truth rings your bell, that’s just too bad. Those who get the most upset are those the most in denial. They are those who most hate the truth because down deep they know what I am saying is true. Yet they don’t know what to do about their confusion.

I have the FIRST AMENDMENT right to speak the truth and my opinion just as LGBTQ people have the right t express theirs. I don’t have to accept them and that is Biblical truth, not phobia, not hate speech. If LGBTQ people want the right to speak and display as they wish, they need to start by recognizing we who are straight have the very same rights – including the right to disagree and the right to refuse acceptance of them.

I strongly object to LGBTQ being added to the Civil Rights Act and even spoken of in the same breath as the civil rights movement. Why should a group be covered because of who they choose to sleep with? That should not even be outside of their perverted bedrooms. Heterosexuality is not included as a protected group so to protect homosexuality under a banner is a violation of “equal protection under the law”. And that is a violation of the Constitution.

Do the research and you will find many LGBTQ people are those who were sexually abused or molested at a young age like Don Lemon on CNN. Not all but many of them and they know it. So their abuse manifests in confusion and sexual perversion.

LGBTQ is unnatural because it violates the rules of nature such as reproduction. LGBTQ is abnormal because in this world and even in warped America it is not the norm. LGBTQ tries to ignore both evolution and creation in regards to who and what a person was born as.

As for all this “trans” BS, you cannot change your gender by swapping out genuine parts for re-manufactured ones. Trans anything is simply a lie. Then when we who are neither blind nor perverted nor confused nor compromised stand up to speak the truth, we are labeled as having phobias or being hateful as if something is wrong with us. Wrong. Very wrong.

I could go to the Bible on this issue all day long, but this time I will not because there is a ton of evidence against LGBTQ even without the Bible. And how sick is it for LGBTQ people to blame God for making them that way when the Bible speaks against all such perversion as abominations?

I do not have to accept lies, especially when they hurt my community, deceive my people, reduce our numbers, confuse our children and go against my God. Christianity stands against LGBTQ even though so many so-called “godly” church leaders are dead silent because they don’t want to lose members, money and popularity. Islam stands against LGBTQ. The majority of America stands against it. Africa as a people of real identity stand against LGBTQ. Creation stands against it. Evolution does too. Who you sleep with is a choice but who or what you were born as is not.

As for the laws of the land, sodomy is a crime. In many countries LGBTQ behavior is a perverse behavior and not to be tolerated. Try that in many African countries. LGBTQ even works against the reproduction numbers of the “black” community. And these disadvantages of LGBTQ just scratch the surface.

LGBTQ is a choice, every single perverted letter. And none of it should ever be connected with the struggles of African Americans whose ancestors were forced to come here and had no choice. The only struggle in America that parallels and should ever be compared to that of “black” people is the struggle of the indigenous people America calls “Indians”. No other group even comes close.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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  1. ChikaA says:

    The same Democrats who push LGBTQ on you dumb ass lost fakes are the same people who pushed slavery, the KKK, killing unborn children to exterminate your race, segregation and then some. You are falling for someone else’s agenda yet again and being used dumb asses. How lost can LGBTQ people get?

  2. Casey says:

    Hey Craw I first disagreed with your writings and your proof. But I went back and fact checked your info. And I have to say i found that you were correct, like it or not. I read the Bible verses. I looked at the Quran and Islam and Africa and Christianity. Now all I can say is keep doing what you are doing. Talk to those who will hear and who have an ear to hear. Those who don’t want to be deceived anymore. They will hear you and the rest can burn by their own choices.

  3. Phyllis says:

    I used to be a Lesbian but I am not anymore. i have now been HAPPILY, YES HAPPILY MARRIED TO A MAN for 9 years, 3 months and counting. A penis fits in a vagina for a reason. A woman can have a baby with a man for a reason. Not with a woman. A man cannot impregnate a man, have a cycle, give birth to a child or carry a child inside him, no matter what he thinks he transformed himself into. Fake meat from your ass to make fake body parts is nothing real.

    I have a wonderful 3 year old daughter now and I see how confused and deceived I was. Not only was I a lost Lesbian of LBGTQ, I also caught other women who were curious. If i ate that pussy one time, they were hooked. And if I made them eat mine, they were really hooked.

