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Sunday, August 25, 2019

What is Lean Six Sigma and How It Helps Managers.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Being a manager requires a lot of skill, but there is a simple technique that allows someone to become efficient with their managing skills in only a short span of time. This method is called Lean Six Sigma. You can read more in the Lean Six Sigma Book. It is helping managers all over the world to create shorter processes and better outputs.

Lean Six Sigma is actually divided into two distinct parts. The first one is lean, which refers to speed, and the other one is six sigma, which refers to consistency. It is important to learn about these two basic divisions that make up the method because it would make someone an efficient manager if they would regularly follow it.

Being lean refers to transforming all of the processes into a less complicated way, and the goal is to make it easy to follow. The process is simplified, and those which require complex steps would have to be left out. For example, a factory that is going under four steps could actually bring their critical processes down to only two steps, especially if the final three steps are just moving in circles. Businesses can create outputs in a shorter time period, and faster action would mean lesser expenses for the company. In the end, the customer and the clients will be happy because of the efficiency of the business.

Six Sigma, which is the second part of the method, refers to the reduction of variation and the moving average. Six Sigma would allow the business to be more consistent with their output and reducing the number of defects. Businesses who are practicing the six sigma methods have reported that they experienced growth in the number of customer interactions, thanks to the increasing number of outputs which are less defective. It will also translate to a lot of profit because their materials and resources are not wasted on products that could possibly become defective if not for the application of the method.

Another reason why lean six sigma is gaining traction is because of the science behind the method. Managers who are streamlining their projects have noticed that they are experiencing a great increase in profit every time they apply the lean six sigma methods on the processes within the company.

Since the method was first introduced by Motorola in 1986, many businesses have followed suit noting how it changed the company completely. Less defective products are being created by the American mobile company, and they earned a lot of profit from sales. People started to trust the brand, and their reputation in the field of electronics became more notable. As a result, lean six sigma has become one of the most popular managing methods in the world today.

The origin of the lean six sigma method from the electronics industry spread out to other sectors. IT, healthcare, sales, finance, and the military all use the method to effectively use their resources. The defect reduction methodology is what these sectors are all after, and it has transformed organizations in a massive way.

The word sigma in the lean six sigma also refers to the deviation process that makes the defects fewer every increase in level. It means that for every million processes, there can only be 3.4 defects that should appear or a high success rate of 99.99966%. Practitioners of the lean six sigma have also divided the method into five distinct parts – define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. Practitioners remember it under the mnemonic DMAIC, and it provides better results for managers around the world, which makes them more efficient and competitive.

Managers who wanted to get promoted are making sure that they will indicate in their resumes that they have a lean six sigma certification, and this will help them get better chances of securing the job that they wanted. Those who have the certification would have the capability to develop businesses processes that would eliminate wasting, and this would have a positive impact on the company’s performances. Those who have a lean six sigma certification are earning $96,000 per year, and it increases as they move higher in the hierarchy. Lean six sigma have shown that it can transform industries on a massive scale, improving their performances and making the people more reliant to these businesses which are doing a great job with lesser defects.

Staff Writer; Doug Jones

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