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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Beauty of Perth Australia and Its Community.

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(ThyBlackMan.comPerth is an isolated city lying on the southwest coast of Australia. It’s the fourth most populated Australian city and the state capital of Western Australia. From the beautiful beaches, diverse culture to the relaxed lifestyle- Perth is home away from home. Perth is not only the sunniest Australian capital but also a rapidly growing city that’s booming as far as tourism and hospitality are concern.

For many years, Perth has been considered the education city of Australia due to a number of world-class universities and other learning institutions that have attracted international students and scholars. With its nearest major city located over 2000 km away; Perth enjoys a distant and serene environment set on the banks of the windy Swan River and bounded on the west by the Indian Ocean.

Majority of the people relocating to the country prefer Western Australia and particularly Perth due to a number of factors. These pull-factors include but not limited to:

  • Perth has incredible tourist attraction sites- from the shiny beaches that boast golden sands, tropical blue shores, to the sun-drenched skies – Perth has more to offer besides its peaceful residence.
  • Perth has a well-defined education system- Western Australia is one of the reputable international learning hubs across the globe. Being one of the leading innovation, science and technology centres in the world, Perth hosts some of the best learning institutions.
  • Diverse culture and welcoming people- unlike the other Australian cities which are ever bustling- Perth is relaxed and everyone seems to appreciate the tranquillity of the place. People from all cultures, ethnicity and race meet in Perth and its surrounding neighbourhoods where they get to know each other and push through life together.

Places to Visit in Perth

1. Kings Park & Botanic gardens

One of the best attraction sites in Perth is the enormous Kings Park and botanic gardens. This park stretches long and wide to accommodate the rich and diverse species of flora and fauna. With bush walks and elevated views- this park is a must-visit haven in the heart of Perth.

2. Fremantle

A day in this town is like no other. Fremantle is full of old and lovely colonial buildings and has an amazing and artistic vibe. Here, you can visit the Maritime Museum, wander around the harbour or lounge around on the Bather Beach.

3. Dolphin spotting on Swan River

Five minutes from the city centre along the water’s edge and you won’t miss to spot some wild dolphins playing hide and seek on the blue waters—especially in the morning.

Apart from these active attraction sites within the city, Perth’s neighboring communities are impressive and most people now prefer buying homes or building new ones in such areas. The serenity, beauty and undulating stretches are just but a few of the good things these places have in store for the residents. If you’re interested in setting up your mansion some distance from the glorious city: Here is an extensive list of the different new communities in Perth where you can build your home from

Living in Perth is one of the best ways to engage with nature and all the good things it brings to the table. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- well, maybe not for Perth! This city and its neighboring suburbs give a constant impression that attracts people from different corners of the world.

Staff Writer; George Parker

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