    I am here to say LGBTQ in every way, shape and form is wrong. Good did not make you that way and evolution means going higher, not into confusion. To LGBTQ people I say you can change. Your desires are in the wrong direction. Some of you are victims and victimizing yourself. I am not going to be preachy but I am going to say the truth and I don’t care who disagrees. It is still the truth. And now many of my former LGBTQ friends are opening their eyes to this truth too.

    You get angry because you know you are wrong LGBTQ people. You don’t want anybody to cause you to see yourself because you know you are headed ion thee wrong direction. Anger at the people who tell you the truth will only hurt you and allow you to live in denial. I know because I was you. STOP.

  4. 24real says:

    Hell yeah tell them LGBTQ ABCDE transams they lost.
    Jussie Toilett too

  5. Frank is Real says:

    Wow fake pussy men and dykes? Sad but true. A rainbow of pure confusion by people who have no idea who they are.

  6. NeverScared Jay says:

    I am glad somebody has the courage. morals and honor to right something that tells the truth. I have LBGTQ people in my family and while we still love them, we tell them the truth. You don’t get to change the gender you were created to be. Talk about people lying to themselves. Dang. WTF?

    Let me say this clear where even you perverted blind and people with no morals can hear it. LGBTQ is WRONG on every level. LGBTQ is not normal and it never has been, no matter how many sad people fall victim to their warped temptations.

    LGBTQ IS NOT NORMAL. Turn from your ways and be healed from your sickness. People give me a break. Stop the denial. Stop the games. I am not scared to say the truth. Never scared of you fake pussy men and dykes, yes dykes.

  7. JD says:

    Speak that truth brother Trevo and don’t let people who want to be somebody else bother you. Keep speakin that truth because some people hear you.

  8. AllThatTruth says:

    LGBTQ is the result of people who do not like who they ARE and people who do not know who they are. It’ that freakin simple. All the other denial, lies, defensiveness, getting offended and attackin we who don’t want to accept that bull is to cover for the fact that LGBTQ know what i just said is true.

    Don’t blame the creator for your warped desires that you cannot controland yall pickin at people who know the truth is only hurtin your dumb ass

  9. RaheemTD says:

    LGBTQ is some sick ass people who are so dimented and confused that they get angry when faced with the truth. Trevo that is what you are running into with those attacking you. The light of truth offends them because they know they are in the darkness. Don’t let them discourage you one bit bro.

  10. Trevo Craw says:

    From The Author,

    BTW I am not defending Islam, but rather correcting an error made by a person who made a comment. Thus my response is a matter of accuracy, not support. I am definitely not defending Muhammad who took a child bride and had sex with her. Nor am I attacking Islam or comparing it to Christianity. That is not the pint of the article nor the focus.

  11. Trevo Craw says:

    To Daleed From The Author,

    First of all the origin of relationships from a point of creation was for procreation, replenishment of the Earth. Today such serves to replenish your race or ethnic group, your legacy or bloodline. Every nation in the world recognizes that. It is a fact.

    As for attraction, that has so many elements to it that I cannot go into that in this article or comment. I am and have been a marriage, family and relationship counselor for many years so I will say this to you.

    There is still right and wrong. What if you are attracted to a child? You turn away from such sin and use restraint. What if you are tempted to rob a bank because you are broke? You turn away from that because of the legal, moral, danger and other potential results.

    We are not to do whatever comes to mind. And neither God nor any religion or belief system nor any state or federal law says that we should.

    The question would be WHY are you not attracted to whomever? Just as why are you attracted to one person but not another. Sometimes it is based on curiosity or having been molested in the past like Don Lemon was (CNN host). Sometimes it is because you are emulating what you saw around you or even peer pressure.

    None of that makes it right. It is not the norm so it is abnormal. LGBTQ works against nature thus it is unnatural. Feel free to email me for more info if you down deep realize you have questions but you also realize that LGBTQ is wrong and detrimental.

    A male who is LGBTQ is not a real man. He is confused. And if he is LGBTQ, he will have no legacy of children to carry on his name. The more black people who fall into that trap, the smaller our “race” will become and the more our numbers will dwindle instead of being replenished. That shows such behavior is a detriment. People just don’t care and want to do it anyway.

