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Monday, October 21, 2019

Fear of a Black America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Ain’t no sense pussyfooting around a group of ego-inflated, pistol-packing white nationalistic bigots whom only seem content when they’re hunting down and/or shooting up impotent and/or innocent people of color, simply because of the darker hue that cloaks their skins. With that said, allow me to make my position perfectly clear.

Oft-times, I inject myself in another person’s shoes in order to understand where a person’s perspective originated; or, at least, what destiny does s/he reasonably expect to inherit. If I were a simple-minded redneck, who could only make a living by enslaving or overseering or exploiting or exterminating or incarcerating other human beings; I, too, would’ve had a serious issue with the Emancipation Proclamation.

For example, hypothetically, let’s say I’m a white nationalist and I’m into music. Elvis Presley is my hero. According to Elvis, the only thing that a Black person could do for him was to shine his shoes and/or buy his records. As a white nationalist, I’m thinking: Elvis is/was the greatest, past or present. He won ten Grammy Awards. How do you top that?

Next thing I know some Black man from Brooklyn, NY named Jay-Z starts his owned record label. Subsequently, not only does he enrich himself far greater than Elvis; but, he also wins 21 Grammy Awards, more than twice as many as the King of Rock and Roll. And, Jay’s career is still moving forward. So, yeah, I would feel some kind of way.

Well, let’s forget the music. Let’s say that I’m also into basketball. Boston is my town. For surely, you’ve heard some of the racist stories. In any event, Larry Bird is my hero.  He’s a 3X NBA champion; a 2X NBA Finals MVP; a 3X NBA MVP; plus a 12X NBA all-star. How do you top that?

Next thing that I know, some Black man named Lebron James emerges from a small city somewhere in Ohio and, soon thereafter, he’s labeled the King of Basketball. Similar to Larry, Lebron James is a 3X NBA champion; however, his other–on the court–achievements soars past the accomplishments procured by Larry Bird. Not only is Lebron a 3X NBA Finals MVP; a 4X NBA MVP; a 13X NBA all-star; but he is also the NBA playoffs’ leading scorer, and he’s not even close to retirement.

But that’s okay, too. Why? Because I’m fighter. And, I’m a nationalist. And, I was raised by nationalists. So, sometimes, I resort to violence. And, I’m an avid fan of the boxer: Rocky Marciona. 49 wins-0 loses. He even beat up his mentor: a Black man named Joe Louis. Iron Mike Tyson couldn’t make it to 49-0. Neither could Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Holmes, or Spinks! However, right when I think that we, nationalists, have a record that’s insurmountable , a black boxer called Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather whipped an Irish man named McGregor and then retired at 50-0, best professional boxing record.

Unfortunately, while I remained enraged and distracted by the fact that Blacks were out performing our people in sports and music and pop culture, I was still couldn’t wrapped my mind around the fact that an intelligent, articulate and dignified BLACK man was occupying the WHITE house. It’s called the WHITE house for a reason: WHITES ONLY!

As white racist nationalists are looking backward, trying to make America greater again. Why don’t they simply scour around at this multi-cultural society, and see that African- Americans are helping America become GREATER than great!

Staff Writer; Saint Solomon

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2 Responses to “Fear of a Black America.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    It is not fear of black America, but fear of black American revenge for the unbelievable amount of violence that has been heaped upon black America from chattel slavery to date.It is this believed certainty that the black American will seek revenge, born out of their own sense of guilt, that will not allow the American white racists to change their ways, spending significant amounts of time fortifying against a day of reckoning.

  2. Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello says:

    When someone assumes anything, then proceeds to write somathing about it, they have to be right. I know of not a single white natiobnalist who has said Elvis is his hero. Quite to the conaarry,it was white nationalist who spread the notion that Elvis said what the writer of the article said he did. The top african American writer in the top African American Magazine in 1957, Jet, debunked that notion by going on a special mission to Los Angeles, as Elvis was filming Jailhouse Rock. His name was Louis Robinson. And he debunked it. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DkvslJAU0AACLE8.jpg. Incidentally,no can assume Elvis had ten Grammys because he had only three, all for gospel. Several of his recording have received honorary Grammys and he had a Lifetime Grammy,but numerous African Americans have been goven more Grammys than Elvis. So assuming this and assuming that, the writer gets it wrong, like Chuck D, who had to retract that Elvis was a racist in 2202, when he said, and I quote “Elvis was a brilliant artist. As a musicologist — and I consider myself one — there was always a great deal of respect for Elvis, especially during his Sun sessions. As a black people, we all knew that. (In fact), Eminem is the new Elvis because, number one, he had the respect for black music that Elvis had. Unquote Chuck D, explaining how his feelings for Elvis’ legacy are much more complicated than it was suggested by the lyrics in his song, “Fight The Power”, which was written 12 years earlier (published following an interview with the Associated Press in connexion with the 25th Anniversary of Presley’s death)

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