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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Caskets and Cages.

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( A few years back I was taken aback when I learned that a good friend of mine was sentenced to six life sentences for murdering six cold-blooded murderers; all of whom were hell-bent on murdering him.  And, although I empathize with the half-dozen grieving families; all of whom had to hand pick and purchase caskets; I also sympathize with my friend who is now buried alive and, not confined, but coffined inside of a steel cage for the rest of his life, and most certainly, without the possibility of pussy and/or parole.

I tried to make sense of this senselessness; but, truth be told, I am ignorant to such ignorance. Initially, I thought it was just young Black men. I began to believe they were physically human, yet psychologically animalistic, similar to centaurs. Therefore, I decided to delve into the great minds of our historical leaders to decipher this puzzling epidemic of fratricidal behavior; but, in reflection, the elders were biting the bullets, too.

For example, Dr. Huey P. Newton, Ph. D was the co-founder of the Black Panther Party. One of his paramount issues was to alter the thinking of criminally content African-Americans. Therefore, during his vastly shortened life span, he spent lengthy hours behind countless altars altering the mindsets of Black folks, and also attempting to save the souls of white folks, while advocating the need for Black empowerment, Black independence, Black higher education, Black love, etc.

In my opinion, the stress of trying to stress the importance of education to the mis-educated nig-gro launched Huey into a mental tailspin. Huey most certainly understood the fact that many African-Americans were uneducated. However, his lovingly blind bird’s eye view was seemingly sightless to the reality that many African-Americans were/are not only under-educated; but, more so, uneducable; which makes them ten times more dangerous and a score of times more deadly.

By puberty, they know everything. Or, at least they think they do. However, in essence, they’re not really tough guys; come on, ONIONS makes them cry. In any event, in the end, it was a Black man named Tyrone Robinson who put himself in a cage; but, irrespective and despite all of the good that Dr, Newton contributed to the Black community, Mr. Robinson decided to use his gun to put Huey in a casket.

Had Huey’s Black on Black assassination been an anomaly, I would not have shined a bright light on this dark spot in African-American history.  Unfortunately, the calendar of my mind dated me back to the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s an additional illustration to exemplify another lowly example of a highly educated man whose good deeds were severely punished– post mortem–by the ways and actions of a dark minded Black man.

On July 1st 1974, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mother, Alberta King, was gunned down while she sat at the organ of the Ebenezer Baptist Church.  A few days later, she was resting peacefully in her cushioned casket. Her assassin, however, unworthy of peace, was, hopefully, eternally agonizing in a fiery cage, similar to an earthly hell. Only a life unworthy of life doesn’t mind swapping or exchanging that life of worthlessness for infinite infamy.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves where we lost ourselves: being subjected to and injected with lethal ignorance. And, as Malcolm X stated: There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in motion! And he should know because he inherited his casket from the will of a few Black men, all of whom were gifted steel cages for their deadly deeds.

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