    The surge in LGBTQ is simply a trend just like tattoos but a perverted one.

  12. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Mableton From The Author,

    Don’t put words on my mouth. Nowhere in the article nor in the comments did I say homosexuality was worse than any other sin. That is your incorrect take away but I never said that.

    As for the Bible, it clearly distinguishes sins against your temple (the body) as in a different class from other type sins. But My article did not go there because my article (this time) was not a bible summary approach. You should learn to read more closely with overstanding and not ad in things the writer did not say.

  13. Trevo Craw says:

    To Sunny Night,

    Apparently you do not know how strongly I produce my writings and my evidence. Thus your accusation is based on your ignorance as such. Secondly, I am happily married to a REAL WOMAN who was born as a female. Third, I do not protest, I inform and present the facts, truth and evidence. So you labeling something the wrong thing, just like people do who are trans…, does not change the truth nor the facts.

    I answer responses with even more facts and evidence and very directly. I suggest you learns to distinguish that fro what protesting actually is. I realize you are using a quote butt your application of that quote is severely inaccurate here.

  14. Trevo Craw says:

    From The Author To True Muslims:

    I do not promote nor condone violence unless for self defense and for the defense of others. Nor am I of Islam. But you need to be honest about what Islam teaches if you profess to be a true Muslim. I could go into direct quotes from your book and the parts of the Bible accepted by Islam, but I am not going to do all your homework for you. Muslims take a stand against LGBTQ. Your Prophet would not tolerate such abomination and perversion and God peaks against such. Later I will do an article on this topic and Islam.

    Islam and LGBTQ Nonsense
    The Prophet Muhammad reportedly said gays “should be thrown from tremendous height then stoned.”
    The death penalty reportedly comes from the Hadith.
    The Quran tells the story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom – and sodomy in Arabic is known as “liwat,” based on Lot’s name.
    Men having sex with each other should be punished, the Quran says

    How Do Other Countries In The Region Treat Gays?

    Across the Arab world, gays have been arrested and sentenced to prison on charges linked to “debauchery” – and faced flogging or even the death penalty in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

    In Egypt, there have been police raids of suspected gay gatherings and people have been put on trial using a vague legal text that equates homosexuality with prostitutes and tries gays for “violating public morality.”

    “Middle Eastern and North African countries have denounced the Orlando shooting when at the same time they criminalize homosexuality with sentences ranging from years in prison to the death penalty,” said Ahmed Benchemsi, communications and advocacy director for the Middle East and North Africa at Human Rights Watch.

  15. Trevo Craw says:

    To Abdul From Thee Author,

    First of all that is not true. Cite your references. Second of all. you and I both know the Hadith is not the Quran and we also know their are divisions in Islam between Sunni and Shiite as well as those who rose up after Muhammad died. So don’t leave that out.

    Thirdly, you point out yourself that HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT ACCEPTED. Fourth, trans anything is a lie and Islam says do not accept lies. You cannot change your sex or gender. That is a biological and medical fact period. So people who accept that you can are accepting a lie. And people who promote that are promoting a lie as well.

    Don’t mislead people on this site without even providing citations of evidence. Nor about what the Hadith is. It is NOT the Quran.

    Finally go “back to the book” as the Quran commands you to. From the beginning it was Man and Woman. And one more thing, the Quran does not support LGBTQ and neither did Muhammed, the Prophet of Islam. That settles it for Islam and the Hadith cannot overrule that. I suggest you go talk to an Imam about your responses because you need help or you are not true to Islam.

  16. Theresa says:

    Go for it Trevo. I was part of the LGBTQ community for 9 years as a Lesbian and now I am happily out of that bullshit. I made the same arguments and excuses I hear people making against this article. But I was simply lying to myself and everybody else. I was unhappy and I had no appreciation of who God created me to be.

    That was true of many of my LGBTQ friends. But one day I woke up and so did many of them. Now several of us are normal and well adjusted without excuses we used to make. It is very sad that people who are lost will defend their confusion to their own detriment. I hope LGBTQ people wake up.

