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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

How to Build Loyal Followers on Instagram.

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( Instagram can be a crucial part of a brand’s success and their visual marketing campaigns. It gives the opportunity to build a loyal customer base who grows with the brand. Around 500 million people scroll through Instagram daily, making it the base for the followers. Like any other social media platform, there are various ways of using the app; clever or right. Check Famoid’s Instagram followers’ services to build a massive following over the time which is full of real accounts and not just a pile of fake accounts.

Below are the tactics suitable to build a loyal following over a period of time.

Choosing the Right Instagram Content

This is a time consuming and thoughtful process. It is crucial to build up a loyal customer base. You need to produce the content which is best suitable for your audience and not just for the sake of posting on Instagram.

Hashtags and Filters

Goal of branding on Instagram is to engage your customer base. Finding the right content is the first step and then comes the important part that is hashtagging. Hashtagging the photos or products on Instagram allows the users to see your posts whenever they search for that specific term. Along with this, the audience on Instagram is most likely to be attracted to used filters. Using these preferred filters can lead to better results.

Time of Posting the Content

Using the above strategies is not sufficient, but you need to work at the time of the day when the content should be posted. You need to analyze from the past, what time has worked for you. Instagram analytics provide these details for the business accounts under the followers’ section.

Stealing the Audience

Best ways to get the customer base is to interact with the customers of your competitors. These customers are somewhat inclined towards the products. Either you can follow the user or comment on their photo to engage with them.

Sponsored Posts

Influencer marketing is a must on Instagram to expand the brand to a wider audience. It is a paid method and if done right can result in better value. High engagement rate is necessary and not only the influencers with a huge following.

Narrating a Story

It is better to develop a narrative story instead of just generic text. Developing a story means showing your emotions and the followers are able to connect much better to it.

Request for Followers

There is nothing wrong in occasionally asking people to follow your account. Just like Youtubers ask the viewers, you can also ask for follow in the posts.

Aligning your content to the latest trends and technology gives a huge boost to the account. The inclusion of latest hashtags and topics can lead to more searches and discoverability. It is also important to be consistent with the posts on Instagram. Followers might not consider what you posted in the past. It should be a daily routine to keep the audience aware about your presence.

Staff Writer; Harry Adams

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