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Perfect girl.

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( Finding a perfect partner is a heartfelt wish of many people. Is the girl you’ve met the right one for you? Is the one you’re with right now the one you’ve been looking for and want to stick with for life? How to know your girl is the one? Here are a few observations that may help you decide.


  1. She’s not desperate. If your woman is independent – and not just in terms of money! Look and see if she has the sense of her own worth. If she likes to be herself, if she has principles, opinions, likes and dislikes that are her own. If she’s not afraid to speak her mind, if she doesn’t wholly rely on you to make her happy – it is always a good sign. Being her own person is a thing of great value. If your girl sticks to you only because she thinks having a man in her life is something she has to have – maybe it’s not you she cares for, but the general idea of having a man in her life.

  2. If she can’t cook – there’s always takeout or maybe you’re into cooking yourself. But we men do love it when our woman paves the way to our heart through our stomachs. If your girl whips up something impressive, like this galaxy cake or cooks something very thought through for you, like a gluten free cake if you’re on a gluten free diet, it will mean a lot and show how much she cares and wants you to feel good. Cooking for your loved one, treating them with something special and delicious is a very heartfelt way to show love and care and if your woman takes time and effort to try, she’s really making your relation.

  3. She gives you attention. She doesn’t need a money donor or a mirror-man to look into and see how grand she is. She actually cares about you, about your everyday life, about the things you do and like, she’s attentive to your needs and considerate. If your girl is like that, your relationship is really worth trying for, because it means that you are valued, you’re listened to and heard, she finds you interesting and worthy.

  4. She has other things in her life than you. To some it may seem like a drawback, but people that make someone else the only source of light in their lives become dependent and clingy very quickly. She values you, but when she values herself, when she strives to grow – as a woman, as a professional, as an artist or any path she chooses – eventually this will be the reason why you will keep loving her and finding her attractive and interesting for a long time. After all, this is why you love her, right? Because of all the things that make her her.

  5. She is kind. Not just to you, she’s simply a kind person. She’s kind and compassionate to people around her, she’s kind to other people’s annoying kids, to animals, to life in general. She cares, capital letter C. If you meet a girl that is caring on this level – you’ve found a treasure.

  6. She’s honest and loyal if you’re into a permanent relationship. Of course, we all know that there are always better variants. But if your woman is honest with you about how she feels and is loyal and faithful – you really know that she’s stopped searching for her better options, she chose you and is going to stand by you. This is an extremely valuable thing.

  7. She accepts you the way you are. Acceptance, and that is agreed by many people, is one of the most important things in a relationship. Even though we’re trying to find criteria for a perfect girlfriend, the fact is, no one is perfect, and this is a perfect thing in itself. So, if your girl accepts you the way you are, flaws and fears and quirks and likes and dislikes and doesn’t want to change anything in you, she truly loves you and deserves being accepted back in the same way. If your relationship is like that, that calls for a celebration with a special dessert, like this key lime pie!

Finding a perfect partner is not an easy matter, but we’re sure you will know her when you see her.


Staff Writer; Todd Short

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