  17. Abdul-Fareed says:

    Muslims in India, Iran and Pakistan allows for the Hijra Provision in Islam’s Hadiths. This allows NOT for Homosexuality but Transexuals! Hundreds of Thousands of same sex surgeries happen every year.

    Surely you know this brother?

    Very influential Hadith too.

  18. SunnyNight says:

    Trevo thou who protest too much!

    I’m starting to think theres a little sugar in ya tank fam.

    As they say..most homophobes are closeted buddy!

  19. Holy shit ya’ll got commenters on here sounding like Homosexuality is worse then Adultry, Rape and Murder combined.

    I have mental issues and don’t want to pass them down to my kids.

    Forget 100,000 Foster Kids…what about abandoned kids still living at “home” with abuse parents that don’t want them. What about Child Abuse? Neglect?

    Is it okay to maybe have a common sense moment that maybe not all people (regardless of sexuality or race) are meant to have kids?

    F*** Shocker Mate! Then our murder rate will go down

  20. Daleed Myers says:

    I will cautiously repeat what has been asked in extreme abundance today.

    How can you mate or even have a loving relationship to someone you aren’t attracted to?!!! Personally i’ve never been able to get hard looking at a woman at all. I’m 28 years old.

    Just answer me that question.

    Pls…(No I WASNT sexual molested…I was in fact a virgin until 22.)

  21. Frazier says:

    1) He said ANCIENT Africa.. not the present dummy….SINCE it existed in the past it can exist in distant or near future. Shout out to LGBT squads in Ghana and South Africa right now. Shout-out to lawmakers IN AFRICA who promoted minor non-discrimination law suits. Let us return to our ancestors glory in the past! A–SHAY!

    2) Religion and the Creator ARE the same. It’s why they got 280+ religions, 5 of them are major. Judaism IS a religion you know. Not all religions except nor recognize the Torah.

    3) Homosexuality is practiced by Whites but they aren’t “worried” about extinction. It’s because this premise is the most over-dramatic of all. (We have slightly higher birth rate then them). Hell they are so generous and let in millions of immigrants in Europe and Africa.

    4) God can order the slaughter (and likely rape) of an entire people but sexual intercourse homosexually is too perverted? Talk about hypocrisy. God/people in the bible act like a deranged monkey-warlord. Again you would probably beat, torture or kick out someone because of their sexuality. Typical from a violent Religious-Beast such as yourself. No progression is expected.

    5) In the future two men or two women CAN indeed create a baby. Scientists are working on artificial wombs and decoding sperm/eggs to create this by itself. Thank you for pointing that out. IVF is leading to this technology.

  22. Shamanique says:

    Wake Up LGBTQ People and Supporters of the Perversion

    Wake up to nature, creation, human physiology, identity, reality and that you should be happy with who you are instead of trying to change it when you actually can’t. Can a trans whatever have a baby or a cycle? Can a trans man thing impregnate a woman with the sperm of life? Then you are still what you were born as, even though you may look different. Stop living a lie.

  23. Terrika says:

    I agree with the writer. People have gone astray and they are those who get the most angry when they are called out on it because they know they are wrong in their abominations. That is why they really lash out.

  24. Mohammed says:

    Neither Islam nor Africa as a whole accept that LGBTQ bullshit from a bunch of wayward, confused and hurt people. So folk don’t make excuses, lie on the Creator or strike out at those who tell you the truth.

    My brother who wrote this, keep speaking the truth. But know that only those of good heart will hear it.

  25. Jonathan says:

    The author of this piece is correct. I encourage him.

    African American people who argue for LGBTQ, just like those who argue for abortion and murdering an unborn child, are making a case for the extinction of their own “race” or ethnicity, the perversion of families, the confusion of children, the lie that you can change your gender or overrule evolution and creation, the destruction of Christianity, Islam, the promotion of what is unnatural, abnormal and ungodly, the appreciation of who you were made or created to be by someone or something greater than you and the lack of identity.

    The Romans and the Catholic church are no example. They also had sex with children and they still do. But they brought religion, never relationship with the Creator. And it is sad how many of you do not know the difference.

