White Nationalism is Rising and Candace Owens' Views Are Dangerous.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

White Nationalism is Rising and Candace Owens’ Views Are Dangerous.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Currently, there is a hearing into white nationalism. I know, right? After centuries of this stuff it’s now an issue worthy of Congress holding hearings into it. I certainly didn’t expect a hearing after the South’s succession from the Union or when the Klan was formed. There wasn’t one into Nazism getting footing in the U.S. during the 1930s with German American Bund.

White Nationalism: The Boogeyman

Democrats have the numbers to push one now and the shooting in New Zealand was a call to action. It’s just that it would’ve really been nice to tackle this much earlier. In a nutshell; things are different now. It’s an unavoidable issue. So, this hearing featured a highlight today with Black conservative commentator, Candace Owens, being brought in to answer questions about her views on white nationalism in the U.S.

The main thing is about her belief that it isn’t a growing problem in the country. According to her, it’s a boogeyman by the left to frighten Black people into sticking with the Democratic Party. Admittedly, the Democratic Party takes the Black and brown vote for granted. It knows it has the numbers from those two demographics because the company on the other end of the political spectrum isn’t the most welcoming.

Sure, there are conservatives who look like us and we can talk about anything outside of politics and be cool. It’s politics where things get dicey. I mean, the banner of being the Party of Lincoln sounds great if you’re still riding with Macmillian history. Freeing the slaves is something people in the North could get behind. It makes people look good to free these human beings—plus it would damage the South’s economy since Blacks were the backbone of agriculture.

It wasn’t totally altruistic. It’s brought up in the same way white conservatives often use the same few lines from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech when Black people are discussing race. I mean, Dr. King said other things. Of course, a middle school dive into Dr. King is enough to run with so why go deeper than that?

Candace Owens’ Words

At any rate, Candace Owens had her own words presented and she was tasked with making sense of them. Making them not sound like an endorsement for white nationalism or rather that they didn’t stoke those flames.

Important to point out is that she isn’t outwardly endorsing white nationalism so much as saying “It’s not a problem, it’s not a growing threat.” Don’t wipe the sweat from your brow yet. Ignoring or dismissing it is just as dangerous as endorsing it. It’s in the same company as “I’m colorblind, I don’t see race” only it allows white nationalism to continue unchecked and white nationalism has the potential—and has—escalated into violence.

Her words on Hitler—a figure that white nationalists tend to hold up—leaves a bad taste in your mouth. She acknowledges that he was a madman; however, she points out that he wanted to make Germany better. His problem, according to her, is that he made that plan bigger and wanted everyone to be German. Also, he killed his own countrymen, she acknowledges that too.

Essentially, she says that he had the best intentions to start—and that’s where that should’ve never left her thought drafts. Hitler and “best intentions” should’ve even be in the same sentence. Once you escalate into genocide and embrace eugenics, any “good intentions” you initially had gets booted out of the window.

Plus, while history views Jewish people as citizens of Germany, Poland, and other places the Nazis rolled through, Hitler and the Nazis viewed them as a plague on the country. They were viewed as inhuman, so it was easy for the Nazis to put them in camps far away from pure Germans, slave them to death, conduct experiments on them, rape them, or outright kill the ones who couldn’t work or were of no use to them.

Pretty much what was done to the Native Americans in the name of expansion or to Africans and the Chinese when labor was needed. Or to the—you get the point. The Nazis weren’t doing anything new, they just did it on a big scale in a short period of time and kicked off a global conflict in part because the Fatherland lost in the prequel and they didn’t like the deal they got.

Funny how losers never like the deal that is handed to them. It’s almost as if they want good deal for losing or don’t want to pay what they owe when they run off. That’s pure proto-snowflake there.

Candace Owens would stand behind her words. However, it’s a stance that as a Black person, in America, and knowing that things never change the look just changes, it makes you go “You know better.”

Staff Writer; M. Swift

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