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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Video Store: Black Cop.

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( There are simply films you might end up sleeping on if you don’t have them on your mind or if few people mention them. This was the case with Black Cop, a 2017 drama from Canadian director Cory Bowles. That name might not ring any bells unless you’re a fan of Trailer Park Boys and know of the two regular slackers in the park that the boys associate with.

Black Cop: Origins

The film focuses around the unnamed Black Cop and how he goes from a fairly by the book officer who puts his race aside to carry out the job. It’s the whole “Blue first, Black second” thing. He explains how he balances the two sides and how they can never mix because of the events going on today and the history of police and Black people.

Mind you, this story takes place in an unnamed Canadian city but it’s told in a way that it could’ve taken place in the U.S. As a matter of fact, it’s never actually mentioned that it takes place in Canada but there are a few things that give this away.

The story picks up when he is out jogging and is stopped by fellow cops. After being told that he was being ignorant in not complying he has a change in attitude towards his job and begins to target white people in the neighborhood in the same way he and other Black people in the community were targeted.


In addition to what is currently going on in the film, Black Cop also features monologues which can throw off the pace a bit initially but you come to expect them as the story advances. This isn’t a 100-percent slow-paced film by any stretch, as a matter of fact, it really picks up when Black Cops begins his final day of work and goes on his menacing streak.

It’s important to note that the pacing makes this seem like the longest patrol ever caught on film. Again, it’s not slow-paced or badly written, it’s just that so much happens in this one day and you’re thinking “You did this for several years, Black Cop? Would’ve probably quit long ago.

See, his usual routine probably isn’t as eventful but this day? Whew. It escalates from choking out a white officer to the harassment and beating of a jogger who vaguely matches the description of a suspect to him almost shooting a college student—again, after harassing him.

All of this is captured both in the live shot the film’s events take place through as well as smartphone video and police cameras. It was a really interesting filming approach that matched the movie, the pace, and its story perfectly.

The finale, brought several things to light about why he became a police officer and why he works the way he does. It all makes sense but really only see that at the start of the film—which is actually pretty slow to get off the mark.


I wouldn’t call Black Cop a fun film but it is definitely a good movie. The filming of the vigilante rampage was good without going into extreme violence. I thought it would end similar to the “You Can’t Corner the Dorner” manhunt and shootout from 2013 but it went in an entirely different direction.

Black Cop can be found on Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Recommended)

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