  26. Trevo Craw says:

    To Truth Power,

    What part of Africa? When? And key word “was”. Check today in Kenya, Camaroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, the Congo etc. Wake up try that BS with a real man or real woman who lives there, lived there or has been there. Try that BS with African Muslims. In fact, since you want to play fake time machine games, go back to the 6th century AD and try that BS with Muhammad. Your head would likely be chopped off.

    For every citation you give I can give 10.

    You contradict your own argument when you show marriage was at least for reproduction because LGBTQ perversion does not yield that. And how ignorant are you to argue against the decreasing of your own “race”? Do you realize that is what you are arguing?

  27. Trevo Craw says:

    To Akbar,

    I do not accept slavery.
    Ironically those who think they can change their gender or deny it or live with fake identity of who they wish they were are in fact MENTAL SLAVES TO LIES.

    I am sure you know the position of Islam about LGBTQ and what Muhammad would have done to them. Check your Quran

  28. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Healing

    You need healing from God.
    Its not about religion, its about relationship.
    At no time do i promote nor condone bullying of anybody for any reason.
    But that does not mean I am going to accept abominations, perversions and confused gender identification. This country is becoming more and more perverted and you make excuses for that? Sad. You have ignored practically every point of fact in the article because you just want to think as you do. So because you cannot refute the truth, you throw it out and attack the messenger of it. Butt you did not create yourself and the one who did is the one who determines gender, not you.

    You did not create yourself. You cannot even heal yourself. And its about truth, not Hebrew Israelites. no I am not one so stop making assumptions to hide your perverted thinking. Turn from the dark cave you live in and come into the light of truth. That is the only way you will ever find real healing.

  29. Trevo Craw says:

    From the Author to LGBTQ Supporters:

    A tiny human being in his or her 20s, 30, 40s etc really has the nerve and arrogance to think you can overrule creation and evolution and biology because you don’t like the choices any of them made? Give me a break.

    Who did you create? Not even yourself. Why would you think you can change your gender by switching parts? Why are you so dumb that you believe such an obvious lie? You just want to rebel and you have lost your sense of right and wrong.

    You want to do what is “in” right now or you have no sense of identity. You have been molested or you are simply unhappy with yourself so you want to pretend to be somebody else. Look in the mirror of your heart and you will see what I say is right.

    You can get angry and offended but you can only lie to yourself for so long. You don’t have to face me. I DARE YOU TO FACE YOURSELF!!!

  30. Trevo Craw says:

    To Mufasa,

    It is sad that the Bible means nothing to people but stats show it does mean something to many people. Thus you are wrong and the numbers contradict your experiences and limited personal knowledge. Talk facts.

    Secondly, do you have a better standard than the New Covenant provides? Do the LGBTQ people have one other than just everybody do you? Thirdly, you don’t refute practically any of the truths of the Creator, the Bible nor the article I wrote herein. Thus you just have alot of rebellious and twisted opinion.

    What if each person doing what he or she wants includes someone robbing you or raping your wife? You may say people can do what they want with their own bodies but that is not true either, not completely. Suicide is illegal, prostitution is illegal, illicit drug use is illegal, selling cocaine to another consenting adult is illegal.

    Your arguments are just noise from a person who has no spiritual or moral compass. The Bible speaks about people who think like you. They are LOST. So you bring up BS arguments and like others responding, you attack the messenger because down deep you know you are wrong. You know LGBTQ is abnormal, unnatural and perverted. Nice try. Wake up. Maybe your dad should have been LGBTQ. But oops, if he was, you would not be here.

  31. TheHealing says:

    All through my life. First my 2 cousins were bullied and physically abused ever intensely by their families. Both were rejected. My Uncle became a Jehova Witness and had a mental stand off with our Baptist family. Then the 1 atheist sister was rejected from the will. God has been, sadly (forgive me spirits) a living nightmare.

    Religion is RELATIVE for the most part…I’m afraid assholes who seek to demean, taunt and point out the “deviance” will eventually be brainwashed to throw gays off buildings like their demented forefathers did.

    We liberals must fight this Christian Shariah Law. First Abortion rights, next it will be gay sex at all. Free Country? Ever heard of it?

    You wilding on like some broken Hebrew Isrealite.

    This is all kind of funny because I am asexual, so I’m immune to “attraction”…we do exist. Only in extremely small numbers.

