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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Bribery Scandal; White Working Class Being Bamboozled.

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( There are few outlandish statements that catch me by such a surprise that I laugh aloud. Yesterday was apparently a very special day as I was blessed with an opportunity to laugh from the depths of my soul. Let me explain what exactly what occurred; I am sure that you can also use a hearty laugh.

While eating dinner, I heard one of the talking heads on a national news channel attempt to address the massive bribery scandal that has ensnared a host of elite universities, Hollywood starlets, and wealthy whites in an embarrassing trap state the following.

“These people have obviously lost their way and have no idea of what this nation is about. America is a land built on hard work, truth, honesty, and meritocracy. These people have forgotten what it means to be an American.”

This commentary that rests perfectly on pillars of historical, political, cultural, and economic ignorance caused me to laugh as I have rarely heard a person be more wrong.

Were I provided the opportunity, I would have informed this “political expert” that in America, a land whose most prominent trait is the unbelievable wealth disparity and possession of political power by its citizenry, it is the square-dealing working-class sucker who is out of touch with how things work, not the elites caught in the bribery scandal. Make no mistake about it, working-class Americans believe that if they work hard and persevere through numerous challenges that he will eventually achieve success. Such persons believe that the path to success means facing challenges and conquering them through a path of truth and honor; in that world, dishonesty is to be avoided at ALL costs. The alluded to commitment to honesty guarantees the American working-class a clear conscience even if they fail to secure success.

The recent FBI sting dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues” that uncovered a sophisticated bribery scheme to get the children of wealthy Americans admission to elite universities — Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Texas, Wake Forest and Yale — once again proves that American elites are operating from a different set of rules that remind one of former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis admonishment that “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.”

While many feign shock that a collective of 50 unscrupulous people paid a total of $25 million to have their children admitted to elite universities, I am unsurprised at these revelations as they are so common that the perpetrators do not feel compelled to hide their devious deeds. In fact, I guarantee you that if a serious investigation into the history of this practice were conducted that investigators would discover a impressive roster of beneficiaries who went on to serve as U.S. Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Senators, and Congressional Representatives.

Many are going to question why this common practice matters at all as the financial chicanery of wealthy elites is nothing new. In fact, for astute Americans, the foolish belief that we exist in a world where “there is an even playing field” is a reliable sign that one is dealing with “an all day sucker.” To those who harbor the belief that this bribery scandal does not matter, all I can say is that you are missing the larger point that in this nation, it is not Race that rules the day, rather Class issues that most significantly impact the length and quality of your life.

The manner that non-elite whites view these moments has always frustrated me. Rarely do they view such matters through a proper lens that should reveal to them that their children, similar to children of color, are being harmed by the despicable practice of wealthy elites using their financial bounty to by-pass rules and regulations that routinely impede the progress of all others. History has proven that instead of combating elites for an increased portion of an overflowing economic pie, non-elite whites battle potential allies for the few crumbs that fall from the alluded to economic table. Those elites dining at a table of overindulgence and selfishness realize that they have little to worry about as long as non-elite whites fail to realize that they have more in common with other non-elites than they do with wealthy whites who have ironically built their wealth on their backs via exploitation and dastardly deals.

White working-class workers misreading of Capitalism comes at the cost of continued exploitation of all workers. Often, it appears as if the White working-class is hooked on prejudice, discrimination, and racial bigotry to their detriment. And as we all know, the first step to dealing with an addiction is admitting that you have a problem; of course, the recognition of racial bigotry among working-class Whites is as rare as UFO sightings.

So, as the fallout from the massive bribery scandal continues, it will be interesting to see how the White working-class processes this matter that affects non-elites throughout the nation. Although I would love to say that I am holding out hope that they will finally recognize that socially constructed racial paradigms are little more than a distraction in a larger battle that should be focused on the exploitation of American workers, I have little such hope in me. And why should I? At this moment, it appears as if the raging populist movement is directly linked to a rise in racial hatred and bigotry. One thing is for sure, if the American working-class does not alter the way that they view their oppression, their exploitation will continue till the end of time.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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