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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Fixing the Problem Can Get Tiring.

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( When we are raising children one of the fundamental principles that we must teach them when they are young is to clean up the mess they make. This starts with simple tasks such as cleaning up behind themselves, and messes they themselves make. We teach them that when they have wronged someone, they need to make amends for their actions. This is taught so that they become responsible accountable individuals as they grow up into adulthood. These two principles, among many, o not support an entitled privileged attitude. They birth compassion and empathy in the children we are raising. When kids are allowed to make messes that others take responsibility for them, they become adults that do the same. Cleaning up the mess and problems of others is a very exhausting affair and it gets old quickly. This becomes more of a problem when people are told they need to take care of their own issues and fix their own problems when in fact those problems are the constant result of the actions of others. in many areas this is the internal conflict black people in America face.

We know there are drugs and gangs in our communities. We must do something to better the education system and support black businesses. We are aware that there is so much work that we need to do, and we can’t depend on others to get it done. When our neighborhoods and sanctuaries are terrorized by white supremacist, we are reminded that we must fix the damage they cause. The problem is we are aware that the work falls to us as we live in a country whereby those that run the system that contribute to the problem will not have a hand in fixing it. Our people, since enslavement, have had to fix the problems that have been created for us by the hatred of this country. Our people are victimized in an unprecedented way, and we are then told to heal ourselves. If we don’t fix it, we don’t care about the black issues in America, or we are perceived by other people of color as being week and not helping ourselves. At what point, while working on the problem do we admit, even if its just to ourselves, that this is a form of victim shaming. We are responsible for cleaning up the mess and terror caused by others to us. We manipulated into believing even part of the black issue in this country is single handedly our fault, so we need to get up and get to work.

Three 100-year-old churches were burned down in St Laundry parish in Louisiana. in wake of the fire in Paris where the Notre Dame Cathedral burned social media asked where our millionaires are to fix our churches. This was asked as some brought like to how quickly millions of dollars were donated to rebuild the cathedral.  Basically, we were being reminded that we need to get up, gather our people, and fix our churches. On one hand that is true…. this is what we should do. However, what is disturbing is those churches are not burned down by accident…they were the result of arson.  Those churches went up in flames at the hands of a white supremacist, something so many of our church parishioners have had to endure. Yes, the people will rally together to rebuild, and they are grateful for any donations that contribute to that causes, but this is not a mess they created. Their community, not merely the church, was terrorized. In wake of that terror they are reminded that their places of worship are less significant than the great cathedral, and they need to look to themselves to work out the healing and rebuilding.

Black people get tired of being terrorized and told to fix it. Yes, it must be done but that doesn’t make the situation right. What we are forced to do definitely goes against the principle we must teach our children, because we clean messed started by others that are detrimental to our peace and the future of our children. Black people should also be mindful of their position in this cycle. yes, have a zeal about fixing the problem, but remember we didn’t create every problem we must fix. In this sense we must continue to have patience with our people. The march towards progress is not always fair but acknowledging the facts of the situation could make it a bit more bearable.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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