    Also remember the Curse of Ham, religion can be repurposed to call black skin deviants. (Sadly a minority of white people feel this way, after all it is their religion/image).

  32. Akbar Aldrige says:

    Believing in the God that enslaved your ancestors is a perversion too.

    Lucky we in the Nation of Islam don’t believe in a European/Council of Nicea Bull crap

  33. TruthPower says:

    Being Gay was natural in ancient Africa.

    Read what your brainwashed Hotepers and Christian Ignorants won’t let you see!!!

    You are too ignorant so let me paraphrase….Read, Research and Weep my buddy!

    In Angola and Namibia, for instance, a caste of male diviners — known as “zvibanda,” “chibados,” “quimbanda,” gangas” and “kibambaa” — were believed to carry powerful female spirits that they would pass on to fellow men through anal sex.

    Even today, marriages between women for reproductive, economic and diplomatic reasons still exist among the Nandi and Kisii of Kenya, the Igbo of Nigeria, the Nuer of Sudan and the Kuria of Tanzania.

    To name but a few, the Shangaan of southern Africa referred to same-sex relations as “inkotshane” (male-wife); Basotho women in present-day Lesotho engage in socially sanctioned erotic relationships called “motsoalle” (special friend) and in the Wolof language, spoken in Senegal, homosexual men are known as “gor-digen” (men-women).

  34. Drovonte says:

    If you aren’t attracted to women just come out.

    Heterosexual men have a SEXUAL ATTRACTION to women.

    You cannot CURE a Sexual Attraction A.K.A as you would say, an “illness” anymore then you can Down Syndrome (guess what there is no genetic marking for many OTHER mental “illnesses”)!!!!

    If you have a serious urge for men and think Idris Elba or Ryan Reynolds is hot then you are a homosexual.

    Most men won’t have a sex with a woman if she’s ugly…its called attraction. I wouldn’t because it wouldn’t make any sense…LOL

    Stop the self hatred and admit you are a Homosexual.

    Another Gay Preacher (like the rest of those Christians surprise, surprise lol)

  35. TheRightWay says:

    Christianity the religion spread by people that brutally raped and sodomized my grandmothers and grandfathers?

    The Religion spread by Rome?

    The Religion with Pedophillia historically and presently?

    The Religion that jesus fails the uniquely Jewish qualifications to be savior?

    The Bible is an unoriginal book stolen from countless religions.

    Any African American who think’s he is a Christian is a Coon.

    You sir are a Coon

  36. The responders are correct.

    What if you weren’t attracted to women in the least. No images, dreams, lust etc.

    What if they were a piece of cardboard to you? (no difference)

    That’s like asking a blind man to… (open his eyes) it means nothing.

    The Bible also speaks about shellfish, pork, the sabbath, adultery, other religions.

    Aside from the LGBT for psychological reasons the bible doesn’t mean sh*t to most

    African Americans. You and I know this…

    Bigoted and Selective…I pray someone in your family/grandson is gay.

  37. Trevo Craw says:

    To Pelvo White From The Author,

    I purposely did not slam people with scripture in this article because than can push people further away. But since you make inaccurate accusations about my overstanding of the Word of God, I need to show you how lost you are.

    Verses against sexual deviance, sexual confusion and abominations as such:
    Hebrews 1:4
    Romans 1:26-28
    Jude 1:7
    1 Timothy 1:8-10
    Mark 10:6-7
    1 Cor 6:9
    1 Cor 6:18-19
    1 Cor 7:2
    Leviticus 18:22
    Leviticus 20:13

    And these just scratch the surface. So don’t tell me about what the mind of God is. He has made it clear through creation, through nature and what is natural, through biology, through geneaology etc.

    So don’t just throw out esoteric rhetoric and small minded insults against me. Address the truth, the facts, the evidence. And when you finish trying to address these scriptures, we can go to the Quran next.

  38. Trevo Craw says:

    To Those Emasculated Weannie Wussy Men with a “P” Who Support LGBTQ,

    You are victims of sexual abuse, confused about roles, confused about identity, confused about scripture, confused about desire and lost. You cannot think you are a woman and presto, you are a woman. You cannot overrule evolution or creation. You cannot stand against biology, no matter how often you swap parts and create unnatural ones out of tissue from your butt or under your arm. Wake up and learn what a man is. Someone greater than you defines that, not you when you have your pseudo-epiphany.

