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Monday, June 17, 2019

Sometimes it’s Not the Teacher.

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( There are times parents must defend their children from an unjust school environment. Sometimes we can’t trust the teachers put in place to educate our kids. We must remain vigilant in making sure our children are being educated in a safe and fair environment to the best of our ability. Some of us have extremely intelligent children, and we don’t want them held back because of the bias of a teacher or administrator. As sad as it sounds it happens more than we would like. However, there are also many teachers and school administrators that strive everyday to help our children reach their highest potential. They want to see the kids achieve greatness, and because of that they hold them accountable to standards.

We should feel good when our kids are being pushed in a positive manner and aren’t simply being pushed along. As parents it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the dream world that out baby is the most perfect little angel on earth. Some parents are in denial regarding their children when it comes to dealing with others, or they aren’t paying attention to the child to know what he or she is truly capable of when it comes to behavior.

Let’s be honest sometimes it’s not the teacher…it’s our kid. If you know your child doesn’t follow directions at home, why would you think they do so at school? If you know you can’t tell your kid anything, and they have a disrespectful mouth with your why would you expect it not to happen at school? Basically, if you can’t control your child what do you expect the teacher to do? Parents must realize education begins at home. Our children should not encounter order, standards, structure and accountability for the first at school.

School should be a continuation of what they understand from home. It is the job of the parent to create a structure that instills discipline and accountability so that they would be able to learn in a school environment. Unfortunately, too much is left to the schools to teach that is not their responsibility. Parents must take accountability for the behavior of their children if the kids are given free range at home.

The hard pill to swallow for parents is that far too often our children are a direct reflection of our order, or lack thereof. If we have no structure in our own life and are accountable for nothing this is the first lesson out children are learning. Before we blame the teacher when we get reports of bad behavior, we need to look at the behavior we experience with our child. Take the time, its not always easy, to make sure they have structure and order set up by you. Be sure they are being held accountable for their actions by you.

Knowing these things are in place will help you better know the characteristics of your child and address any behavior that needs guidance. This will also help you to know when the teacher and administrator is speaking truthfully about your child’s behavior, verses when they are targeted. Knowing these things will help you better partner with the school to make sure your child is putting forth their best academically and socially to be successful. This all begins with you, the parent, at home. You will always be your child’s first, and most consistent teacher.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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