Constructive Thinking - A Guide to Simplifying the Renovation Process.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Constructive Thinking – A Guide to Simplifying the Renovation Process.

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( Starting on any major, long-term project in urban spaces can either be daunting or exciting. The main factors that determine whether you start off on a positive or negative footing are really your level of preparedness, the quality of the resources at your disposal, and how passionate you’re feeling about the project. But sometimes, jobs like pesky renovations can stretch on for weeks, with very little reward. If you’ve got a lengthy project ahead, here are a few essentials you can utilise to make the task run a lot smoother.


First and foremost, you’ll need bathroom facilities. Portaloo hires in Melbourne are easier to source than ever before, and there’s a wider range of portable toilets to suit every kind of job site. And sourcing a portaloo will definitely be your first step when it comes to getting a site together. In fact, there are a few facilities that are mandatory for most long-term sites. These include bathroom and kitchen facilities, as well as access to drinking water and adequate first aid equipment. In fact, depending on what kind of suit you’ll be working on, chances are there may be a specific kind of portable toilet that you’ll be requiring during your build, which quality rental agencies with an extensive selection of toilet hires should be able to cater for. Whether you’re building on a narrow inner city lot or are looking to replace a whole bathroom suite during a tricky renovation, there’s guaranteed to be a portaloo built to suit your needs.


Melbourne is a city that’s constantly evolving, and this means we’re always going to have a myriad of overlapping urban projects and construction. Because of this, many labourers are constantly having to adapt to new sites around the clock, with a lot of labourers working at multiple different sites across the city. It can be tricky to stay familiarised with all of these different environments, and working between two to three or even four sites can often be hazardous for the workers involved. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who find themselves on just the one site every week, the amount of chops and changes that take place during a long-term project can be baffling to say the least, and it can be difficult finding your bearings and minimising your liabilities around heavy machinery. These potential dangers are easily combated with the use of portable two way radios! Providing each of your workers with a handheld radio will ensure that you can all communicate with ease on-site and will also ensure that everybody’s firmly in the loop, making your site both more efficient as well as a whole lot safer.


Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your workers have quality high-visibility gear, clothing and footwear, and personal equipment at all times. And wearing the same gear is more than just sharing a uniform. Your gear holds the same intrinsic value as your handheld radios: where one allows you to be heard, the other allows you to be seen. And anything that can support these senses on-site must absolutely be utilised. It’s best to be hands-on when it comes to safety, and that will include running daily check-ups on your staff to make sure that everybody’s come to work with all their gear and equipment in good condition and ready to go. If you’re uncertain about how to properly talk about safety and implement good OHS practices, follow your state’s guide to planning a safety checklist for construction. A good safety checklist will usually start with a daily induction before any work begins. Like two way radios improve safety through strengthening communication, at the end of the day, the most important quality of any safe workplace is a high level of communication and transparency. That means, everybody is in uniform, everybody is in the loop, everybody works as a team and everybody is responsible for one another.

Long-term projects can be challenging for even the most weathered builders, but they can also be the most memorable workplaces as well as the most valuable classrooms. Ensure that your site is as strong and prepared as possible by following this little guide, and your long-term project should operate quite smoothly.

Staff Writer; Rick Ford

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