    There is a reason two men or two women cannot reproduce. There is a reason the majority of the planet is STRAIGHT, including even the vast majority of animals, insects etc. If you don’t see this and reproduce, you will die out because you will have no legacy left to carry on your name. Maybe that is a good thing in your case.

    Who you sleep with certainly should not determine the rights that you have under the law. That BS perversion should be kept in your confused bedroom. You are diminishing the reproduction levels of your “race”. And there is also a reason that suicide rates of LGBTQ are higher than that of straight normal people.

    I could go through a dozen Bible verses that spell out God sees LGBTQ as perversion, wicked, sick and an abomination but you don’t care. Because you are in rebellion to God and more about feeding your own perverted lusts. Then you get mad and try to blame me for speaking the truth? Too bad. I didn’t write it but I can relay it. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Bob. Eve and Adam, not Eve and Shandrika. Go back to the beginning and you will see the original blueprint.

    You are small and ignorant to think that you in your 20, 30, 40 or 50 little years can challenge evolution or creation. Wake up and come out of the cave. Don’t come out of the closet, throw the closet out.

  39. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Abomination Confused Perverts Who Support LGBTQ:

    I suggest you read this.

  40. Trevo Craw says:

    To Kareem,

    Proud not to have kids? Proud not to have any bloodline left or legacy? Proud to be selfish? That is what you are saying. And those things are nothing to be proud of. Read a Bible or Quran, your choice.

  41. Trevo Craw says:

    To Ignorant Spiritual Lovve,

    You mean you are calling God and the Bible a bigot. I did not write it but apparently you neither read the truth nor understand it. Perversion and abominations are OK with you and that says alot about you. Further, you cannot defend your point so you make small minded insults. Where are your facts?

    I have researched homosexuality in Africa and it is today largely not tolerated. Have you? And your question does not wipe away the evidence. You are just as lost and perverted as LGBTQ and with no evidence to refute anything I have said. Go read a Bible. You need Christ in a hurry.

    Man who did not create himself does have a will and the right to go to Hell. but it is never smart and nor are you. And you live by laws that say in America you cannot do whatever you want with your body, your car, your kids, your house etc. Wake up.

  42. Trevo Craw says:

    To Pelvo White From The Author,

    I could go there with you easily but I was not basing this article on the Bible. If I did, you would easily lose every point. I am appealing to other arenas in people and you obviously do not overstand God nor His word.

    A history of perversion is not the standard. Nor does it make it right. I can document a history of slavery, racism and other areas of ignorance so a history of something is not the determining factor. And King James is not God. King James had issues. Try going back to the original Word before him.

    I don’t understand the mind of God? Give me a break. Try reading all he says about abominations, homosexuality and defiling the body in many ways. Since you want to go there, go read. You speak against the Word of God so be careful.

  43. Kareem says:

    What about over 100,000 black kids in a failing foster system brother!! What about automation brother? What about kids in the streets brother? WE DONT NEED TO ALWAYS HAVE KIDS. Many straight brothers and sisters are proud to NOT to have kids. And I support BOTH sides. Too many single mothers!!

  44. Let’s pretend LGBT IS a mental illness. You cannot cure Down Syndrome nor Autism. Or are those people making it up to? Also a SOLID genetic component has not been found for those examples either. Trevor what if you WERNT attracted in the least to women?? Never even phased nor tempted you. Also Africa practices slavery and female genital mutilation too. They also have sex with what we would call “minors”. Have you researched homosexuality in Africa BEFORE colonialism? You are a disgusting bigot.

