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Monday, October 21, 2019

Coonery Is Alive And Well.

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( When I first began writing for this site some of you thought that I was a coon. But as time went on and you continued to read my writings, you came to know that I made since. That I was fact-based instead of biased, regardless of the popular African-American view. That does not mean I support Trump but it does mean I look at all aspects of an issue, that I think outside of the box and that I often take a non-traditional position outside of that box. But Coonery is Alive And Well and our community is just as full of Cointel Pro “coons” as it is full of “black” people who refuse to unite, think like slaves, support Trump, commit black on black crime and refuse to participate in the change that our people need.

Real facts, even if they are disadvantageous, are not “coonery”.  Ignorance and willful ignorance promoted by brainwashed, slave-minded African-Americans against your own people is “coonery” and the result of no real sense of identity.

For the record, Coons and Cointel Pro agents are a betrayal to the struggles of our ancestors back then and our people today. I had the displeasure of interacting with two when I went to have my car emissions done and both of them made me sick. Not because they were both Trump supporters, although that was a big part of it. But also because they had no idea what they were talking about nor how detrimental their actions were in what they supported. And here is the irony, both Coons hustled and worked for an Asian invader embedded in the African-American community. A man who was their overseer yet who would not spend a dime in the community that he services. A man on the bottom of the Asian food chain who likely could not make it with a business in the Asian community. I won’t be supporting his business again and I would not have done so from the beginning  if I had known who owned the business.

I would never put down anybody for working a job to feed their family and pay their bills. But all money is not good money and working for those who think you are slave trash (when you have other options) is pretty much as dumb and unproductive as one can get. As I spoke to the two coons who defended Trump, they revealed just how much they need the very elements Trump is against – equality, equal opportunity, decent health care etc. And it amazes me how African-Americans, even Republican ones, could support a man who has lied over 8,000 times, been sued more than once by the Justice Department for discrimination, calls the countries of Africa “shitholes”, avoids the issue of police brutality against people of color .

The coons I spoke with turned my stomach because they are mental slaves working for an Asian man in the “black” community, paid very little, overseen like they are on the plantation and supporting a president who has Nazi “good people” supporting him – racist low life idiots who would gladly put a rope around these coons necks. Yet with my own eyes I saw these coons answering to their substitute Massa. The African-American community does not need either.

Back in the days of Harriet Tubman, during an escape we would have wounded coons (or worse) and left them in the woods so they could not warn Massa nor give away our position. When their Massa discovered they had not fulfilled their mission to help him capture us, he would have had them beaten, hung and/or torn apart by dogs. Good. Coons are traitors and thus they are dangerous to anyone of any color who is foolish enough to trust them.

Today their Massa (like Trump) has no respect for them. I knew their Asian Massa substitute did not pay them top dollar. They likely could not afford to stay at Trump’s golf club, even though they would probably jump at the chance. And even if they could afford to, they would not likely be allowed not encouraged to stay there. They could scream they are Trump supporters while brutal police on a dark road in a late night encounter showed them what color they really are. And while the Trumps of this country will use these coons, they have no respect for coons because coons turn against their own kind. Anybody with an ounce of sense knows if you turn against your own kind, you cannot be trusted because you will turn against anybody.

Coons exist at every level, including those bought off or paid off to shut up, stand down or stand against their own people. Not me, not ever. But it is all too easily for coons to be bought off with a 6 figure job, a house, a Mercedes and seemingly the opportunity to live and travel where they wish. Yet things are not as simple as they may seem Herman Cain, Tiger Woods, Paris Dennard and others.

Coons often boast they are “Americans” yet reject any connection to Africa. I would call that a combination of ignorance, slave-minded brainwashing, lack of identity and self-hate against their own people. The irony is that they often fail to realize the color of their skin influences perceptions of their intelligence, income, abilities and potential. They are not seen as simply “Americans” in the Census Bureau, the crime stats or criminal profiles. Any person of color with a brain that works can easily see this reality. And as a retired detective, I have seen it dozens of times. Can a coon wake up? Hmmm.

I speak the truth so our people can face and fix the problems in our communities, create new cycles of potential-reaching prosperity, unite, build and achieve. Sometimes the medicine of the truth hurts, but the intent must always be to help, build, rebuild, set free and empower.  Such medicine is often unpopular and sometimes offensive, but it needs to be said and problems need to be fixed. Coons, however, we do not need.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Autthor’s Correction:
    Pardon the typographical error.
    “you came to know that I made sense”.

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