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Monday, October 21, 2019

7 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S10+ Is Better Than The Apple iPhone XS Max.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In the last Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S10 series smartphone and one of the most-awaited is the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Although Samsung has been dominating the market with innovative design and powerful hardware, it still faces tough competition within the Android space.

If we look at the global smartphone market, Apple is one of the biggest competitors of Samsung. Last year, Apple launched its new iPhone X series phones and the iPhone XS Max is the best among all. We all know that Apple has a huge set of followers and its ecosystem is designed in a way that one cannot easily come out of it. However, Samsung might be able to bring more value for money with the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a better smartphone when compared to the Apple iPhone XS Max.

  1. Better Low-light shots

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has the edge when it comes to taking low-light shots with its camera. The smartphone captures more details in dark, thanks to its lens that allows more light to come in. If you take the same shots with the XS Max, you will notice that the images produced by the Apple iPhone are dull compared to the ones taken with the Galaxy S10+. The difference is clearly noticeable.

  1. More camera features

As we all know that using third-party apps can easily improve the quality of the images you capture with your phone’s camera, the default camera app still matters. If you’re someone who prefers a solid camera setup capable of producing great quality images, the iPhone XS Max is a perfect phone, but if you want to play with more camera features, then the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a better choice. The extra lenses on the back and front give it an edge and the in-built tools help enhance the quality of your picture.

  1. HDR10 Plus videos

If you love reading technical information, here’s what HDR10 plus is. It is a royalty-free HDR format that allows your device’s screen to choose and display the best colors possible. The technology works on dynamic metadata tweaking so that your phone’s display can choose when to show darker or brighter colors. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ can record 4K videos at 60fps and it also supports HDR10 Plus recording. The iPhone XS Max can also record 4K videos at 60fps and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content.

  1. Slightly more battery life

The iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10+ battle gets interesting when their batteries are compared. The official specifications sheet shows a different picture because the iPhone XS Max has a 3174 mAh battery while the Galaxy S10+ has a 3100 mAh battery. When their batteries were tested, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ lasted around 1 hour more than the iPhone XS Max.

  1. More hardware power

You know what to expect from these phones when you compare the Samsung Galaxy S10+’s 8GB or 12GB of RAM with the iPhone XS Max’s 4GB RAM. People choose big screen phones for multitasking and Samsung is a clear winner here. You can run more apps at once on Samsung without having to face painful wait times. More RAM means developers can use this hardware resource to build better applications.

  1. Higher display resolution

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ sports a 6.3-inch screen offering 522 pixels per inch which is more than Apple iPhone XS Max’s display that offers 459 pixels per inch. More pixels per inch means sharper and cleaner images. The resolution of the display of Samsung’s S10+ is also higher than the XS Max. Samsung’s display offers 3040 x 1440 resolution, while the iPhone’s 6.5-inch display offers 2688 x 1242 resolution.

  1. The headphone jack is still there

Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ is among the smartphones that still manage to have a headphone jack. If you hate the idea of keeping Bluetooth on all the time for earphones, you’ll probably love to see the 3.5mm headphone jack on the S10+. Many companies, including Apple, have already said goodbye to the dedicated headphone jack.


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ starts at $999. At this price, you get 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. If you are interested in getting more memory and storage, the 12GB RAM/1TB of storage on the S10+ will cost you $600 more.

The iPhone Xs Max, on the other hand, starts at $1,099. You get 64GB storage at this price and if you want to max out the storage configuration, paying $1499 will get you 512GB of storage. So, if the budget is something you are conscious of, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a practical choice and it’s a value for money product when compared with the iPhone XS Max. It offers, a lot of useful features.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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