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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Why Do Black People Deal in Conspiracy Theory.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When people in the community, of status, are killed there are black people that look for government involvement. It doesn’t take much for our people to start buzzing with different ideas. Granted it is very important to note that black people are not the only group, nor the largest, that deal in conspiracy theory. We are not the only group that tend to suspect the government in different situations. When the news broke that rap artist Nipsey Hussle had been killed many people immediately began to speculate that he could have been killed as a result of a documentary involving the late Dr. Sebi. Once the news hit that the suspect for murder was a member of the community then some wondered if the government was working through said suspect, as Nipsey Hussle was doing a lot of work to uplift the community. It is understandable that we must be willing to acknowledge the violence in our communities and make an effort to stop killing each other.

Keep in mind that most killings happen for every group within their own community. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to focus on the killing we see…it means we need to understand that Black on Black crime is a term used to villainize black people. I can’t say I wholeheartedly believe Nipsey Hussle’s death is a conspiracy theory, however we have to be honest about why black people tend to consider such.

If we are to take a good look at our history in this country many things could have been considered conspiracy theory, but later we found out it wasn’t a theory at all. Black people in America have been at war with the government since enslavement. Many wanted us to believe were making a big deal out of racism, that we weren’t targets, and there was not some conspiracy to kill us and our communities. There were some that didn’t believe drugs were placed in our communities. It was considered conspiracy to think there was an assault on our neighborhood and schools, or that welfare was a tool used to divide families. It was often told that Malcolm X was just killed by his own, maybe Dr. King wasn’t a constant government target, and the Black Panther Party was just a bunch of thugs committing crimes. There were still those of our people that believed all we needed as to strive for education.

It was important that we take responsibility for ourselves instead of blaming white people for what was happening in our communities. We know better than to believe any of that today. We understand what COINTELPRO is today. However, those that came before us did not have access to the information we currently have, and we learn more about the assault on black people by the government every day, so it was easy to call black people in the past conspiracy theorist for believing the government was after them.

Though we must always look to ourselves to heal the hurt, and blood shed of our communities we know it didn’t happen without assistance. Everything is not a conspiracy theory, but we know black people and the government are still at odds. We are still dealing with the racism and injustice that has plagued us since we came to this country. It is important that we learn from the past in the sense that everything is not always what it seems. There are some murders that our children will learn the truth about just as we have those of the past.

Our people have cause to look at the government in the manner they do, and that cause isn’t just based on the past…but also what we are seeing in our own time. As we work to heal our communities it might be easier to spot the imposter, informant, or all out attack on our people. However, we should never forget they exist. We can’t allow ourselves to feel that everything that is happening to us is by our own hand, because it is not. It is also important that we don’t wait for fair treatment and justice to fix what has been broken for us.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “Why Do Black People Deal in Conspiracy Theory.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    I have lived long enough in this world to understand certain universal truths. One such truth is that all men are mortal, and filled with passions. Secondly, the news that we often get is third, and fourth hand. The third truth is that all governments seek to control their citizen in order to remain in power. Fourth, and finally, America is no different from any other government on earth in energetically displaying universal truths one, two,three, and four.These truths are legally conceived, and legally validated as laws rather than as conspiracy theories, and political coercion forces citizen obedience of duly promulgated laws under threat of death, or incarceration.The American pluralistic democracy with its capitalist economic base is a closed res publica politica that works to help eliminate, not eliminate in its entirely, the behaviors of murderers.

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