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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Taking Advice From Old Heads.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Old heads have been around. They know how the world works—or at least how it worked when they were your age.

Then again, there’s very little new under the sun. Some of the same problems we deal with as younger Black men, they’ve dealt with in another form. As a matter of fact, some of those same problems still linger around years later.

I’ve found that old heads tend to give some good advice if it’s timeless advice. Stuff about dealing with police or making sure to save money. Timeless, universal advice. Of course, you have relationship advice that may or may not stick.

Like, when someone is referred to just all women as “these skeezers” you lose me. There’s no way possible all of these women are skeezers. However, if you listen to some of these old men they are. It’s a company you keep thing ultimately. That said, every once and awhile even the most questionable old head will hit you with something that sticks.

The Really Successful Old Head

In my experience, the old heads who have been successful for a long time tend to be the worse to get advice from. They might be so far removed from how they came up that they’re not entirely relatable. Sure, their success is to be applauded but you might find yourself listening to advice that doesn’t apply to you.

Then they might hit you with “bootstraps” and “hard work.” Context is very important for “work hard” advice because the blanket adaptation of it over the centuries has never been applicable. If it’s something you’re doing for yourself—school, starting a business, creative arts—hard work is important. You can’t entirely work smarter with that and it’s something that really successful old heads tend to leave out.

Getting rewarded or promoted for “hard work” when working for someone else isn’t necessarily for your effort. In most cases, it’s because you were consistent with your work, no one has anything bad to say about you as a co-worker or employee, and you didn’t jump ship or leave. You were there long enough to get a raise.

The real nugget of advice from successful old heads come when they tell you how particular businesses work or how important it is to network and to make yourself stand out. These were usually the guys who would speak at schools and give encouragement.

The Living Old Head

These guys tend to be more relatable depending on how you came up. If you were raised in that same neighborhood they frequent, chances are you can relate to some advice. They’re most likely in the same place you are now.

Most of the time it’s rarely anything life changing other than being cautious of the company you keep. You’ll get the same advice from the down and out old head—who we’re not getting in to.

There’s also that same relationship advice that might not take. It’s a mixed bag, you won’t know what they’ll hit you. Or really when it’ll hit you during the game, while out drinking or whenever.

I’d say I got some of the best advice from these guys. It rings to where you don’t to be actually involved in the conversation. This guy could be speaking to someone else and something might really hit you. That said, both can and probably will hit you personally. It could all be down to the place you are in your life.

Where you successful for a stretch and really get hit hard? Did you work hard to bring yourself to a better place and it’s close? Maybe you’ll need some experienced words. I’d never want to close either one out, it’s best to be well-rounded in the advice you give or know when it’s not your wheelhouse.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.


One Response to “Taking Advice From Old Heads.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    I valued the advice from old heads such as: ( 1 ) Educate yourself so you will be able to have money,and perceive your options;( 2 ) Work hard,save some money, own your own land, and your own house; ( 3 )Keep your children on your own land, and in your own house;( 4 ) Never discuss your financial, and personal problems with your underaged children; ( 5 ) Prepare to keep your aged parents on your own land, and in your own house until they die; ( 6 ) Shotgun weddings if necessary; ( 7 ) Find,and marry a mate that has good sense.

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