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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Saints Fans Have More Manners Than Most.

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( It seems sports can bring out the worst in some fans.  We all want our favorite teams to win, but the rivalries have become disrespectful and, in some cases, dangerous. Passion is apart of sport, and that’s part of what I love however there comes a point when one has to wonder what is wrong with some people.  There are sports fans that literally can’t function when their team loses.  They can’t think, work, eat…they take it so much to heart you would think they were on the field playing during said loss. Some fans are rude to family and friends because their mood turns completely dark when they lose.

There are those that love there team so much that they feel it necessary to do something unsportsmanlike to the fans, or players, of the opposing team. Its no wonder some people are concerned about going to sporting events you never know when beer, spit, or fists will fly.

I have been a Saints fan all of my life as New Orleans is my home. It’s a place whereby we define eat, drink, and be merry. When our Saints lose yes, we are disappointed…but we will still party. When they win that celebration is on another level and there is no telling when the party will stop. My city has a deep love affair with its team, and I’ve had one since I was a little girl. I loved them when we were losing, never put a bag over my head, and I ride with them now as they prepare to the NFC Championship game. With passion and the love for any team comes the trash talking of the fan base. Every based of fans has something to say about the team they are playing, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, I wonder sometimes how the rivalries got so bad with the Saints when it comes to fans, I’m sure neither Dallas nor Atlanta fans know exactly how personal some Saints fans take their behavior. I’m not surprised, they never lived with the aftermath of a thing called Katrina.

When you come to our town we won’t egg your bus, nor will we tailgate mocking your dead. We won’t think you come to our city bringing your evil with you. That may sound funny…but believe me when I say to us it’s not a laughing matter at all. Our rivals know they can have a good time in our city. If the Superbowl was in New Orleans of course we wouldn’t want to see our rivals playing in our Dome…but I’d like to think we’d have a bit more class based on the fact that our fans aren’t throwing beer, spitting, egging buses or any of that craziness. We will talk trash, and still offer you a drink and a great bowl of gumbo. The hospitality is extended to all fans…even our greatest rivals.

I’m sure our Mayor, if the situation was reversed, would not have made a comment similar to that of the Mayor of Atlanta’s “anybody but the Saints” comment. I’m sure it was in good fun to her, but it was a bit tasteless. Unfortunately, Saints fan are used to this kind of reception. Fandom can bring out the worse in people especially when there are deep rooted social issues between the locations of said teams. However, I’d like to believe Saints fans have better manners regardless of how we feel about the fans of a team we are playing. All are welcomed in our Dome, and even when you lose we can party together.

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