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Monday, October 21, 2019

Several Main Ways That Whites Perpetuate Their Racial Fetishes Of Black People.

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(ThyBlackMan.comNowadays, you often hear white people in media talk about how “they supposedly love” black people when in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Enslaved black men were often raped by white male slave masters to make them weak and docile. White women during slavery that falsely accused black men of raping them were extremely complicit in the colonial violent acts against black men.

Enslaved black women were badly raped and sexually exploited also by the white slave masters during slavery. They were forcibly raped to breed new slaves that will one day work for the old slave plantations.

Nowadays, whites perpetuate their racial fetishes of black people in different ways. Here are several main ways that whites perpetuate their racial fetishes of black people.

The Adult Industry’s Exploitation Of Black Women – In the adult industry, black women in particular are the main targets of sexual exploitation by mainstream adult companies such as Vivid where they’re forced into doing the most dehumanizing and humiliating things on screen such as being slapped, spat on, and even being chained and shackled which are similar to what happened to them during slavery.  These mainstream adult companies use black people especially black women as fodder to carry out their sick sexual racial fetishes of black people.

Sexual Exploitation Of Black Men By White Men – Black Women are not the only ones that are sexually exploited, black men since the days of slavery have always been the main targets of sexual exploitation by white men and it has manifested in mainstream media today when you hear gay white men like Milo Yiannopoulos who have in the past openly expressing his sick fetish for black men in a very condescending way by saying he was “a bottom for tall black men” and that “black guys for my love life, straight white males as employees, and girls as drinking buddies.”

Sexual Exploitation Of Black Men By White Women – White women have since the days of slavery had always played a role in the oppression and sexual exploitation of black men by falsely accusing them of rape which has led to a lot of black men either getting raped or killed. But nowadays, their sexual exploitation of black men has taken on a new meaning in the terms of “BBC & snowbunny”.

Whenever you watch videos of white women talking about black men on the internet and social media nowadays, they talk about black men in the most condescending ways imaginable. For example, if you read a blog or watch a video online about “Reasons Why White Women Love Black Men”, the main reason that you’ll hear from them 9 times out of 10 is that “they love black d**k” and this condescending statement shows that white women only value black men for their d***s and nothing else. 

The Conclusion – The point that I personally wanted to get across with this article is that white people only value us as sex objects to be chewed up and spat out like bubblegum. It takes a smart intellectual black person like myself to see right through their devilish eyes. 

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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One Response to “Several Main Ways That Whites Perpetuate Their Racial Fetishes Of Black People.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    White racists throughout the world find mystery, and intrigue via their fantasizing about the sexual prowess of black men and black women. Such thoughts are deeply embedded in much of western world literature:

    On” To Kill a Mockingbird ” by Harper Lee
    We must throw off the mistaken belief that Harper lee likens the condemned Negro Tom Robinson to an innocent “mockingbird “put in the world to make music, and harm no one. Nothing is further from the truth. Harper Lee attempts to stroke the bruised egos of the whites of the Deep South by creating these lies to justify the racist attitude of whites in the Deep South in 1936. The book “ To kill a Mockingbird “, written by Harper Lee, uses the double entendre word ” mockingbird ” that both defines, and also describes the white man and woman treatment of the Alabama negro Tom Robinson who was found guilty for raping a local white woman named Mayella, Ewell. This book is so titled as to point out the different treatment of a black man (i.e. the mockingbird ), and a white man ( i.e. Lawyer Atticus Finch, considered a real white man, not one who ” mocks ” or mimics the Caucasian southern American lifestyle in southern American society ( i.e. Monroeville, Alabama ) where the negro man ( i.e.” mockingbird ” is used as a racist “double entrende metaphor like ” porch monkey ” and “coon ” describing the negro man whose lifestyle” mocks “, or supposedly mimics the white man’s lifestyle in the Deep South ). ” Mocks” also means “to tease or laugh at the White man in a scornful or contemptuous manner by stating, and or acting like he feels sorry for a particular white man or woman. Death was the penalty for a negro man or woman in 1936 in Alabama who” mocks” ( i.e. ” mocks ” means the double entendre word in all of its differing forms, or looks down upon, showing pity for a white man or woman ). Tom Robinson was sentenced to death for feeling sorry ( i.e.” mocking ” ) white men, and white women, feelings of pity( i.e.” mocking ” ) that he, as a Negro man, was not allowed to have, or express. Tom Robinson would have been better off skinning, grinning, singing, and dancing for the Alabama white folks, in other words, being a dumb, cut-the-fool negro like all of the whites in his town expected him to be, not an honest, sincere, Negro man with genuine feelings for the white man and woman. Such feelings of pity like Tom Robinson had for several white folks in his town exposed unwarranted racial discrimination by the white citizens in his town as sinful, dishonest, and embarrassing. Tom Robinson’s testimony made the white citizens ashamed of their kind of behavior. The inhumanity of the humane Tom Robinson, helped define the” the double entendre word” mockingbird ” an innocent Negro man, thus had to be proven savage, and brutal enough to be guilty of the accused crime in a southern, racist white man’s court of law. This book, in its entirety, reveals what white men, and women will do to protect their egos, maintain control, and punish Negroes for trying to live on an equal status with whites. The book is about how far these Alabama racist white men and women were willing to go to avoid being embarrassed by an Alabama Negro man. Tom Robinson, a negro man living in the American Deep South, had to be severely punished for thinking himself the same as the local white folks, and also for looking down his nose at Alabama white people in the 1936 American Deep South;

    The American brand of racial discrimination has its origin deep within the culture of the white race. An example of this is the play Othello by Shakespeare. This play is often taught in high schools, colleges and universities as a classic tragedy. There are those who would argue that the noun “Othello “was a complete invention by Shakespeare. It was a complete invention, but a clever racial one. The word “Othello “is a noun comprised of two Latin words which in Shakespeare’s time automatically identified who he was talking about because that person looked so differently from his white skinned society. Othello was portrayed as a black Muslim. The Latin rooted English noun ” Othello ” translate out to mean “of the it ” “Oth ” means ” of the “, and ” ello ” is a pronoun which means ” it .” The continued dehumanization of the black male passes on to the white skinned wife of Othello. Her name is “Desdemona.” The Latin word “Des” means descendant of, and the Latin word Demona “which means female demon. So the condemnation of the interracial couple within its own culture is complete with an ending caveat which is to stay away from such a love affair that can only have a tragic end.
    We can also see and understand the ancient strains of racial discrimination against the black male in the Greek writings of Homer. The Iliad and the Odyssey identifies the king Odysseus, who through bad relations with the gods, sailed a confused route home to Ithaca. Much of Odysseus’ route was along and near the northern coast of Africa where he encountered dope addicts (lotus eaters), and witches, and monsters. The white skin race’s habit of demonizing the black skinned race is very old and has passed on from ancient times up to the present through stories like these. Even Aristotle was ran out of his home, and Socrates was executed for trying to introduce ideas which had their origins in the black race. We cannot continue to believe that the black male is noxious to America. These fears were born in the culture of the ancient white race that had a world conquest mission and have no relevance in today’s America. Our teachers and scholars must continue to study, interpret and reinterpret our own racial discrimination and bigotries embedded in our treasured ancient stories.

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