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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Don’t Trust School to Protect Your Child.

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( I recently read an article about a 9yr old little girl, in Alabama, that committed suicide at home by way of hanging herself in December of last year. Her mother felt like this was the result of school bullying primarily about race. The mother explained that her child told her she was being bullied, and the mother wondered where the children were learning to inflict such harm. The mother of this precious child feels the school did not do all that it could to protect her daughter. Of course, the school felt that, after their investigation, there was no reporting of bullying. Basically, the school is saying they are sorry for the lost of the child, but the responsibility of the situation does not rest with them. Many people on social media were outraged and heartbroken that the life of this beautiful little girl was cut short at her own hands. How could she feel at such a young age that death was the only way would have peace?

Many commenters urged more focus to be placed on our children, and how we raise our children. There was a call for parents to raise children that are taught not to bully and pick on other kid, to be more compassionate towards their peers. Any question of something not being right at home was quickly rebuked as to say the parents are not to be blamed in any way for what happened to this child.

Black America, have we decided as parents to go to sleep? We want to save our children, but how can we do that effectively if we are unwilling to have hard conversations about what is happening to us as parents? If we want to keep our kids alive, we will have to assume responsibility for their care, safety and protection. It’s time to have a tough love conversation among our parents and get over our feelings regarding the idea of blame, because there is a space of responsibility that rest at our feet. Our kids are born into this world innocent, and they are unaware of the hardships they can face simply because there are born black. They will not always be liked, loved, respected, seen as human, nor treated fairly. Though there are laws in place they will not always equally apply to them.

You might hate to say it, but we must continue to teach our babies that they must be the absolute best they can be, and yes, they must strive to be better than their counterparts because the margin for error for them is not the same. With these things in mind we must remember what we know as adults about racism in this country. we must remember our childhood and journey through school. Bullying, nor bullying with racist commentary, is new. However, the parenting is different, and our children are exposed.

We can not trust the school to protect our children. We must be the advocate. Regardless of intention at no point must our children feel they are alone in this dangerous world, nor should they have to fight their battles on their own. We must prepare them that children can be cruel, and sometimes the cruelty will include race. We must empower them and affirm them at home that they are special, beautiful, strong, loved and defended. Our children need to understand that when they are attacked…WE ATTACK. It is important for our children to report bullying and ill treatment to their teachers, counselors and principles, and bring the matter home to us. Sometimes we have to tell them to keep a log of every time they report bullying and ill treatment to the authorities. The moment they tell us about a situation we need to follow up with them as to know if it is still occurring after it has been reported. If the answer is yes, parents it is time to go to school. Period.

We can’t be worried or afraid of the school seeing us as many times as they need to for them to understand our children are to be properly treated.  Schools have to be held accountable to handle our children concerned swiftly and correctly. That doesn’t happen without parental involvement.  When your child sees that you will go before them in conjunction with you teaching them the value of their life, we may be able to protect out children from feeling suicide is the only answer.

I am 37 yrs old, and though I am an adult with a family of my own I am still someone’s baby. I know without fail that if the world comes for me even now my parents will be there. I’ve attended predominately white schools in the area I was living in, and they knew my father. They knew my mother. They never wanted to see my father as school, because all hell was about to break loose. That is the protection a child deserves, and black children in America greatly need.

They need to know we won’t just call or come to the school when grades are not up to par, we will come to school if their peace and right to learn in peace is disturbed. My heart hurts for the parents and family od that little girl. Let it be a lesson to all of us, as parents, that we can not trust the school to protect our children. We must stand guard and see to it that they are protected. The school needs to know we are always watching and will show up if necessary.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    There are many remedies for dealing with bullies that range from severe violence to admitting defeat, and allowing the bully to win their verbal and/ or physical assaults. My parents armed me with a great deal of self esteem by complimenting me when I did things right therefore I didn’t feel so bad if someone called me ugly or stupid.and a willingness to bust the bully upside his head with my fists or the biggest book I had. I was taught to be brave, and brutal to a degree, and to draw some blood if I had to. These attributes carried over into my adult life, and I have come up against real killers, and lived. I am a decorated Vietnam veteran. I have been awarded a medal for heroism by a foreign country, and my advice to all African Americans is not to become so tame as to allow the preservation of your mental, and physical health to be solely dependent upon the situational ethics of the majority white race.Follow the law as much as you can, but be prepared to ” DEFEND YOURSELVES .”

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