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NBA stars what to eat.

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( It’s not a secret to anyone, that professional athletes have to stick to a strict diet for ages, especially when they are professionally active. But it’s also not a secret that many of our fan favorites have their guilty pleasures in terms of food and indulge from time to time. Let’s take a look at some favorite sweets, beloved of NBA stars.

  1. Derrick Rose from Chicago bulls  and his candy passion are widely known. At one time in his life he even had a Skittles vending machine at his own home.  What could be his other dessert of choice? We think, with Derrick’s love of junk sweets, this delicious Coca Cola cake could be it. It’s cake and it tastes of a favourite soda drink.


  2. LeBron James from Cleveland Cavaliers looks extremely fit and you can easily imagine the strong will he has that allows him to stay to a very sports oriented diet. But he also has a food weakness – and that’s sugar-laden cereals. We think a perfect dessert for LeBron could be the pig pickin cake.


  3. Kobe Bryant from LA Lakers wasn’t very much into sports diet until his pro career was in full swing. Back then he’d dine on pizza and soda before games and got away with it. Now he keeps a much healthier diet, and there’s no dessert we would appoint to Kobe, named after a steak. Instead, our dish of choice for Kobe would be hunan shrimp.

Even if you need to stick to a strict diet, having a bite of your favorite cake or fast food once in a while could be actually good for you. It helps you to keep the cravings at bay, won’t affect your overall calorie load that much, especially if you exercise regularly, and it will actually help you stay on the diet wagon much, much longer and not break down and binge eat.

Staff Writer; Fred James

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