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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Values That You Can Teach Your Children That Will Help Them Succeed Professionally and Personally.

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( Parents differ immensely on what values that they teach their children with some teaching children ideals of how to act while others teach more applicable values. The job of a parent is to bring up a child that will turn into a productive and well-adjusted person in society. While letting teens figure out certain things for themselves is wise setting a good base of values will help them navigate tough decisions they will have to make. Be aware of values that you might be promoting by doing things like talking down to those in service jobs. Treatment of people needs to be of the highest quality as a person that treats others as second class will have a hard time building a social circle. Below are values and lessons that can be taught that will help your child in nearly all facets of life.

Be Prompt/Respect Other People’s Time

People who are chronically late have a plethora of issues in both their personal and professional lives. Being late to meeting after meeting with a specific client can lead a client to cut ties with a business. People in both professional and business situations feel disrespected when someone is late as it gives off the idea that they think their time is more valuable than the person they are meeting with. Show up 5 minutes early to everything whether it is dropping them off for school or to a sports practice. This habit of showing up on time or a little early will follow them through life and will impact them positively.

Communicate Problems Instead Of Letting Them Fester

The communication of problems rather than letting them fester then erupt after time is important. Usually communication of a problem with a person allows both parties to work together towards a solution. This works in both personal and professional settings as letting a coworker know you don’t appreciate the way they address you publicly is important. Otherwise this might continue leading you to lose your temper about something that could have been solved if confronted. Communicating feelings can also help a person alleviate stress instead of struggling with issues internally.

Personal Accountability In Everything That Do

Personal accountability seems to be something that is lacking in today’s society as people blame their problems on others. For example, a parent thinking their child doing poorly in a class is the fault of the teacher instead of the child’s although the child might play 8 hours of Fortnite a day. Taking accountability over your actions or lack of action is going to be respected in the professional personal world. Asking questions like “What made you do this” instead of “Who made you do this” is important. Children and teens can be influenced by their actions are done of free will in a majority of situations.

Taking Pride In Their Appearance/How They Are Perceived

Taking pride in one’s appearance should be done as people are judged on first impressions. Being dressed or appearing disheveled in a professional setting can reflect on your competence even though this is an unfair assessment.  Small things like having nice shoes at a job where you dress formal can make all of the difference. Finding high quality shoes is as easy as visiting as handmade dress shoes are top of the line. Investing in a nice wardrobe does not mean that you have to spend thousands as there are so many great deals online that can help mitigate costs. Pride in appearance is important as it can translate to confidence which is nearly never a negative thing.

The Understanding That Not Everyone Will Have Their Best Interests In Mind

This might seem cynical but anyone that has spent time in the real world understands that not everyone will have best interests of an individual in mind. People try to put others down from time to time for personal or professional gain. Teaching your children about this can be tough but there will come a few times where you get to be an example. Going to the HR department about a manager that is discriminating against you can be a great teaching moment. The manager could be treating you poorly due to feeling threatened as you are far more competent at the job than they are. Regardless if it is a coach that is not playing your child due to personal dislike/their child needing to play you need to stand up for yourself/your child. Lack of willingness to do so can leave your child acting like a doormat for others to push them around the rest of their life.

Keep pushing your children to value the right things by setting the best example possible. You want your children to be great example’s in society then to impart all of those things to their children!

Staff Writer; Bobby Short

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