  45. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    To Trevo Craw: God doesn’t care about the morality of men.It is God’s morality that is real and will prevail eternally. Nature reflects God’s reality.We should work hard to understand the morality of God’s reality. The existence of the LGBT community proves the ” word of God .” God made man in his own image. The fake morality of contemporary christian men isn’t real. The falsity of the negative influences of Christianity on the lives of the LGBT community resulting in their public shunning and deaths will eventually fade into oblivion much like many of man’s beliefs in ancient gods and their defective ethics.It is God who gives the increase not man. The LGBT community will keep on being born into the world.They will be here until God returns. The history of the LGBT community has been documented in King James version of the Holy Bible covering centuries of man’s existence on this planet.Many in the roman armies that occupied the Hebrew lands during the times of Jesus Christ were homosexual.Many of the ancient emperors of Rome were LGBT and painted their faces with makeup believing themselves to be more beautiful than women. You, Trevo Craw,are putting forth a very poor effort in understanding the mind of God. You have busied yourself instead with trying to understand the ignorant, weak, hypocritical thoughts of confused christian false prophets, many of which cannot read or write, who make a poor effort as a group to keep themselves out of the beds of the LGBT community and of underage children.It is you who are “lost” being caught up in the religious dogma of Christianity when you should be caught up in understanding the ” word of God .”

  46. Trevo Craw says:

    To Pelvo White and Other LGBTQ Lost Supporters,

    It amazes me how both evolution and/or creation make decisions for millions of years about humans and humanoids in every era or age then you suddenly pop up with rebellious and confused acronyms and dare to think you are right while evolution and creation are supposedly wrong. Give me a break. How many years have you been on the planet? Who did you create?

  47. Trevo Craw says:

    To Pelvo “Lost” White From The Author,

    My points are rooted in God, whether Christianity or Islam and that just scratches the surface. My points are also rooted in the majority of the planet culturally and geographically. Ask the Muslims of Saudi Arabia. Ask the primary tribes of Nigeria. Ask the Chinese.

    My points are rooted in the anatomy of biology, anthropology, reproduction and survival and reproduction of any ethnic group. My points are rooted in morality. Or maybe you think its OK for adults to have sex with animals and children and dead people too. Where do you get your standards and beliefs from? Or are you about being a renegade and anarchy just to rebel and be different?

    My points are rooted in evolution and creation. My points are rooted in FACTS. Swapping out parts does NOT change your sex or gender. Fact, like it or not. Thinking of yourself as something you are not does not make you that.

    You make the poor and inaccurate assumption that my points rely completely on Christianity. Boy are you wrong, lost and clueless. Try again. Your arguments all fall apart and you have done nothing to successfully refute the points of the article. And why would you defend perverse behaviors that reduce the numbers of people in any given ethnic group? How dumb are you?

    I could go on to destroy your weak arguments and debate you but it would not even begin to be a debate. Try morality and the consensus of the majority of the planet to start.

  48. Trevo Craw says:

    To Lost Hippiedad,

    Who a confused person wants to be or who that person chooses to have sex with can never be compared to the struggle of African Americans whose ancestors were brought to this land by force, not choice. You apparently don’t overstand that at all if you think the struggle is the same. And being African American is not a biblical sin or abomination. LGBTQ nonsense is. You need to try and read the article again slower this time and with some level of comprehension.

  49. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    To Trevo Craw:Your argument against LBGT is steeped in christian religious dogma created by men not by God. I appeal to you to think about your thinking about your thinking about the LBGT community. You have been persuaded by other men to think that there is something wrong with the LBGT community but you must understand that everything created by God is good and very good. God created nature with everything in nature being a ” word of God .” God spoke the world into existence. LBGT is a “word of God.” They are real living breathing beings created by God. Given the long and destructive history of mis-interpreted christian dogma, it is little wonder why the LBGT community is so hated. Preachers play a cruel game. They create sin so you can be saved from it. They fail to recognize the differences in men and women. They ignore nature and its biology which has all kinds of creatures that procreate with and without male fertilized eggs. Some creatures impregnate themselves. The LBGT community will never disappear from the world because they were created by God for God’s own purpose not the purpose of men. It is sad indeed that so many good people have been killed by those who have been convinced that LBGT is wrong.You must remember that Dr. Albert Einstein died still trying to understand the mind of God.

  50. HIppiedad says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Craw,

    As a I thought experiment, with your word processing tool please do the following.
    Please find all incidents of LBGT in you article and replace that acronym with the work “Black”. Or “African American” if you so wish.

    Perhaps then you will see the intent of your sentiment.

    May you be well and happy,

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